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A contemporary sitting set with a grey sofa, area rug, wooden round coffee table and wall art in the background. Image: Norsu Interios.

Worst Interior Design Trend Pitfalls

Beware of tempting fads, such as a kitchen with double islands, that gives out a chemistry lab vibe. It’s easy to fall in decorating trend pitfalls of this sort. But, our homes matter; and happy, beautiful homes matter even more, they are our soul’s sanctuary. Here, I identify the worst trends, the worse interior design […]

A lifestyle image of an outdoor setting with sea view featuring the Gubi Obello outdoor lamp on a square table. Image:

Found: 12 Portable Table Lamps to Elevate Your Space

Creating a space you love has a lot to do with the details. It is details like a favorite artwork, or the inspirational coffee table books on display styled for swooning. And it’s a lot about the light you add on in every vignette you put together and style with love. There will be frustrating […]

Lifestyle image of a living room with floor to ceiling windows with a modern vibe and a blonde lady looking out, featuring the Fritz Hansen PK25 chair. Image:

Tips for the Making of a Happy Home

According to SIRC, (Social Issues Research Centre – an independent, non-profit organisation), “the happiness of a home is independent of socio-economic group.” So what makes a happy home? It’s not about having big arched windows, but whether you at a proximity to nature. And it’s certainly not about buying Murano chandeliers or having Rosa Verona […]

Texture overload. A dreamy off white contemporary sitting room with a brassy floor lamp, an off white sofa in boucle and a curvy armless chair also in creamy boucle. The Eichholtz Bond Chair. Image: Sweetpea & Willow.

Texture Trend Alert

Texture is a huge interior design trend for 2022 and one of my favorite design elements. The flat finish drywall doesn’t seem to cut it anymore. It’s all about running your hands over materials that engage in a tactile way. That’s why the faux finishing market has exploded, with materials and processes that make it […]

A stylish bright sitting room with windows from floor to ceiling and really long curtains pulled to the one side. Image: Luxdeco.

Choosing Window Treatments

Long gone are the days of windows dressed in plain and dull curtains. Smart window dressing is the name of the game nowadays, that gives a new life to a room. It is one of the most powerful tools in a designer’s arsenal in putting together that collected look and it’s easier than you think. […]

A model building of the Farnsworth House designed by Mies Van Der Rohe and completed in 1951. Image: Chisel and Mouse.

How Good Design Affects Our Wellness

To live well, to be well, to have a chance in happiness, we all need to invest in good design. We can’t afford not to. Good design enables us to thrive. It has a direct effect on our well-being. It is not merely about an aesthetic improvement of our surroundings, but more of an improved […]

A beautiful garden setting for alfresco dining with a canopy and the Festoon lights making it merry and bright. Image:

Garden Trends 2022

Overnight, outdoor space became the new hot destination of the year. It is now on top of the home improvement projects priority list. As many people had to cancel family holiday plans due to the Pandemic, an outdoor room became the safest getaway. This outdoor room, be it a balcony, or backyard city garden, serves […]

This lifestyle image of a contemporary minimal sitting room with a green sofa, a green Ribbon Rug, and large windows resembles all of the interior design trends 2022. Image:

Interior Design Trends 2022

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the interior trends of 2022; what’s in, what’s out, what’s to come. The bottom line is that although interior trends do not dictate your style, they do however, influence how you could keep a space up-to-date. Not to mention, they are a great inspiration source when you […]

A stylish living and dining room overlooking at the garden views of Jardin de Luxembourg, in Paris. Image: Boca do Lobo.

A Chic Parisian Apartment With an Artistic Flair

It is so easy to fall in love with a city like Paris, let alone a chic apartment like this, located at the Jardin du Luxembourg. Such a prime location, calls for an exclusive interior design no less. Parisian interior designer Kelly Bedel to the job, cast her magic spell and pulled together a fascinating […]

Best of two worlds: A contemporary living room in the foreground and a open plan kitchen in the foreground. Image: Sofology.

7 Tips on Styling Kitchen Open Shelves

Contemplating kitchen open shelves? Imagine you could erase all of your upper kitchen cabinets. Would you go for it? In recent years, many people have succumbed to the kitchen open shelves interior design trend. But lately, many more are taking it a step further, by doing away with their upper kitchen cabinetry altogether. Suddenly, everything […]

The stunning velvet - Athena - armchair by Koket in Pantone's Very Peri color.

Pantone Color of the Year 2022: ‘Veri Peri’

Veri Peri is a made-up name for a made-up Pantone color. It’s the first time ever that the Pantone institute decided to develop a new color that seeks to reflect a timeframe of global transition. I guess times of change require bold moves and a dynamic attitude with a positive outlook and this new color […]

A dining space with an organic vibe, all in beige colors with a garden view after sunset hour, featuring the Tanit S/61 suspension light. Via: Nedgis.

My Top 5 Benjamin Moore Beige Paints

Just the other day, I stumbled upon a hardcover book by Carlos Mota: Beige Is Not a Color. The title alone of this coffee table book is super catchy AND admittedly, it is backed-up with some great imagery of colorful interiors. Yet, I could not disagree more with it. And that’s because I’m fairly certain […]

A small, stylish living room with a single window door. Image: Elton Rocha for Culto.

The Blue Apartment Tour

There is something so alluring about living in a small apartment – if it’s done right, like this one. Imagine all of the conveniences and comforts of modern living, in 42 sq.m. harnessing a unique nautical vibe… I’m talking about the Blue Apartment; a project with a witty, “out-of-the-box” interior design sensibility.

The Carl Hansen BK10 outdoor dining setup in the foreground and a pool in the background. Image:

10 of the best minimalist outdoor chairs

Outdoor season is here with rising temperatures and a compelling urge to work and live in better terms. As such, outdoor chairs that will make living (or working) outdoors more refined are certainly a must. They have to be comfortable, versatile, durable, and flexible. But they must also be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, yielding […]

A bright contemporary tone on tone warm minimal living room with several light fixtures, plenty of natural light and curvy furniture to sit on. Image via

Living Big in a Small Space

The thrill of decorating a home should never be ruled by the square footage or budget. That is why this post is all about interior tips for celebrating ‘living big in a small space.’ Think of it like a small space interior design guide that will stir you away from many common design mistakes with […]

A living room with an exposed brick accent wall, Scandi design furniture in soft muted pastel colors that exude a Mediterranean aesthetic. Via

The Interior Design Trends 2021 After the Pandemic

Interior trends after the pandemic? Really? Sometimes, it’s hard to make it through the day while being in a lockdown! Funny enough though, back in December 2019, I wrote about the Interior Trends 2020 and Beyond where I claimed that: “…the aim is simple: to create interiors with comfort in mind for one to indulge […]

A modern, eye catching wall light for a soft light that can be customised. Via

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating :: Pantone Colors of the Year 2021

Last year, “Pantone played it safe and still missed the mark by picking Classic Blue as its colour of the year for 2020,” according to Michel Ogundehin. Personally, I don’t quite agree with that. In any case, this year, Pantone decided to announce two colors: PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating. Apparently, they thought that we […]

A sensory object to relieve stress in children undergoing medical treatment is one of the most notable design innovations presented in DDW2020. Via: Aiki © Studio Uncoated, Graphic design Ieva Valule.

Dutch Design Week 2020 :: 7 Design Innovation Highlights

During Dutch Design Week 2020, all virtual by the way, I stumbled upon several design innovations that struck a very sensitive chord in me. They are the kind that awaken all sorts of feelings, but mostly of hope of a better future, despite the blanket of melancholy that has cast its shadow upon us. Hence, […]

An abstact form of plastic in various colors showing the hidden beauty of plastic. Image via Kunst S.

Dutch Design Week 2020 :: 5 Sustainable Product Highlights

Just a few days ago, the Dutch Design Week 2020 themed as “the New Intimacy” came to a wrap. The virtual edition of this notable design event was crowned with success. And I dare say that this year’s festival made it possible for people like myself who couldn’t otherwise attend, to access, roam and hence, […]

View of an open space apartment in Rio with a small sitting area, a bedroom, a dining area and a kitchenette hidden ingeniously behind wooden slats. The Antas Garden project was designed by Empatias studio.

Inside a Sophisticated Open Space Apartment in Porto

Travelling is surely one of the things many of us miss greatly due to the pandemic. Consequently, my travel wish-list keeps getting longer. Yours probably too. Anyway, as of lately, I have included Portugal among many other countries. So when a press release of a sophisticated open space apartment in Porto, Portugal landed in my […]

A rattan-wicker styled vignette featuring an armchair, a stool and a round coffee table. Via Amara. Find you style: tips for renters!

7 Game Changing Tips for Renters

Decorating a rental may be a challenge, but you can definitely turn it to a beautiful and stylish haven that will have your heart flutter. You can surely put your decorating skills to good use, despite all the big “NO”s of your landlord; or your budget that may be smaller than your rental’s square footage. […]

A warm minimal setting by a large window featuring two Mid-Century inspired chairs. Via Chaplins.

Mid-Century Inspired Armchairs to Transform Your Home

If the Mid-century frenzy has gotten a hold of you too, then you need to read this. Why? Because not everyone can afford buying iconic $7000,00 Mid-century chairs to generate that impression of “awesomeness.” And yes, armchairs have a lot to do with that impression. So today, I will delve into Mid-century inspired armchair designs […]

The Light Soy lamp styled on a desk next to a white tea pot. Via Heliograf.

Heliograf Light Soy Lamp Wins Good Design Award

Australian studio Heliograf took cue from a small, everyday object and literally made it “light” up. Heliograf’s Light Soy lamps are shaped after the iconic fish-shaped soy sauce bottles found in sushi shops. The idea behind the Light Soy was born when Heliograf founders, Jeffrey Simpson and Angus Ware, took note of how many single-use […]

An all navy blue room featuring on olive khaki velvet armchair, an area rug and two Bauhaus inspired art prints on the wall. Via

Connecting the Dots From Bauhaus to Your Home

Chances are that you may have heard/read that last year the Bauhaus design movement turned 100 years old. But are you aware that you have elements of Bauhaus design in your own home without realizing it? Really. That is because despite its mere 14 years of formal existence (1919-1933), its profound impact across many industries […]

A super stylish living space with a dining space in the background and a statement chandelier from DelightFull. This project was done by AD Dal Pozzo and H&A Associati in NYC. Image: DelightFULL.

Top Design Crimes

In all my years in the design industry as a professional, I have worked for clients from many walks of life. Surprisingly though, they all had some common misconceptions about design. The trouble with that is that, more often than not, these misconceptions could lead to wrong decision making and hence, the so called “design […]

A contemporary design hall with a table and chair from Karimoku. Image: Design Shanghai.

Circular Design :: A Window to Opportunity

Humans have an amazing ability to innovate. This attribute is our window to opportunity for change, growth and ultimately happiness that supports well-being. Sounds a bit idyllic… Not really. If we were all to adopt an improved mindset with embedded sustainability from the beginning, then we can mimic nature’s circularity and ensure a better living […]

A dark and moody earth toned living set with a brown cladding accent wall, two gorgeous leather armchairs and a round coffee table. Image: Martina Gemmola for Anaca Studio.

Decorating in Earth Tones

Earth tones, deeply rooted in nature’s landscapes, have a soothing quality like no other. From my experience as a designer, people who opt for earth tones are people who are quite exciting, have a very keen eye for design and strive for harmony. That’s because decorating in earth tones is about balancing rich hues, that […]

The Jacob sofa. A beautiful blue velvet sofa with some edgy cures in a minimal contemporary setting. Image: Collector.

