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The personalized design era is here

Velvet Karatzas - Interior Designer
The Art of Crafting a Home

It’s time consuming, decision after decision and amassing costs.

And it still feels ‘unfinished,’ like you’re not quite there.

Create curated interiors to stage the making of everlasting memories.

Home is as personal as a space gets, affecting your wellbeing. Living the best life you can, begins with engineering a good home design and personalizing its styling to articulate your individuality, values, and journey.

The secret is in choosing the right person that will cater to your design and styling issues with tailored solutions, making it possible to reach your design goals and experience a well-lived life.

Velvet Karatzas tagline stamp: Personal by choice, authentic by design.

Flexible ways to work together on your design dilemmas

My Design Philosophy

Special artefacts, statement lighting, vintage finds, and a nature inspired color palette for context

Crafting a home can be overwhelming or worse – a daunting burden. But it doesn’t have to be so. In fact, it’s easy to find beauty if you know where to look. And it’s enjoyable to create connections within a space if you know how to link the dots. With 25 years of experience and so many happy clients, my design process is fine-tuned to help you with both, for a curated and collected aesthetic. I believe in conceiving sustainable solutions that resonate my clients’ individuality and values that help them in their process of self discovery. If you decide to partner with me, I’ll cut through the noise and help you design a place that is inspiring, personal, and authentically you.

Tailored to the lifestyle of each client, our services are structured to help you achieve your dream home. Share your goals with me and find the perfect plan that suits your needs.

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