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A material's moodboard inspired by French contemporary style, for a client design project put together by Velvet Karatzas.


Velvet Karatzas Interiors Atelier, based in Athens Greece, offers complete interior design services for both residential and commercial interiors. The range of services cover every stage from initial concept, design and construction, to procurement of architectural finishes, furnishings and accessories or picking the right paint color. Long-distance clients can be served via our e-design service in collaboration with your architect(s) and builders.

Video consultation is another option available to those who prefer to manage the project and its construction by themselves, but need sound and structured advice to help them avoid costly mistakes. This option gives you the flexibility to manage your own time depending if it is a one time call or a series of them.

Get in touch to find out more about our services and the perfect plan that will help you reach your home goals.

interior design 101

Give a person a fish and you will feed that person for a day. Teach a person to fish and that person will make it their logo picture.

Velvet Karatzas on Interior Design Masterclass cover page with a mood board.
Cover page of e-book on How to Find Your Interior Design Style - The Blueprint by Velvet Karatzas.
Cover page of e-book on How to Compose a Mood Board Mapping Your Interior Design Strategy the Easy Way by Interior Designer Velvet Karatzas.

An online interior design course for the DIY-like minded home-lovers, with two live Zoom one-on-one chats, 12 modules, cheatnotes and more. You’ll learn all the basic design and styling principles and how to apply them to your home with confidence.

Interior designer Velvet Karatzas shares all her knowledge and years of experience in her online lab along with her e-publications, designed to help you unleash your creativity in a constructive manner.

This empowering online lab, a labor of love for design, will equip you with the necessary tools and skills to design your home to reflect your inner world.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Define your personal interior design style
  • Compile mood boards
  • Compose a color palette
  • Discover your own styling voice with things you already own and love
  • Put together a design strategy
  • Finesse your eye and SO much more.

This is a long term, sustainable investment on yourself. It is completely self-paced and you will have full lifetime access.

Flatlay image of Velvet drinking tea and reading an interiors magazine.


Enjoy reading posts (or viewing videos) packed with information on the latest design trends, sound design advice, and styling tips from my multi-award journal (once known as TE ESSE). They are all on the house, for your taking.

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