Decorating with Velvet

Ok this is a bit funny, but I was named after a fabric – velvet. Yap! I’m quite certain that my parents never gave my name a second thought. I guess it just made perfect sense to them since it was my grandmother’s name. After all, there’s a heck lot worse things than that. Of […]

An overall view of a exhibition room at Stockholm's design week 2020, known as the Sculptor's Residence. Image: Italianbark.

The Sculptor’s Residence

The Sculptor’s Residence, located in an apartment in central Stockholm, was a tribute to the ateliers of great artists. It was also probably one of the most interesting exhibitions of the Stockholm design week 2020 that went down beginning February. This notably curated space styled by Linnea Ek Blæhr from Copenhagen-based architecture and design studio […]

A bright and colorful contemporary living room with a distinct modern British flair. Designed by Zulufish. Image credit: Brabbu Design Forces.

The Anatomy of a Stylish Home : Decorating with Intention

Truth be told, a stylish home is never an accidental or circumstantial outcome. Any stylish home that you may have seen, visited or lived in, is a product of a careful, well planned and intended design. When taking a closer look at the anatomy of a stylish home you will discover it is decorated with […]

A white kitchen with minimal furnishing and a Mediterranean feel to it.

Insights From the IMM Cologne 2020

If there’s a motto for this year’s imm Cologne 2020, then that would be better living. The first furniture fair for this year that ended last week, attracted well over 125,000 visitors from 145 countries and some 1,200 exhibitors. It echoed eight distinct living trends, articulating some of the upcoming changes in our living spaces. […]

A stylish Scandinavian chic bright bedroom with an eye-catching nightstand and beautiful linen bedding. Photo: Bambury.

Most Stylish Nightstand Ideas

When it comes to pulling off a gorgeous bedroom design, then everything needs to be intentional. That of course includes your bedside table – or nightstand (however, you prefer it). In spite of its usual small size, it is a hero piece that deserves BIG credit. Therefore, here you’ll find some of the most stylish […]

A modern living room with a striking color palette against a white backdrop. Image: Covet House/Sergey Krasyuk.

This Luxury Apartment in Moscow Is a Color Feast

After this long holiday break, I hope everyone is feeling refreshed and ready to embark on a new decade, starting with a happy new 2020. Henceforth, it’s back to the grindstone, but hopefully with a more mindful and positive attitude. With that in mind, I’m kicking off this year with an intriguing colorful home interior […]

The Ike suspension lamp complimenting those neo-mint velvet armchairs with a blueberry toned accent wall in the background. WOW! Image by DelightFULL.

Interior Trends 2020 and Beyond

Sustainability, mindfulness and inclusivity are the top three words that come to mind in describing the goals of the design industry for 2020 and beyond. Ultimately, they are the mega design trends for 2020. In other words, these are the words that we will be hearing and reading about over and over again, probably for […]

The Hay Uchiwa Lounge Chair and foot stool standing in front of a built-in bookcase with the Hay PC table lamp creating a cozy vignette. Image via

12+ Stylish Table Lamps to Upgrade Your Space

It just so happens, that a stylish table lamp is one of the few decor elements that will literally light up your world. In this fast pacing world, styles come and go. However, you can always count on good lighting, area rugs and precious artwork to save the day and enhance your aesthetic sensibility. As […]

A living room vignette with a background Oxford Blue and Athenian Black chalk blue paints in the background and a striped white chaise long with rusty red decorative pillows in the foreground. Image via Annie Sloan.

Pantone Color of the Year 2020 :: Classic Blue

At last, my favorite color is on the spotlight thanks to Pantone who announced Classic Blue 19-4052 as the color of the year 2020… I’m in a state of bliss. Seriously! I’ve waiting for this day for some time now. Deep down I knew that it wouldn’t be much longer. I saw the signs and […]

A bright Scandi-boho chic bedroom with rusty hue bedding, looking out of this world. Image via IN BED. Photo by Terence Chin Photography.

How To Create the Perfect Scandi-boho Home Style

Think this for a moment: YOU are only four steps away from creating the perfect Scandi-boho home. That’s right! Will you go for it? You may well be a lover of Scandinavian design and appreciate the artfulness of Bohemian style, yet never dared to go for a Scandi-boho inspired home style. So this post is […]

Fluid Forces is the Elle Decoration installation during the 2019 Dutch Design Week. Here's one of the three spaces.

Highlights of the 2019 Dutch Design Week

It’s a wrap! The dust has settled down and it’s time to delve into 8 design trends presented at the 2019 Dutch Design Week (DDW). These trends mark important developments of the design industry, but mostly the reflections of designers about the future. The slogan: ‘If not now, then when?’

Partial view of a stunning luxurious living room of an Upper East Side residence. Image credit: ©BARRY GROSSMAN

Inside an Upper East Side Luxury Residence

Located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, this luxury residence stands out for its unique character. Its feel of the sea, aided by the natural light flood and unobstructed views blows my mind. The owner, an art enthusiast, who owns a boat and has a passion of the sea, was very much involved in […]

A marble bathroom installation from Atlas Concorde at the Cersaie 2019. Love the accent wall with the fishscale tile accent.

Cersaie 2019 Highlights

At the end of September every year, the city of Bologna hosts a ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings fair – Cersaie. That is one of the places to go to if you are searching for all the latest innovations. So what are the current trends in tiles? Definitely a few that all design lovers should […]

A monochromatic green interior can have such impact! Image via Essential Home.

Decorating with Green Walls

It’s definitely not your idea. Green has been popping in interiors all the more often lately. It is one of those colors that is on a continuous trending streak. Especially nowadays, adding a bit of green as a pop of color seems like the norm thing to do. But decorating with green walls to get […]

Hotel Harry :: Cuban Inspired Interiors from

Hotel Harry :: Cuban Inspired Interiors

The other day I stumbled upon some images of a venue. They made my heart skip, because they had a cool factor vibe. The kind of cool where you are thinking of jazz music playing in the background! It is actually a Heritage listed boutique hotel that goes by the name Hotel Harry, located in […]

A warm and inviting living room with a soft blush pink sofa, an off white armchair, a coffee table and a wooden accent wall. Image via Marks&Spencer.

How to Upgrade Your Airbnb Listing

There are over 7M Airbnb listings worldwide. That translates to 2M+ on average of people staying on Airbnb per night. As a matter of fact, more than 300M guests have checked in an Airbnb property in the last 10 years. This makes Airbnb one of the world’s largest accommodation platforms. A platform that continues to […]

Partial view of a luxurious living room with a green modular sofa, white armchairs and lots of cloud like pendant lights..

Modern Glamour Set in the Italian Countryside

Believe me, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating an interior with glamour and suave sophistication. And this private home situated in the Italian countryside is no exception. That is why this private residence makes a great study case of modern glamour style mixed perfectly with classic architectural features.

The moon peaking through the clouds casting a glare over the blue waters and the sailing boat with its lights on frame this idyllic view from the beach of Achladi in Syros.

Wanderlust Design :: A Warm Minimal Beach Resort

If your idea of living literally on a beach and waking up to a sea of light, then you’re probably thinking of a Greek island…So let me take you on this visual tour, to a retreat in Syros, by a scenic little cove with clear green blue waters and children playing all day long without […]

Cielo and circo chairs by an infinity pool somewhere that looks very exotic and tropical.

Ames Vibrant Living :: On the Spotlight

Last April while visiting Salone del Mobile in Milan, I happened to come across the Vibrant Living Collection of a German brand, ames. A strong sense of cultural identity defined their products and that is the very reason I decided to look deeper into it, put the brand on the spotlight and share with you […]

A swimming pool with three sunbeds on one end and a chevron pattern tiled flooring.

How to Match Patterns and Get it Right

I know you have a story to tell: your handwriting, your favorite color(s) and the pattern prints you choose are all giving you away. It is like reading a diary, because patterns do not lie! In fact, never doubt patterns for the way you mix them is a testament of your uniqueness. But how do […]

A white minimal living space with touches of organic hues to make it feel warm and cozy.

My Top 5 Benjamin Moore White Paints

White is a very special color with a huge fan club no matter what interior trends dictate. It is considered a neutral color by most and therefore, it comes to no surprise that it is the color-to-go-to when all else will not cut it. Therefore, I put together my top five Benjamin Moore white wall […]

A large mirror standing behind a grey sofa next to two black frames. The setting is contemporary yet with lots of interesting juxtapositions. Image by Harvey Norman.

How to Choose the Perfect Mirror

Since writing a whole lot of things about bathroom mirrors the other day in my post about the top 6 bathroom design mistakes, I thought I do a little more reflecting on mirrors in general and share with you some decorating tips on how to choose the perfect mirror for your space. That way I […]

A contemporary bathroom where teal reigns in the wainscotting and flooring. A brassy round mirror is paired nicely with two brassy sconces on each side of it. I like the wall mounted wooden tone vanity furniture that makes everything feel more airy. Image by El Corte Inglés Decoración.

Top 6 Bathroom Design Mistakes To Avoid

If any of you have ever been on a sailing trip with a 38ft rental sailboat, then you know how tiny the bathroom really is. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure yet, then I assure you of the performance of sailing boat’s bathroom, despite its smallness. That of course, goes to prove […]

Partial view of a twin bedroom from a renovation project.

A Renovation Project in the Making

Today, I decided to share with you for the first time a design project that I was working on for the past four weeks. There’s one, no make that two reasons that make this renovation project so special. The first reason was a very tight budget. The second reason was the particularly short timeline for […]

Velvet looking through the basket section of an IKEA showroom.

10 Designer Approved IKEA Products

After 20+ years in this industry, there’s one thing I know with certainty. There’s only one real thing that separates good design from bad and that is editing. That’s right – the maximum potential of any design is a product of careful, meticulous editing. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that even interior […]

View of a living space from a stand at iSaloni 2019 in Milan.

Salone del Mobile :: Highlights & Impressions

All good things must come to an end. And so this Salone del Mobile 2019 is finally over. This was my first time attendance and therefore, this post is dedicated to highlights, genuine impressions and ultimately insights with regards to an evolving design industry that is heading for the future.

A stunning contemporary kitchen mainly because of the patterned diamond looking porcelain tiles that changes colors right after the kitchen island and looks more neutral, more muted. Image: WOW Design.

Ceramic vs Porcelain Tiles

Let’s just assume for a minute that you’re looking for new tiles for a home improvement project. BUT, do you know the differences between ceramic vs porcelain tiles to make the right choice? If not, then allow me as a professional in the design industry to shed some light on ceramic vs porcelain tiles.

A gorgeous entryway with white and black marble checker flooring and a stunning golden chandelier. Image by DelightFULL.

A Touch of Black in Interiors

When everyone seems to be heading in one direction, I find myself going in another just to broaden my horizons. I think of it as a great exercise for keeping an open mind to many more possibilities. After all my job relies on my ability to edit the best I can. Therefore, at an age […]

Contemporary living room with organic inspirations with SEQUOIA center table, OREAS bold red sofa, and NAJ grey armchair. Image: Brabbu Design Forces.

How to Choose the Right Color Based on Natural Light Orientation

One of the biggest ever questions I get from clients is about ‘which color should they choose.’ It is clearly a matter of great concern that comes with a load bearing stress. Indeed, choosing the right paint color shade for a space may prove to be a challenge, but let me assure you that it […]

An elegant outdoor setup with a rattan lounge chair and furniture looking lovely with a garden in the background. The suspension lampshade made of rattan designed by Tine K Home is that little detail that makes a difference. Image by Nedgis.

