Velvet Karatzas - Interior Designer | in a blue outfit

depth + texture + pools of light + greenery + vintage + new + art + books = SOUL

That’s my formula and it works like a charm, every time, anytime for any interior design style that has you swooning. Personally, I have established an eclectic look with a well lived-in aesthetic, much like a modern bohemian. As such, my interiors lack pretension, but are full of joie de vivre with a punctuated sophistication.

Home design involves a number of processes and challenges, though planning and drawing a floor plan is an absolute necessity, I believe that the deeper connections are achieved during the styling stage. That’s when creativity takes over, unfolding the true potential of a space.

While looking at a space, I search for the keeper pieces that hold it all together – because they are special, not perfect. They are the glue in my compositions. I thrive crafting curated interiors with patina, soul, where you can live your best life.


Interior design is a passion of mine that surfaced very early on. Beautiful spaces that draw you in, engage, and inspire are my favorite. Beauty inspires me; it challenges me. Practicality on the other hand, although a necessity, it usually suggests something ‘basic.’ Yet, it is the synthesis of beauty and practicality, two design parameters, that fuel my creativity and appreciation for authentic living by design, while personal by choice. They lend a certain kind of quality, enhancement, and meaning to life, allowing one to be more present in the moment. ‘Being while doing, always in style.’ That’s my motto.

My love for design, in any form, runs deep. Studying civil engineering in London has been integral to my journey, in interior design, these past 25 years. My engineering discipline helped me built my problem solving skills, in an efficient manner and a clarity of vision.

Since those early days, my vision is no other than, ‘Design should improve the life of as many people as possible.’ It is the founding block of my interiors atelier and the driving force behind my multi-awarded Journal (that used to go by the name Te Esse). Later, it became the motivation for my Interior Design Masterclass Programme – the ideal course for all home-lovers, especially those with a DIY sensibility that want to voice their creativity.

Ultimately, I provide design services for crafting interiors (both residential and commercial) with character, that nurture a harmonious and singular living experience. Based on the values of each and every client, this experience resonates authenticity, ethos and a deeper personal connection within its context reflecting a window to their inner world.

Observation and careful study help me come up with an idea. The design solution is a product of that idea; a good solution is always beautiful, the wrong one is not.

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Photo collage from various design projects.

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