The Vintage Appeal of Rattan and Wicker Furniture

If you ever had a dejavu then you might be able to relate to what I’m about to share with you. It’s been a while now that the rattan decor trend is making a comeback. I actually wrote a post about rattan chairs several months ago. The truth of the matter is that rattan decor […]

A stunning dining space with Mid century furniture, a bare concrete accent wall and a statement pendant light over the dining table called Pearl. Image by Luxxu.

Decorating with Cement

There is an undeniable quality to concrete that gives it a freshness in an edgy kind of way and therefore, decorating with cement can go a long way. I think it was the late Zaha Hadid who said it best: “What’s nice about concrete is that it looks unfinished.” That is because it’s a material […]

A beautiful vanity room made with handmade beige decorative Moroccan tiling. Image by G. Vega.

The Beauty of Handmade Tiles

Just the other day, I received a direct message asking me among other things ‘What is the coolest design move other than color?‘ My reply was: ‘Lighting, wallpaper accents and tiling!’ Therefore, today I’d like to share with you a bit of some amazing inspiration on handmade tiles and show you some of the less […]

View of a stunning living space with a magnified blue green leafy accent wall as a background to a pattern print sofa. This image is from the stand of Poliform at the imm Cologne 2019 fair.

Best Highlights From the IMM Cologne 2019

Just over two weeks ago, the first design fair of this year ended: imm Cologne 2019. This edition of the fair, set in dynamic mode the furnishing industry, attracting overseas trade visitors while it also saw growth in numbers of visitors from other European nations. Its interior trend echoes were loud and clear as you’ll be […]

Highlights :: Maison et Objet 2019 from

Highlights from the Maison et Objet 2019

One of the biggest fairs in decoration and design for professionals, that takes place twice every year in Paris, is Maison Et Objet 2019 that ended just recently. It is one of those fairs that I would like to attend, but sadly I still haven’t done so. Yet. I think it would be a truly inspiring experience […]

Another stunning Art Deco inspired wallcovering with green onyx looking details. The curvy green velvet sofa in front makes it all worthwhile. Image by MindTheGap.

On Style :: Art Deco Reinterpreted

It was almost three months ago that I posted Interior Trends 2019, where I mentioned that Art Deco style is back again. However, as always, when a style makes a comeback, things are quite offbeat. And it’s only natural considering that there’s a time-lapse and the context is somewhat different. This distinct style though, has […]

Various contemporary rugs on display

Contemporary Handmade Rug Trends

Domotex, the leading floor coverings trade fair is over, but you don’t have to visit that fair to know what’s trending in rugs. And believe me, the rug industry has a plethora of gorgeous rugs to suit any style and budget. All you need is a good rug consultant and this video below as your […]

View of a chalet in a snowy landscape in Greece.

A Chalet in Greece :: Home Tour

Over the years as George, my husband, and I head for the slopes for skiing and drive through some amazingly beautiful Greek countryside, we got the opportunity to see several chalets being built, crowding the outskirt regions by the ski resorts. The chalets here in Greece are somewhat different from the ones found in the […]

A beautiful vignette with a red velvet armchair, a wooden side table. Lovely! Image by Soho House.

Style vs Trends

At the dawn of 2019, a year before a new decade begins, I’d like to take a moment for reflection on style vs trends when it comes to design. Why now? Simply because, in this really fast pacing world where Instagram and Pinterest seem to be shaping up what’s hot or not, what’s in and […]

A woman in a red coat standing outdoors under the roof canopy of a concrete building with a steel structure on the side. Image by Artem Gavrysh on Unsplash.

Pantone Color of the Year 2019 :: Coral Living Inspiration

Chances are that you may have heard that the Pantone Color Institute announced their color of the year 2019 as Living Coral (PANTONE 16-1546). Is it a forecast? Hardly! I think it’s definitely a hue that follows the current trends and a mood for an optimistic decade closure. Nonetheless, the impact of this announcement will definitely […]

View of Timo's small living room with a black sofa and an art gallery wall.View of Timo's small living room with a black sofa and an art gallery wall.

House Tour :: A Small Rental Where Christmas Lives Big

Hello there! It is 20 days to Christmas…! So, today I want to take you for a home tour that I was lucky enough to photograph last week. It is a small rental filled with personality, strong accents and a warm but funky vibe that becomes a lot the younger generation Athenians that live in this vibrant […]

Designed for Frama by Nicholai Wiig-Hansen, the Sintra Table is a stunning showpiece that embodies the unification of opposites - marble against cork. Here seen next to a minimal contemporary bed. Image by

Mindful Design in Home Decor

Hello everyone! After this radio silence since last Friday, I decided today to rumble a bit about what’s on my mind. And believe me, there are so many things that race through my mind lately that I had to pause in order to get my focus tuned in again. You see my pursuit, my motto […]

A handknotted muted in color and abstract in design pattern on display over an off white are rug inside a rug store.

How to Choose a Handmade Rug

Well hello there! I’m back! Hope you all had a great weekend and a good start to this new week. Today, I want to share with you my tips for buying a handmade area rug – that is a hand-knotted rug and not hand-tufted. I received quite a few messages with this request, so I […]

The Elle Decoration Worklife showroom exhibit during DDW18.

Highlights of the Dutch Design Week 2018

The Dutch Design Week (DDW) that takes place every October in Eindhoven, is probably the largest design event in Northern Europe. Unlike other design fairs, it has a strong flair for conceptual innovations and creative solutions due to the emphasis on experimentation. This year, the aim was to spread a spirit of optimism that the […]

A big desk can provide more than one working stations just like in this space. Image by Argos.

Best Home Office Inspiration

Storing bills and documents and being able to check on emails can give anyone a headache and that calls for a desk (even the smallest of the kind) to feel that you’re on top of things, again! Otherwise, the risk of getting swamped is eminent. The amount of paper that piles up everyday is thankfully […]

The Normann Copenhagen Eddy table lamp on a mustard colored velvet pouf amongst other furniture including a blush pink two seater sofa. The surrounding walls appear to be made of two different kinds of marble. Image by

Interior Trends 2019

OK we’re halfway through this week already and I just realized that I haven’t posted anything design related for over a week. So, without further delay let me share with you my insights on the interior design trends for 2019 – the ones that we are seeing already, the ones I expect to see and […]

A white dining table and chairs look gorgeous in a white room with beautiful chevron parquet floor and large windows with plenty of natural light. Image by Nest.

How to Create a French Inspired Interior

Audrey Hepburn said that Paris is always a good idea. And that is one big truth, for Paris is ideal to inspire one in so many different levels. She has remarkable landmarks such as the iconic Eiffel tower, stunning architectural gems (many of which are made of Lutetian limestone), exquisite museums, an unforgettable style and […]

A beautiful Scandi interior with light stain wood accent floors, walls and ceiling that creates such a cozy warmth. Image by John Lewis.

How to Mix Wood Tones for an Up to Date Interior

One of the most common questions people ask me is: How do you mix wood tones in a room? Apparently it still puzzles people, despite their bold approach when it comes to mixing periods, styles, patterns, and wall colors. Part of the reason is probably because most of us add on pieces as we go […]

An industrial dining setting with a brick accent wall in the background. Image by Amara.

Dining in Style

Ahh! The stylish dining room. The sheer joy… Dining in style is an experience. It is certainly not about big money. It’s mostly about a mindset and an uncompromising attitude towards life; to take it slow and appreciate the things that matter, like dining in with family and friends. It’s about taking the time to […]

A cozy and stylish sitting room where rusty hues and greys contrast. A grey sofa against a color blocked accent wall would look sterile if it wasn't for the decor and especially the textiles to give it a homey feeling. Image by Primark UK.

Trend Inspiration :: Fashionable Interior Textiles

A season shift is about to take place. The scent of change stirs us inside. Most of us are back from our summer holidays, but the holiday buzz still lingers as we are trying to adjust to our “norm” living once again. I, for one, feel a little “fuzzy” like I’m having an extended “holiday […]

Curvy sofas, one of the 2018 sofa trends. A very stylish white room with built in bookcases around a window door, a pink curvy sofa, an airy coffee table and a rusty colored armchair as the perfect accent. Image by

The 2018 Sofa Trends

While looking at images of different interiors, I couldn’t help but notice five distinct sofa trends for 2018, each one with a particular appeal to me. A common denominator among these sofas is the soft upholstery that accentuates comfort in an understated way. But I think their retro shapes, the key feature of these trends […]

A soothing ambiance in a bathroom like this is dreamy. A copper free standing tub, soft towels and lit candles - is all you need. Image by Dunelm.

6 Easy Ways to Create a Zen Bathroom

Fancy a weekend at a spa resort but you can’t make it? Sounds like my life story. The good news are that in our daily lives, there is one space in our home that has the potential to serve as a personal refuge. Our bathroom, as tiny as it may be, it can be a […]

The Vitra RAR Eames plastic rocking armchair paired next to an Akari floor lamp in a house vignette with lots of wooden shelving and a wooden floor. Image by

Japandi :: The Cross Cultural Fusion Design Trend

Last year, one of the emerging design trends was the Japandi, named after the fusion of the Scandinavian minimalism and the Japanese aesthetic. I’ve watched it grow and bloom into a trend that bears a new balance in the design world. The Japandi interior trend in design is bringing together the best of both worlds […]

Love this idea! A rattan rocking chair as an accent that looks so elegant in a grey minimal living space. Image by Amara.

Summer Mood :: Rattan Chairs

In the summertime when the living is easy… When we think of summer, we tend to visualize a beach, cocktail drinks, hammocks and lots of rattan wicker. And that’s one thing that we could all use in our homes, both indoors and outdoors. Rattan furniture are back and trending and with the right styling they […]

Elizabetta Rizzato standing in the Forest of Lamps exhibition installation at the first Digital Art Museum in Tokyo. Image copyright: Italianbark.

Must See :: The Digital Art Museum in Tokyo

Japan is one the fastest growing travel destinations. It surely is one of the most fascinating too. And a new attraction is giving travelers an additional reason to visit her asap. A new art museum opened in Tokyo called “MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM teamLab Borderless,” dedicated to interactive digital art. It is the world’s largest […]

Sneak view of a minimal Scandi looking sitting set in a bright white room. I just love both armchairs with their textured feel and the black round coffee table in front of them. Image by Debenhams.

My Top 5 Tips For Styling A Coffee Table

Heyyy guys! Today I’d like to share with you my top five tips for styling a coffee table like a pro, so that you can turn it into a beautiful focal point in your living room. I know that it is a long awaited post for some of you, but for some reason I just […]

A weathered looking whitewashed desk and chair in an all white room looks as the perfect match. A plant and a whitewashed framed map over the desk ties it all together really nicely.

How To Do The All White Interior Design

Will people ever grow out of this all-white interior design love? Nope! Honestly, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. It is probably one of the most sought after design trends, because people just love its soothing and cohesive qualities. Therefore, I think it’s worth taking the time to outline and share with you some […]

A white sitting room with a bohemian flair to it because of the white hanging Moroccan lantern, the seagrass baskets in front of the white sofa, the blue patterned throw pillows, the plants and the peackock fan white armchair. Image by Monsoon.

Bohemian Decor :: The “It” Decor For Eclectic Decorating Fusions

Ok, so you’re into minimalism. Thumbs up! And you love the modern era with all its iconic sleek, airy furniture. Swell! But you’re also into art gallery walls, because life without art is meaningless. Vignettes that ooze a sense of creativity are a must for you… And obviously, you’re into plants. Lots of plants. Not […]

A dining setting with the Hay Elementaire Chair designed by the Bouroullec brothers. Image by

9 Contemporary Designers To Watch For

Raise your hand if you like furniture with clean lines and a personality you can fall in love with? I certainly do. Therefore, today I’d like to share with you the first nine on top of my list of contemporary designers (industrial and furniture). They are making an interpretation of old traditions and in my […]

A beautiful off white living room with a nautical decorating theme, with a white L shaped sofa, and a wooden rustic style coffee table looking all so calming. Image by DFS Furniture.

Coastal Living

Coastal living means a lot more than just a nautical theme home decor style. It’s not even about a geographic location or a local seafood dish. It’s more of a state of mind where the charm of easy living invokes the very spirit of a free soul. It’s about having personal collections from seashells, pebbles […]

An outdoor sitting setup by a pool with a sofa, coffee table and rug creating a contemporary stylish setup. A dining setup and a day at the far end of the pool complete the outdoor heaven. Image by Houseology.

15 Outdoor Living Ideas

The truth of the matter is, that in a sunny country like Greece, outdoor living is deeply embedded within our lifestyle. We’re always looking for an excuse to be outdoors (even in the winter). Sipping frappe coffee outdoors is almost a national sport. And we’re lucky, because the weather is in our favor for some […]

Several accent chairs in vibrant colors on display at the stand of Edra at Milan's Furniture Fair. Image by Alessandro Russotti.

Trend Reflections from the Salone del Mobile

The most dominating annual furniture fair in the world, Salone del Mobile 2018, has finally come to an end. This highly regarded fair with its satellite events, namely known as Fuorisalone, takes place every April in Milan. It is an electrifying  showcase of the design industry’s new products and brand projects. Over its 57 years […]

The reading nook found in the breakfast room with its open shelving and small art gallery wall.

Wanderlust Design :: A Luxury Hotel in Syros

Have you ever traveled somewhere and stayed in a hotel that made you feel design envy? Well, Elisabeth and I visited one such hotel during our Easter break in Syros: Xenon Apollonos. Mr. Stathopoulos, the owner, happens to be a civil engineer by profession but has also an intimate love and passion for interior design. […]

Dining chairs can always add splashes of color in a neutral color kitchen like this one. Image by

Kitchen Decorating Ideas and Tips

At times, we all get overthrown by an awkward feeling that makes us uneasy about everything. Don’t we?! There isn’t necessarily a real obvious reason that we can pin point; it’s just a funny feeling that lingers, making everything feel a little stuffy and stale. Whenever I get that feeling, I know that it’s time […]

A beautiful literally breezy bed setup in a summer bungalow. Image by House of Fraser.

The Essentials for a Successful Bedroom Design

Any bedroom can look fabulous with the right design and that’s a fact! The size of the room is of no importance as long as it’s got style! And that’s what I want to talk to you about: the essentials for a successful bedroom design that define your style. I’ll try to make it short […]

What an awesome detail of a console table by a door window. Both the wall and the curtain are color blocked in muted terracotta shades. Very French. Image by Dunelm.

Color Blocking in Interior Design

There are times when fashion inspires interior design. And color blocking is one fashion trend that all fashion conscious people have heard of. It is all about fusing opposite colors and pairing them thus, creating new unexpected, interesting combinations. Many, credit color blocking to the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, who created compositions with square blocks […]

Two beautiful Louis Poulsen pendant lamps over a dining table create a hygge ambiance. Image by

Brilliant Designer Lighting Ideas

Have you noticed how brilliant are designer lighting fixtures? And have I told you that I have designed two table lamps that I plan on putting in production very shortly? The spark behind this project came about as an effort to manipulate light in my living’s room corner that houses my office. It turned out […]

What a beautiful wallpaper with a geometric pattern inspired by the tiles in Marroco. Image by Mindthegap.

The Rising Interior Decorating Trend :: Patterns

Hi there! What are the news in the design world nowadays? Plenty! But let me start off with one of the latest decorating trends, that’s rising to a new climax. Looking over at the images from the latest rug and flooring exhibition Domotex in Germany (that took place just over 10 days ago), I think […]

A Lene Bjerre Dessia Console Table is looking good by an entrance, styled with vases and plants and a great goldish mirror. Image by Houseology.

The Entry Table :: The Entryway Anchor

Hi all! How are you? Personally, I feel swamped in workload… and I’m in such a bad need for a getaway. You, too? Unfortunately, can’t do much about the workload or the getaway for that matter. I can however, share with you some great inspiration. Today’s post is about something I envy in other people’s […]

What a cinematic and moody ambiance in this stylish living room, with its blue sofa being flooded by the sunlight from the door window behind. Image from DFS Furniture.

The Eye-Catching Decorating Trend to Love Next

Hi all, good to have you back! I know it’s been hard to get on track after the holiday break, but at least I’ll try to make this space a happy and fun space for you to peruse on your time off. Chances are that if you did travel in any of the capitals of […]

A beautiful bed stand in blue teal and purple bedding and lush throws in a very stylish bedroom with blush pink and teal hues.

Pantone Color of the Year :: Ultra Violet

Hello there! Are we all back, looking forward for a dynamic 2018? How was your holiday break? Mine felt too short, but I tried to make the most of it, because every day is a gift. So let’s hit it! My first post for this year is all about Pantone’s Ultra Violet that seems to […]

A dark green velvet sofa complemented beautifully by a gallery wall that extends from the sofa's mid length over to a low sideboard's mid length. Image by Desenio.

Hanging Artwork :: The Ultimate Guide

Well hello there! I have a little fix for you today that might come handy to you; a little unsolicited advice to help you shape up your homes… There are definitely two “design mistakes” designers notice when walking inside a house for the first time, even if it’s just a social call. (Let’s be honest, […]

Gorgeous display of Murano glass vases by Venini among plants

2018’s Design Trends in Home Decor

It’s been almost a year since I began blogging on a regular basis. I know that because it was around this time of year, too, that I posted my list of design trends for 2017. Well, guess what, it’s time for a glance at the 2018 design trends! Not much has changed for 2018. In […]

A set of porcelain dinnerware with indigo blue trim and a discrete design in the center

Hand Painted Porcelain Dinnerware :: The Ultimate Holiday Maker

The holidays are coming! Soon enough there will be Christmas trees and decor just about everywhere and along with it, an ongoing holiday buzz about brunches, dinner feasts and parties with family and friends. It is such an exciting season and with all that preparation that goes into it, surely our expectations for a jolly […]

stylish white leather Barcelona armchair in minimal interior design with a white sideboard on the right and hardwood floors

Midcentury Furniture Fever :: Accent Chairs

Midcentury modern furniture still have home decor lovers mesmerized. The very essence of Scandinavian minimalism relies on modern furniture. Their distinctive architectural form only adds on to their timeless beauty. They are unpretentious and sleek. I for one, admire their forward design, their informality and relaxed feel they carry so well. Mix some of the […]

A moodboard with different interiors materials samples.

5 Cool Reasons To Hire an Interior Designer

Much too often people wonder and ask: “Do I really need an interior designer/stylist/architect?” Will hiring an interior designer save me any money? As a matter of fact a reader asked that very question last week, while seeking advice for her newly bought home. Therefore, I thought I write an open letter, hoping to address […]

An industrial space with exposed dark wood beams has been styled as an industrial bedroom that has a canopy of Edison bulb lights. Image by Cuckooland.

Industrial Design Decorating Ideas for a Rental

This post is dedicated to a reader and friend, Anne, who loves industrial decor, but lives in a rental. She dropped me a line and asked for some advice on how to personalize her home without breaking the bank and give it an industrial feel with all the “restrictions” that apply to rentals. So this […]

A contemporary rug in rusty hues against another one with golden beige patterns.

The Magic of Rugs – Special Feature Part II

Well hello everyone! As the weather is beginning to remind us that winter is just around the corner, I thought that this is probably a good time to talk about area rugs – the one accessory with the same impact as artwork. Both, make homes cohesive, cozy and inviting. They are our signature in our […]

View of a footbridge leading to Saint Paul's Cathedral in London with a sign at the bottom saying London Design Festival 2017 Highlights

London Design Festival 2017 :: Highlights

A lot of interesting things are happening in the design world. The London Design Festival 2017, that took place during September, is over. Yet, it left some exciting impressions behind that I wish to share with you all as promised. It just so happens that it is one of the most influential design fairs across […]

What a stylish bedroom with an art gallery wall in an earthy palette of pinks. Via Desenio.

Pink Inspiration

Hello everyone! Fall is officially here; and the sunsets lately in my part of the world have been nothing less than glorious, with stunning gradient hues of blush pink, peach, and rose quartz layered along the blue ones. Those neutral shades of pink are priceless filled with a strong sense of hope ‘that everything will […]

A white Scandinavian dining room filled vintage finds. There is a white three lamp pendant light hanging over a custom made rustic round table. There's also an open shelving unit on the wall with pots and mugs.

Slow Design

Hello, there! Today, I’m having one of those difficult days where there’s simply so much to be done and said that I feel a little overwhelmed. Hence, I decided to take a deep breath and pace myself and write about Slow Design and its principles.

Dark poetry prevails in this beautiful bathroom with black details (faucet, sink, mirror frame). The brass accessories compliment the dark setting in the most elegant way. Image by Argos.

Home Improvements Chapter 9: Bathrooms

Well hello there! Finally, I decided that it’s time to continue my home improvements thread. This time it’s about beautiful bathroom improvement ideas – for the kind of bathroom that looks good enough to live in! Bathrooms like that, whose size is of no real importance, have all something in common; their design is based […]

This is one of Elisabeth's vignettes.A cozy vignette with a two seater sofa, a coffee table, a gallery wall as a backdrop and plenty of candles to add that hygge vibe.

Hygge Design Envy: The Danish Home

Today I’m excited because, just recently, I stumbled upon the work of an interior stylist that got my attention and wanted to share it with you all. Why the excitement? Well, the thing is that after 20 years in this industry with so many different styles I’ve come across, it’s not as easy to get […]

View of a room with a clothing rack in front of a window with white sheer curtain and a round tall concrete planter pot against a gray microcement wall

5 Reasons Why Microcement is Designer’s Matter Envy

Hello there! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything concerning design for I was away on summer vacation. Yeehh! Promise, I’ll be posting my impressions, review, and tips about Syros – my summer hotspot very soon. Today though, I’m posting about an inspirational building material that makes fabulous design matter: microcement. It is […]

A housing complex of low rise white washed buildings in a typical Cycladic architecture in Paros.

La Dolce Vita Living in the Greek Islands

Every year during the summer, most Greeks long to travel to the Greek islands. The Cycladic island complex in the Aegean Sea is by far a top favorite destination. Although, the mainland as well as other Greek isles offer exquisite sandy beaches and summer resorts that can make anyone believe that Greece is indeed an […]

A super stylish living room with an art gallery wall on a taupe hue wall, a muted beige curved velvet sofa and behind a marble table top on a black steel frame. Image by Nest.

Marvelous Marble

After a week of hard work, the blog’s makeover is mostly over. It finally looks like I truly want it. Any feedback of course would be greatly appreciated. But, time to get back on track and share some inspiration for one of the most remarkable interiors material ever – marble – especially since it is […]

A contemporary space with a home office desk and a white sofa in front of three windows with Venetian blinds. Image: Abstract House.

Venetian Blinds…A Sight for Sore Eyes

It was Monday morning when I began prepping for this week’s post. I had several ideas in mind, but I decided to go for the least trendy yet, probably one of the dearest in my heart. What’s that? Venetian blinds. It is an element that some people classify as decor, while others as a window […]

A Fritz Fryer pendant light over a side table creating a beautiful ambiance in this cozy bedroom. Image by Fritz Fryer.

Lights :: The Basics

I’ve been wanting to write a post about lighting for a long time now. For some reason, something always happened and I kept on postponing it, until now. It just so happens that I’m working on an inspiration board for a client and planning the lighting scheme, and so the timing now couldn’t be better. […]

The Brdr. Krüger ARV Dining Chair standing in front of a wooden entrance. The noticeable attribute of this image is the color harmony and that includes the beige like terrazzo flooring. Image by Nest.

Terrazzo’s New Age

One of the oldest composite materials ever is on the comeback with a modern take – terrazzo. It is one of the newest trends in the design industry. Most of us are quite familiar with this interiors material that reigned in the 50’s and 60’s in so many floors as an affordable, durable flooring solution. […]

A large home library room with two Fritz Hansen Plenum armchairs that make a huge statement yet provide an incredible sense of discreteness. Image by Nest.

Style a Bookcase like a Pro!

Reading is always a good idea. Books are priceless possessions that accumulate over the years. Even at this digital era where cell-phones, tablets and all those gadgets that help us read on the go, can’t replace a good hardbound book. If you’re like me, proud owner of many books, then you probably already own a […]

A stylish high end living room of a flat in Hong Kong with a maximalist attitude. Via Brabbu Design Forces.

More is MORE! Hello Maximalism!

Minimalism by definition is characterized by simple massive forms and extreme spareness. Although, at first it was a movement in sculpture and art, it soon took over music, fashion and gradually the design industry. Minimalism has even become a lifestyle movement. It has even kept the design industry in a state of captivity for over […]

A pink modern sofa bed in a warm minimal setting. Image by Nest.

Your Ultimate Trend Guide for your Sofa Scout

Sofas are probably the single most important piece of furniture you’ll ever own. Personally, I think that no matter what other furnishings you might buy in the near future or in the long-run or even which furnishings you already own, the sofa dictates your design scheme; it’s a key feature. I think that makes a […]

messy modern bedroom with an unmade bed and a series of blank picture frames on the wall lit by daylight from a large window with curtains

Gallery Wall: 5 Reasons to Have One!

One of the best ways to add your personal style in any space is to create a gallery wall. Gallery walls are compositions (small or big), cool clusters of loved collectibles! I will give you five good reasons to convince you that this should be your next home decorating project.

A stylish white kitchen with a large white island and chandelier pendant lights over it.

Home Improvements Chapter 8: Dreamy Kitchens

A kitchen can be so much more than just a room where you prepare and cook food by definition. It is a place that hosts all family members with a story to tell; a place to ignite everyone’s imagination. It is the room where everyone can be inventive and messy while creating family holiday luncheons, […]

An ombre designer rug in front of a grey sofa. In the background a stunning garden view through an enormous window from floor to ceiling. Image via

Special Feature: Magic Rugs (Part I)

Rugs are one of the three magic ingredients to any beautiful home! It makes no difference if your home has a classic, rustic, modern, country or contemporary styling. Rugs are stunning pieces of art and they deserve our appreciation as such. They complete the setting in the most overwhelming way. They become a part of […]

View of a vignette with a leather sofa, a glass side table and the IC T1 high table lamp designed by Michael Anastassiades on a glass coffee table. Image via

2017’s Trends

2017.  The new year has come along with our high expectations for new beginnings. This is a great time to ponder with appreciation at the beauty that surrounds us. It is a great time to exploit our awareness and focus. It is a great time to redefine our perspectives. This is an exciting time for fascinating […]

A closer view of a residential narrow balcony with planters that overlooks a canal in an Italian city

Home improvements Chapter 6: City gardens

Green spaces are charismatic for they provide visual stimuli day to day and from season to season. They give joy — simple as that. However, not everyone has a big space outdoors or the time allocation required to maintain such a space. Therefore, inspirational creativity must come into play. Let’s think “out of the box” […]

A contemporary bedroom in a blue color palette featuring a gallery wall that includes typography prints. Image by Desenio.

Home Improvements Chapter 5 – Typography

Typography in home decorating is one of many designer’s tools. Typography is a very special art. Whatever the message may be, subtle or bold, a proverb or a motto, typography stands out. That is why almost every interior is embracing consciously more highlights with typography. It is a decorating trend that has a growing loyal […]

Loving the mix of green and mauve on the walls. A stylish living room with a purple accent wall and fireplace in mauve and bookcases on either side of it. Image by Dunelm.

Home Improvements Chapter 4 – Accents: Walls vs Ceilings

After several months of lying in bed on my back, due to health reasons, believe me I had plenty of time to reflect on things. The road to recovery is not easy unless you make plans for new projects (and believe me, the size of the project is hardly of any importance). I spent a […]

A grand looking building facade with a huge glass entrance and enormous planters with trees in them on either side of it

Home improvements: Chapter 3 – Entrance

Wise people will tell you ‘never judge a cover by its book!’ However, a cover that makes an impact on someone is bound to attract attention and possibly one may actually take the time to read it. Now, think of your habitat as a book. The door entrance to your house is like a book […]

A soft minimal interior with an off white sectional sofa and armchair, the Lato side table with a table lamp atop and a large window casting lots of natural light. Image by Nest.

Home improvements: Chapter 2 – Lighting

In any interior or exterior space, one of the most significant features is lighting. It either “makes” or “breaks” a space. It is also the single home improvement someone can make with the biggest impact in a space, especially if you choose to go for a different style of lights and/or layer in some new. […]

A white laptop on a table outdoors with two planters next to it.

Home improvements: Chapter 1 – Planters

Adding greenery whether indoors or outdoors, is an excellent way to liven things up. But too many times, plain planters are simply too “plain” — pretty indifferent or even dull. So a good and inexpensive way to update your garden views is to have a planter makeover and give your planters new life!

View of a vignette with a grey sofa, a black coffee table, and a large window in the background. Image via Sainsbury's Home.

Home improvements

Summer is just around the corner. This is the season that we are all looking forward to – holidays, weekends away, traveling, swimming, cycling, hiking – basically anything one desires becomes a reality without second thoughts. This is also a great season, just before it gets too hot, to do some home improvements! Undoubtedly, everyone […]

A super contemporary all white outdoor space with planters standing out and softening the rugged look of the contrast between the white manmade structure and the textured rock wall. Image: MyFace.

Stylish Planters to House Your Plants

One of the most restorative and mindful things you can do is gardening. You don’t have to know much about it. You don’t even have to know the names of the flowers or shrubs you plant. You just have to follow your gut, start with one plant at a time and be present. Plants of […]

A lifestyle image of an off white sitting room featuring to comfy sofas, a brown curvy armchair and the Mineral Coffee table. Image: fermLIVING.

Coffee Tables to Swoon Over

Restrain yourself from buying the first coffee table you see in a showroom shop. Hunt for that perfect piece that speaks to you; the one that will make the perfect partner for your beautiful sofa. Hasty decisions hardly ever pay off and purchasing the ‘right’ coffee table should bring you joy. That’s why I did […]

A lovely reading nook with an outdoor garden view. The wall appears to be like Dulux Bright Skies - color of the year 2022. Image: Essential Home.

Dulux Color of the Year 2022 Bright Skies

Another year has gone by and the paint brand Dulux revealed its color of the year 2022: Bright Skies™. It is an airy, fresh blue tone with a lean wink into gray; capturing this need so many of us feel for a fresh start. A reset.

The Fora S suspension light by designers Alex Fernández Camps and Gonzalo Milà over a dining space flooded with plenty of natural light. Via Nedgis.

On My Radar: 4 Home Soothing Finds

Seeking ways to home soothing has always been on top of my priorities list. That includes perusing the net for any pieces that will elevate my home (or client’s). Surely, the plethora of visual stimuli is almost endless and certainly inspiring. However, some of my finds cause me to stop, take a screenshot, and perhaps […]

A contemporary living space with large windows, a dark grey sofa, a low coffee table and walls in Dulux Brave Ground beige. Via Dulux.

Brave Ground Dulux Color of the Year 2021

Admittedly, 2020 has proved to be a year of many unexpected challenges. Therefore, when the Dutch paint brand, Dulux, named yesterday Brave Ground as Color the Year 2021 it made perfect sense. An earthy based hue with a “reassuring” feel to it, seems to reflect best the need for a down-to-earth trigger mindset.

Bird eye view of an outdoor dining setup for Easter.

Easter Table Setting When in Lockdown

Easter is literally just around the corner and I thought I should share with you my Easter table setting that I did the other day outside, in my garden. My mindset during these confusing times was ‘when less is more.’ With that in mind, I set out to make a minimal Easter table setting. I […]

Looking up from under the cubic building of the Arche de la Defense in Paris. Image by Velvet.

10 Must See Iconic Buildings

One of the greatest joys in life is traveling and that’s why many of us have bucket lists with all the places we want to visit. My bucket list includes far away lands and plenty of must see iconic buildings from around the globe. They are the kind whose ground breaking design has set new […]

View of a beautifully styled table setting for Christmas.

A Dreamy Christmas Table Setting

Once again this year, Elisabeth set up a Christmas table setting to share with y’all. And it’s dreamy! It’s the kind that brings up all those happy childhood memories. It is warm, inviting and the best part is that it’s not too difficult for anyone to pull off. As for the theme: modern rustic – […]

Marble Decor Ideas For a Luxe Look

Marble Decor Ideas For a Luxe Look

Marble is one of the most prized interior materials. It is also one of the most expensive too. Still, its growing popularity doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Its adoption as a floor, is the most straightforward way to introduce that luxurious feeling in a space. To everyone’s delight though, marble can be introduced in […]

A canvas print with princess Leopold whose face has been replaced with black and white stripes in a fusion between traditional and contemporary. Image via Audenza.

On the Trend Radar :: Stripes

Stripes is one of those patterns that can magically transform a room. They do it in a daring but quiet way, bringing a crisp edge to a design scheme. That is one of the reasons why every designer loves them. Thus, today I will share with you some decorating ideas with stripes for inspiration – […]

A contemporary and very bright living room with off white furniture and walls painted in DULUX Tranquil Dawn. Image by DULUX.

Tranquil Dawn Dulux Color Of the Year 2020

Upon the closing of this September’s Maison et Objet international trade fair that is held in Paris, one thing is very clear. Pastel green (including Celedon and mint green) are on a high trending streak. As predicted, green is the new “it” color. The announcing of Tranquil Dawn, as the Dulux color the year for […]

A contemporary modular sofa arrangement outdoors looking amazing. Image by Go Modern Furniture.

Getting Spring Ready :: Outdoor Spaces Inspiration

I think getting spring ready is a great way to shake off those winter blues. And although most people start spring cleaning from the indoors and stretch out outdoors, I think it’s best to go the other way around. Freshening and cleaning up outdoor spaces, doing some gardening work and finishing off any outdoor improvement […]

A beautiful bedroom with a wall mural of a forest as an accent and a bed with mint color bedding looking soft and cozy. Image by Pixers.

Mint Green :: Pastels Inspiration

So many times the fashion industry seems to pave the way for the design industry to follow next. As such, you may have noticed that hints of mint green have been popping about in outfits of several trending fashionistas. However, it seems that mint green has already began to transcend its way into interiors and […]

A painting by Josh Buyer named Buntzen Lake.

Josh Byer :: Meet The Artist Who Put Faux Fauvism on the Map

One of the best ways to tell your story is by showcasing the art you like. You see art is so much more than a mere image. Art stirs emotions and resonates feelings. It floods our brain with impact-full information while it may trigger questions like Why? or How? What does it mean? It is […]

I love a white Christmas village with a garland as decor on a fireplace mantel, but the beautiful wreaths above it are stealing all the glory. Image by Marks & Spencer.

Beautiful Christmas Decoration Ideas

My 12 year old heart longs for that over the top Christmas quality in decorations. And I’m sure that goes for a whole lot of you too. It’s the time of year, where you can’t have enough low lights creating cozy vignettes that make you want to snuggle all day long. As such, I thought […]

A Christmas village DIY wall hanging.

How to Make a Wall Hanging for Christmas

Christmas may be just around the corner, but there’s always time for a small DIY project that you can pull off with or without the help of your kids. When schools close for the holiday break, then doing a few DIY projects with your kids might be life-saving. For starters it is a great way […]

A stunning Christmas tree by a black steel staircase, beautifully decorated. Image by Amara.

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for 2018-2019

Hi there! December is almost here and I really wanted to know if there’s anyone of you excited for putting up a Christmas tree? Because, if there’s one thing I look forward during Christmas holiday that would be it! That’s right – I could skip the luncheons and dinners, but it just doesn’t feel like […]

I love this velvet upholstered armchair by the fireplace. What a cozy vignette without looking rustic. Image by JD Williams Home.

Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2019

Well hello there! Is it that time of the year again? Oh yes, I believe so! Just a few days ago, Benjamin Moore announced their color of the year 2019: Metropolitan AF-690. Paint colors of this sort are quite a treat for most – a neutral paint color at last, where designers don’t have to […]

Maria Banou, a potter while painting one of her creations in her workshop. Image by Velvet.

Meet Maria Banou :: An Inspiring Ceramics Artist

I first met Maria, a ceramics artist, a couple of years ago in Syros. Her workshop was quite impressive, packed with her ceramic creations. She was gentle, humble and really polite, but with the unsettling spirit of an artist that so often sets an artist apart. I didn’t have enough time to interview her back […]

A portrait of Marina Vernicos with her camera while in action.

Marina Vernicos :: The Sea Queen

You know a great photographer when you see one! Each great photograph has the power to communicate the photographer’s essence without words. It sparks up emotions, thoughts and even haunts you with its mesmerizing story. That’s how I feel when I look at the work of awarded photographer Marina Vernicos, that captivates so eloquently the […]

Love that rusty colored dining chair in this elegant dining setup. Image by John Lewis.

New Color Crush That Matches Pink

Two years ago pink captivated us in ways we couldn’t even imagine. It was to be found everywhere in home decor with pink velvet sofas and armchairs to accent walls, mirrors, clothing attire and everything in between, adorned so beautifully with copper accents. Nowadays, there is a new color crush in both the design and […]

How jungalicious is this? An off white sofa with tropical leaves print throw pillows and lots of lush, green foliage in the background. Image by DFS Furniture.

Urban Tropical Inspiration

I think that this decade is most definitely characterized by an embrace for everything green. Lush, green foliage has found its way into our homes again. Yesss! And as the heat begins to kick in, tropical accents could create a resort-like vibe, making our urban living more exotic than ever. As always, fashion has also […]

A hanging rattan swing chair creates a great reading nook with a few tropical theme textiles - cocoon perfect! Image by House of Fraser.

Tips and Ideas for Spring Editing Your Home

Have you started spring cleaning yet? I have, and it’s taken me a lot longer than I expected. Getting all the indoor/outdoor spaces ready for spring – summer seasons isn’t a very fast process. For starters, I got rid of all the broken and/or chipped stuff and found the right spot for a few decor […]

A blue Fritz Hansen Egg chair in a concrete grey nook. Talk about design envy.

Blue Inspiration

Growing up by the sea had a tremendous impact on me; watching the reflections upon calm waters or the turmoil of rough seas made me a passionate fan of the most sensational color, BLUE. Its array of blue shades are etched in my mind. This is the one color I swear by. Period. This is […]

An Easter outdoors table setting with two stuffed bunnies as decor.

Easter Decorating Inspiration

Easter is almost here. For so many of you, Easter Sunday is only five days away. For Orthodox Christians like myself, it’s the weekend next. And I can’t wait for it. Easter in Greece, is probably the biggest holiday (think bigger than Christmas). Nature looks its best, and lots of Greek people take advantage of […]

What a great motif: succulents. This wallpaper is super. Image by MindtheGap

Fantastic Wallpaper Ideas

If there was one thing I would love to see more of, in Greece, is wallpaper. And I’m not talking about any boring, granny looking wallpaper. Wallpapers nowadays are simply fascinating. Every chance I get to gaze at wallpaper lookbooks is a treasured moment, because my mind begins an imaginary journey of endless possibilities, starting […]

A neutral off white interior gets more lively from a mustard yellow cushion on the off-white Bond sofa, while a nest of three tables with a table lamp and a lampshade in a burnt sienna hue fill in nicely the natural and neutral palette. Image by Furniture Village.

Mustard Yellow Color Design Crush

This is funny! I never thought I would have to take mustard yellow, too seriously. But lately, I can’t continue ignoring people’s crush over it. To my dismay, I must have looked over than a hundred pin images with mustard yellow accents that range from a dark mimosa hue (pantone’s color of year 2009) to […]

A superb photo by Patrick Kool of a woman in a long red dress dancing in a dark room. The quote under reads Take a chance and dance in the rain. Otherwise what's the point? cited from Velvet

Beautiful Quotes to Keep in Mind!

One of my favorite Pinterest boards is all about typography, inspirational quotes and typefaces. It is totally fascinating reading quotes in various typefaces expressing in a visual way a general truth or piece of advice. (By the way, I’m very much aware that the proper word is “quotation” but somehow everyone, including myself, calls them […]

A beautifully styled tabletop for a New Year's Eve dinner party with lots of colored wine glasses, white porcelain plates with silver trims, silver cutlery all on a white tablecloth.

New Year’s Eve Decor

Hi there! How are you?… Christmas is over but hopefully we all made some great memories to remember it by. And before we catch our breaths, we’ve got New Year’s eve coming up next. Yahhh! Are we excited? Are any of you going to parties or hosting one instead? If so then, stick around for […]

View from above of a a stylish dinning table with tabletop Christmas decor, lots of candles, a small white planter pot with a Heather in it, a decorative XMAS sign and lots of red splashes. Atop every guest's napkin at each place setting, there is a different Christmas ornament - a small gift for each guest.

Tabletop Christmas Decor

Hosting a Christmas dinner can be a big deal. Right? It’s all about getting together with family and friends and creating beautiful memories. As such, little details that make our house guests feel the love and warmth that go into putting together this feast, resonate on our tabletop decor. So we put together this year’s […]

A flatlay with a pair of brown boots, timber logs, nuts and a string of lights on a wooden floor with sprinkles of snow. Image shot by Oliver Perrott for

Gift ideas for Him, Her and the Kids

Christmas, more than any other time of the year, is a time of giving and showing our gratitude. It’s the perfect time to give thank you gifts to the men and women in our lives wives, moms, daughters, sisters, husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, partners and all the friends and relatives in between. More importantly, it’s […]

A minimal grey dining area, with a silver wreath decor hanging atop, a minimal sitting bench coordinated with the dining table. Image via Marks&Spencer.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Home Addict

Christmas season is such a joyful time; it’s a time of giving and giving without the expectation of getting – pure act of loving. There’s so much joy in that. But, it can also be a stressful time for many people who are bewildered by the surrounding abundance (including myself) and the tormenting question of […]

View of Elisabeth's fireplace with a fire going in it, and plenty of Christmas decor on the mantel creating a very cozy vignette. Led lights illuminate the fake pine garland and the ceramic white decor houses resting on either end of the mantel. Image by Velvet for Te Esse.

Vintage Inspired Christmas Decorating

Elisabeth and I love Christmas. It’s a holiday filled with some great childhood memories, strongly etched due to the family traditions that my parents established long since. Now, it’s our turn to make holiday traditions for our families and hopefully one day our children will recall fondly of them. Since Elisabeth decorates her home much earlier […]

Velvet on a bed working on her laptop.

10 Interior Design Blogs to Follow

Hello people! This post is dedicated to all those that have asked me if I follow interior design blogs, which ones and why. The answer is simple: Yes, I do follow numerous interior design blogs and a few lifestyle ones (that include design just like me). Actually I think almost all bloggers follow others. So, […]

A red rose

Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Color of the Year Caliente

Hey there! Have you heard the news? Benjamin Moore has announced the color of the year 2018. The new Color of the year Caliente is hot, it’s bold, it’s radical and red smart! Caliente AF-290, the new “it” color. Now, if you’ve been following me for a while then you probably already know that we […]

A cabin surrounded by nature in snow nearby a lake

Autumn Love :: Season’s Inspiration

Hello everyone! It’s October and the air is rising crispier in the mornings and chillier after the sun sets. The daylight hours have shortened and a color feast is taking place right before our very own eyes, as autumn leaves highlight nature’s preparation for winter. Nature now looks absolutely gorgeous, dressed up in warm toned […]

A white branch on the wall with worry beads hanging from it over a marble top with decor on it

A Simple DIY Wall Hanging

Hi, everyone! I thought I share with you today, one of the most simple decorating hack ever – a DIY wall hanging. It’s so easy that it’s almost embarrassing sharing it here like this! It’s one of those tiny projects that you do at a spree of a moment kind of thing. The great thing […]

A ship sailing in a deep blue sea. Image by Stratos Kalafatis

The Rising Star: Photography

Hi everyone! I hope you have a great Independence Day! So, onto a quick question: how many photos did you take this weekend or planning to take during July 4th celebrations? Probably lots. Chances are that we all possess numerous photos, handheld evidence of moments of a life well lived. Some of those precious photos might […]

A stylish contemporary vignette with a charcoal grey sideboards, an artwork, and a day bed. Image: Abstract House.

6 Fail Proof Interior Decorating Tips for Impact

Hi everyone! The weekend is over and it’s time to get to work. Since I get asked quite often for decorating tips with impact that make a home look great, I think that I should share some of those with you before I go on with my home improvement post thread. There are always many […]

High rise building in London with colored glass panels on its facade. Image by Velvet.

Why I’m a Sucker for Colored Glass!

If you have been following me for a while, you’re probably noticing a pattern in the things I like. For example, I’m a blue person. I just LOVE blue. However, as I’ve grown older I have endorsed a wide palette of colors, because they are so powerful, but mostly charismatic. Their impact on us is […]

A stylish contemporary living room with an off white two seater sofa and two armchairs in saturated burgundy. Image via

How to Make Successful Color Combinations

This week I’d like to talk about colors! There is a fundamental and universal truth that is found everywhere and makes an imprint on us every moment of our lives yet, we take it for granted — the existence of colors. Colors make an enormous visual impact on us defining our perception of things. That’s why color […]

A yellow runner and a yellow egg wrapped in a towel like a bunny face, surely makes a great Easter decorating idea. Image via John Lewis.

Easter Decorating Ideas

As I’m writing these lines I’m daydreaming of my Easter destination! Tonight I have to pack because tomorrow I’m off with my family to Syros for our Easter break. To be honest, I’m looking forward to this break to recharge my batteries, spend quality time with my family and friends, but not before I share […]

Partial view of a sophisticated interior with an original Marble like print on the white wall over a rustic sideboard. Image: Nat Maks.

Spring Inspiration

Spring is a season of new, fresh beginnings. It’s a time where nature’s glory hits a peak. It is also a great time to update your interior and exterior spaces; in other words time for some spring home styling. The weather is most favorable for taking up home improvement projects. During winter’s short daylight hours […]

A drawing of a colored lady singing into a retro mike. Artwork by Denise Riga.

Artwork by Denise Riga

Lately, I have intentionally let myself get lost in the mesmerizing world of art, for I find art is one of my greatest healers and motivation boosters. Blame this mood of mine on spring and its bewildering color palette! Nonetheless, I will try to allure you into this art world by sharing with you a […]

A stylish interior with a black dining table and chairs, black chandelier with a chevron pattern hardwood floor

Get in Style with Super Trendy Chevron Patterns

Pattern is one of the biggest trends this year and perhaps this decade.  It is a trend that’s here to stay! One of the most easy-going patterns of all is chevron.  It’s basically a zigzag line that creates a sense of a flowing breeze right through all that is static, solid and stagnant. Just a […]

An exotic setup with throws, pillows at a balcony

Colors of the Year 2017

It is this time of the year again where companies announce their choice color for the coming year!  Benjamin Moore: Shadow 2117-30; and for Sherwin Williams it is a beautiful neutral: Poised Taupe SW6039. After five years of a gray reign, they decided at Sherwin Williams, that it is time to warm things up a […]

View of an outdoor dining setup for Easter in a city garden

Velvet’s Guide for a Stylish Easter Tablescape

Spring is here and Easter weekend is literally just around the corner. It is a chance to pause, connect, and contemplate, or even visit another destination for the sake of that travel hype we have missed. No matter what though, Easter in Greece is like no other. It’s probably the most glorious time of the […]

Just love this sitting room setup with muted earth colors, curvy green armchairs, round brown veined marble coffee table and soft beige sofa. Image: Soho House.

On My Radar : Musings From the Web

The Danish design company, HAY, has launched its newly SS22 collection, made of products in bold, vivacious colors and spirit, prepping us for the warmer seasons ahead. They got on my radar for they are very much evidence that dopamine dressing effect is transcending over interior design and home decorating.

A pile of Velvet's Christmas Sugar Cookies, holly berries in the background and a red cup of hot chocolate next to the platter.

Velvet’s Christmas Sugar Cookies

Makes 45-48 servings of sugar cookies Ingredients 200g (or 1 cup) of butter (or margarine), softened 1 ½ cups of white sugar 2 eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 3 ¾ cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder ½ teaspoon salt chocolate sprinkles or icing sugar (optional) The Prep For a fluffy cookie result, sift flour, […]

A stylish off white sitting room with a beautiful Christmas tree and wreath. Image: H&M Home.

The Stylish Holiday Decorations and Gifts Edition

Hands up if you are running late with your Christmas shopping. Unbelievable as it may be, the holidays are in full-swing. It’s time to appreciate and count our blessings, spend some quality time with loved ones, make precious memories, and give gifts. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, as long as it is something […]

A beautiful and stylish outdoor setup for a dinner party. Via OZ Design Furniture.

The Intimate Dinner Party

Are you planning to throw a dinner party or attend one? Perfect. Dinner parties are about to return – one at a time. At last! The sense of community through food around a table and the ceremony that is involved in making a dinner party look easy, engaging and fun is ultimately one of the […]

A flatlay of two items wrapped in the Furoshiki fabric gift wrap. Via Wrappuccino.

The Last Minute Sustainable Gift List

Gift lists are not really my thing. Yet, once I began looking for sustainable gifts for my loved ones, I came across some great products. So, I thought this was too good of a list not to share. Therefore, this is a last minute sustainable gift list I put together, of really mindful gift ideas, […]

A hyggelig Christmas table setting made by Elisabeth Karatzas for Te Esse.

A Hyggelig Christmas Table Setting

‘Tis that time of year…And despite the odd circumstances due to the pandemic, during the holidays we will gather around the dining table. That’s why Elisabeth has created a hyggelig Christmas table setting that brings out the best of the season’s magic. It’s not an expensive, difficult or time consuming table setting; but it will […]

One of my home corners where I paint styled with some natural touches and a vague Scandi style.

Shopping My House

Every spring I have a craze over cleaning and re-vamping my home. It helps me feel like I’m on top of things again. Except this spring things are quite different. The lockdown has literally forced us to stay home… I for one have been in self-isolation since March 1st. Soon enough though, I turned to […]

Two young women from India holding up a sign that reads 'I made your clothes.' Image: Secret Projects.

Secret Projects : Empowering Women in India

A gloomy Tuesday afternoon it was, that I went through my email inbox when my eyes gleamed with joy and excitement. I was just granted an interview that I longed for. Before I knew I was up on my feet doing my happy dance. After all, it’s not very often that you get presented with […]

Potted orchids in full bloom. Real or fake? My best orchid decor hack.

Best Orchid Decor Hack

Happy new week y’all! Today, I want to share with you a little DIY decorating hack that I do at home. It is a very simple hack for having an orchid flower plant looking good all year long.

Velvet taking a smartphone picture while in Hermoupolis, Syros.

How to Take Better Pictures With a Smartphone

Over the last few years, I have learned (unintentionally) to take better pictures with a smartphone for three reasons. The first reason is that I don’t actually own a DSLR camera! The second reason is that running a blog, requires visuals to illustrate your sayings and showcase best who you are. Thus, I literally had […]

A bright, perfectly styled dining vignette in a home with a Cycladic minimal vibe. Photo: Three Birds Renovations/Raja Homewares.

Friday Musings 01.17

The weekend is almost here and looking forward to it. Any plans? Personally, I will rest as much as possible. That means a lot of Netflix and some reading. So if you’re also in the mood for a bit of casual reading, guess what?! I’ve scoured the net-sphere for you and found some of the […]

A beautiful contemporary living space with large windows, a Mid-century inspired armchair, an off white sofa in front of a modern fireplace and lots of Christmas decor on the coffee table and Christmas tree. Image via H&M homestores.

The Holiday Edition Musings

“When I was young, I used to admire intelligent people. As I grow older, I admire kind people.” These wise words spoken by Abraham Joshua Heschel have been etched in mind, reflecting my present mindset… You see the reason why I admire kind people, benevolent, selfless, caring people is because they are the kind of […]

Sailing away from the port of Piraeus.

Weekend Links 12.13

True story. Last October, George (my husband) and I, went to Syros for some business. It was a day’s trip where we got to spent only a few hours on the island. Therefore, in order to have a greater flexibility with our transport means, we decided to go with George’s bike. That was our first […]

Velvet at the 2019 Amara Interior Blog Awards

The 2019 Amara Interior Blog Awards

It’s been just over a year, since my last visit to London to attend the Amara Interior Blog Awards in its sixth year. While on the plane, I couldn’t help not thinking of all that has happened in this past year. A lot of changes occurred. These include the start-up of a You-Tube channel, a […]

An illustration of a cityscape as you look up into the sky and the scrapers appear to come together.

Growing Up :: Leaving My Hometown

Leaving my hometown to study abroad was one of the best decisions of my life. Sure, it was a challenge, but one I would take again without blinking once! It made me step out of my comfort zone for the first time, yet the idea of a freedom never experienced before, compensated for that big. […]

A neon sign that reads 'ART' against a black background

Current and Upcoming Art Exhibitions

Being in the great outdoors, hiking, watching nature’s transformation or going off the grid, is undoubtedly one of the rewarding experiences – especially now in Fall. But I also think that visiting a good art exhibition is just as exhilarating. Thus, I have I hand picked several art shows on different locations and lands, including […]

Velvet standing with her feet in the sea at Komito beach in Syros.

Summer Vacation Reflections :: Syros

Hello September! Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great summer, but it’s time to welcome now the softness of the sunlight that follows during fall season. That is nature’s most gentle way to make us ease into those colder days to come. I’m officially back from my summer vacation… And my goodness, I […]

Close view of clothes hanging. Image by Velvet.

How to Organize a Closet as a Maximalist

Minimalism is a mindset, a real philosophy, one that I haven’t embraced in my life. Although I’m not a minimalist, I try to keep everything simple and uncomplicated. Perhaps, it’s my line of work that has me geared up for finding solutions to real problems and editing everything as I go. Hence, I find myself […]

The silhouettes of a crowd listening to a live concert.

Music Playlist :: 2018 Reflections

Another year is coming to an end, but this music playlist I put together highlights some of my most inspiring moments from these 365 days filled with plenty of rock beats, pop twists, and funky moods. 2018 was a year filled with a lot of hard work but with equally lots of insights that helped […]

View from above of one set at Elisabeth's Christmas tablescape.

An Inspiring Organic Christmas Tabletop

It was exactly one year ago that we posted pictures of a Christmas tablescape we styled together with Elisabeth. Last year’s theme was Vintage Christmas. Today, Elisabeth stunned me with a new organic Christmas tabletop that she pulled off last minute. We had talked about wanting to do something more organic. Therefore, the theme was […]

Elisabeth and Velvet at Marylebone One in London for the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2018.

A Night to Remember :: The Amara Interior Blog Awards 2018

Last Thursday, Elisabeth and I attended the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2018 ceremony. It was a night to remember for many different reasons. For starters, the event took place in London, a city that we used to call home once when we were students, a long time ago, but nonetheless a home away from home. The […]

Creepy! This home interior is well decorated for Halloween that it gives you the creeps. Image by Sainsbury's Home.

Halloween Decor and Party Ideas To Spook Everyone Away

Trick or Treat? Give me something good to eat… Halloween and its customs, including Halloween decor, mostly practiced in the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland and Mexico, are slowly becoming known to other countries too, including Greece. Of course, it won’t be anytime soon that kids here in Greece will dress in skeleton costumes and […]

Partial view of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC looking from a window inside it.

Go Here :: Art Exhibitions

Visiting an art exhibition is like a little treat. If that exhibition happens to be really good, then it’s a big treat. In any case, there are plenty of them going on all over the world. Therefore, I hand picked four art exhibitions to put on the spotlight for they seem interesting and intriguing. I […]

A woman sitting by the edge of a pool with her feet inside the water and a portable light besides her after sunset hours creating a soothing ambiance. Image by

Summer Holidays

One of the best times of the year, my summer holidays, are finally here! Oh yes! The majority of the people in Greece take their summer holiday in August and if I’m not mistaken that goes for a lot of people in the Mediterranean basin too. It is a time to put aside all pending […]

A frappe coffee served in a glass with a sea view in the background. Image by Antonis Drakakis. Copyright Te Esse.

Living Without Coffee For 20+ Years

No coffee drinking is a lifestyle attitude. I bet this post title will freak out some of you, but it’s true. I have been living without coffee for 20+ years now. And hey, guess what?! I have never regretted it. But let me run down with you this little story of mine. Promise, it’s fun. […]

Close up image of an experimental painting with thin rings of white and black paints. Image by Lurm on Unsplash.

4 Art Exhibitions Not To Be Missed

The weekend is finally here and so many of you might be going away on a getaway. Lucky you. Traveling is one of those things I can’t get enough of… Whatever your destination is I wish you the greatest time. Now, in case you are an art lover and happen to travel or live in one […]

A rocky shoreline on a Greek island.

Fun Reading 05.18

Hey, how has your week been so far? I had a really tough one. My little girl got the flu on Monday and we’re still trying to recover. I used plural because I’m also feeling under. Things can get quite overwhelming at times with all the workload and sleepless nights. Honestly, at times like these […]

Fun Reading 05.04 from

Fun Reading 05.04

Well it’s finally Friday evening and as I type these words, I sigh in relief. The weekend is here and it’s time to rest. It has been one loooong week! That’s why I didn’t get the chance to write a post on design. Sorry! 🙁 I’ll try to make up for it this coming week. […]

Aerial view of a Greek island. Image by George.

Fun Reading 04.27

Well hello there! It’s Friday, it’s a beautiful sunny day and it almost feels like summer! Whatever happened to spring?! Anyway, things are looking up and so are our spirits, thanks to this lovely weather. As usual, I have rounded up another collection of the best home decor – design – travel links that you’ll […]

Assortment of different color flowers on shelving inside a greenhouse in Sweden.

Fun Reading 04.20

Hey there! Chin up, it’s Friday. My tiredness wants to get the best of me, but I’m putting up a strong resistance, while laughing over all the silly mishaps and chores left undone. I think I deserve a break after all this week’s work. Time to do some reading and should I get lucky have […]

A white washed house facade with a small staircase and a turquoise front door, found in Ano Syros. Image by Velvet.

Fun Reading 04.13

Isn’t spring such a wonderful season? The light seems brighter and there are blossoms everywhere. My mind is still elsewhere, but I did round up a few good reading links from around the web to share with you: three house tours, one DIY project and styling tips. So, take a break for some fun reading. […]

View of the Aegean from Naoussa, the seaside village in Paros. Image by Velvet.

Fun Reading 03.23

Oh boy, this week seemed endless! And I still have so much work that needs to be done…So, I’ll just close my eyes for a few moments and dream of a beautiful holiday spot. Ah! It feels good to daydream, doesn’t it? Today, Elisabeth and I, spend a couple of hours in the morning setting […]

A cat laying on its back on an alley with stairs in Ano Syros. Image by Velvet.

Fun Reading 03.16

Another week is coming to an end! Yahh! I don’t know about you, but I feel exhausted; I’m literally running on fumes. 🙂 I’m currently working on 3 different projects (aside the blog) and it’s honestly taking a toll… I’m hoping though, to take lots of photos from these projects (before and after shots), to […]

Lots of flower bouquets on sale outside a florist shop in London.

Fun Reading 03.09

Well hello there! It’s Friday, it’s sunny and I’m in a good mood! No special reason. I left my door window open on purpose and it feels good to be typing away and hear the different sounds from outdoors coming in and flooding my room! I was on the phone all morning long, and so […]

Four women walking in Bonneville Salt Flats

Women’s Day :: Empowerment

Today, on March 8th, 2018 is International Women’s Day. What does that mean? Is it just another day marked on a calendar? Sadly, for so many yes! But, fortunately for others – definitely no! At the age of 42, for the first time in my life, this day means a whole lot to me. Perhaps, […]

Sun rays peaking through a tree's branches.

Fun Reading 03.02

Happy March everyone! I just had to share those two verses from an old Beatles song with you. They describe precisely my state of mind. Anyway, I know it’s really cold in many parts of Europe and the States right now, but let’s look on the bright side – it won’t last for much longer! […]

A young pretty woman dressed in a pink dress looks as if dancing.

Music Playlist for Moody Listening

It’s Monday morning and the weather is a little moody. So, after popular demand, I’m sharing with you my latest music playlist on YouTube. Thank you for all those sweet messages you sent my way – perhaps I’ll turn it into a thread. 😉 Anyway, this is very much a continuation of my previous playlist with some […]

Partial view of Parnassos ski slopes on a sunny day.

Fun Reading 02.23

This is the last Friday for February! The sun is shining outside really bright, and it most definitely feels like spring is just around the corner. Can’t wait for it yet, I kind of hope that the snow on the mountain slopes will last a little longer. I would like to go skiing a couple […]

Inside a forest with a small stream. Image by Velvet.

Fun Reading 02.16

A long weekend is just about to begin for us here in Greece because of Ash Monday. It is the beginning of the Great Lent, and a day where many of us spent it outdoors trying to fly a kite with our little ones. I really look forward to that, although I can’t say that […]

View of Como and the Lake Como. Image by Velvet.

Fun Reading 02.09

Another week is coming to an end! Yahhhh! I’m looking forward to gearing down and having a movie marathon. What are your plans? Hope you make time for some casual reading, because I’ve rounded up a few interesting links from around the web. They are perfect to beat the winter blues, so grab yourself a […]

A traditional coffee house setup inside an atrium of Hermoupolis town hall. Image by Velvet.

Fun Reading 02.02

Happy February! They say that this is is the month of love. I say that the worse of winter weather is almost over here in Greece!! I can actually tell that the daytime light is longer. Before we know it, it will be spring again. Don’t you just love how the seasons come and go, […]

Detail of an exotic yellow slim flower in contrast to its long green point leaves. Image by Elisabeth.

Fun Reading 01.26

Hey there, how are you? Last weekend we did go away on a mini getaway after all. And it was just enough to fuel up and get through this week and next. Hopefully, we’ll manage to get away, yet again soon enough. Now, it’s time for another collection of reading links for a weekend well […]

Sea view of the Aegean Sea from an alley in Ano Syros. Image by Velvet.

Fun Reading 01.19

Hello there! I’m quite excited. Chances are that we’ll be going away this weekend on a mini-getaway! Honestly, I can’t wait for it. But before, I go to prepare our stuff, I’ve collected some really cool links for some fun reading over the weekend. I’ve chosen a travelogue, a house tour in Baltimore, a house […]

Flower bouquets for sale outside of flower shop in West End London.

Fun Reading 01.12

Hi there! This week has been extremely slow or so it seems but it’s coming to an end…YAY! I’ll try to get a little extra sleep on the weekend and hopefully get myself better organized. Every now and then, I must declutter all that paperwork that’s been piling up on my desk and finish off […]

A neon sign on an exposed brick wall saying you are what you listen to.

My Latest Music Playlist :: 2017 Reflections

Music is probably our dearest old friend. Can you imagine a life without it? I certainly can’t! Music has always helped me clear my mind, lift my spirits, heal my wounds and most definitely helped me make the connections in my messy creative process. It goes straight to the heart to spark inspiration and helps […]

An advent's wreath next to two nutcrackers on a dining table.

Fun Reading 12.22

It’s holiday season: 2+1 days left to Christmas and I can’t get over the fact how fast time flies! It’s been a year since I started blogging regularly and so I have plenty to celebrate for. I’m most grateful to my old, loyal friend readers and I would also like to thank the new ones […]

A road with lots of stacked snow on the sides and a mountain slope in the background. Image by Velvet.

Fun Reading 12.15

Nine days + 1 till Christmas! YES! I’m so excited that I can barely make myself type these words. The weekend is almost here and it’s a super special one for us. We’ll be baptizing my baby daughter!! 🙂 So, this has been a unusually hectic week for us, trying to get everything under control. […]

A Christmas wreath with pine cones and stars hanging from a wooden front door. Image by Elisabeth.

Fun Reading 12.8

Well hello there! I just realized that this is the first of the last three fun reading posts before this year is out!! Suddenly, I’m feeling a little pressure to make them more festive! Still I have included a great collection of statement making minimalism. So, are any of you feeling the holiday buzz? This […]

A classic black wooden desk with a tanned leather swivel chair resting upon a deep red bukhara area rug. There's also a stack of books on the left with lit candles and a floor lamp on the right. A glass vase with flowers is on the desk along with a laptop and a newspaper. The background wall is dark gray.

Masculine Interior Decorating

Over the years in my professional career, I have come to realize that a lot of men have a great sense of style (a lot more than I believed at first). They love to be fashionable and are very design conscious. As a matter of fact, a great deal of them are very much into […]

The Neues Rathaus in Munich during the daytime.

Munich :: The Highlights

Last October Elisabeth, my sister, popped again to Munich, the capital of Bavaria, for a long weekend; it’s probably the safest city in Germany and definitely one of the prettiest. With plenty to see and do, a long weekend is barely enough. It is a lively city that we both loved for many reasons, when […]

Four of the five 16th century windmills - a landmark in Mykonos, just after sunset.

Mykonos Dreamin’

It was in late May 1993, when I first explored the island of Mykonos; an island somewhere between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos in the Aegean Sea. Since then, I have been there a few times… And plainly, a lot has been said and written about this worldly Cycladic island. Even back then, it had […]

Partial view of the Iguazu falls in Argentina.

Trip to Argentina

In July 2019, Eva and her 10 year old son Michael, set out for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Argentina; a country best known for its diverse landscapes from the glaciers of Patagonia to the waterfalls of Iguazu. This is their story on discovering this land of great unique natural beauty, featuring many thrills and plenty […]

Velvet, the author, by the wall of a Medieval fortress in Monemvasia. In the background, the castle town of Monemvasia and the Aegean Sea.

Monemvasia, a Greek Medieval Castle Town

From afar, it looks like a rocky “iceberg” with some rugged cliffs. It is however, one of the most impressive places in Greece. Righteously so, Monemvasia, the Greek Medieval castle town, attracts a plethora of tourists all year long.

View of the main pool and central building of Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos after sunset hours.

Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos :: Escape To Good Living

Early this July, George and I along with our two children, took four days off to visit Rhodos (or Rhodes) in the Dodecanese Sea, home to some of the most beautiful Greek islands. It so happens that I have some very fond memories from Rhodos, for we visited this fascinating island as a newly-wed couple […]

View of Lake Lugano

Lugano | A Day’s Visit Highlights

While in Milan this April for the Salone del Mobile, we decided to head north to Lugano, a city on the southern end of Switzerland bordering Italy. Our base was Como and therefore, it was quite easy to spontaneously drive off on a sunny Saturday morning along Lake Como and then head for Lake Lugano.

View from above of Porto Katsiki. Image by Velvet Karatzas.

Lefkada :: The Easy-Going Ionian Paradise

Last summer, we were lucky enough to visit once more, one of our favorite islands on the Ionion Archipelago – Lefkada. It remains one of the less touristy Greek islands although, her fans are increasing by heaps every year. Lefkada is truly a beautiful island with some of the most incredible beaches in Greece and […]

View of the Prague Castle after sunset hours.

10 Cool Things to Do In Prague on a Long Weekend

A new year has just rolled in and I’m eager for more design talks, inspiration and a whole lot more travel insights. Therefore, this year’s first post is about a lovely long weekend I spent some time ago in Prague. I will share with you 10 cool things to do while in Prague, one of […]

Gorgeous! An idyllic view of the pools and the sea shore at sunset hours. The shadows of the palm trees reflect upon the pool's water.

A Weekend Treat :: Grecotel Olympia Riviera Resort and Aqua Park

Today I want to share with you one of our little getaways. We treated ourselves and went to Grecotel Olympia Riviera and Aqua Park for a long weekend, in an all inclusive deal that gave us also unlimited access to the Aqua Park. And guess what?! George and I enjoyed the water slides at the Aqua […]

An old mill in the foreground and the Aegean Sea in the background. View from Amorgos.

My Biggest Travel Flop

Years back, while traveling to Santorini I happened to read a great article in a travel magazine but sadly I can’t recall its title or author. It was about the travel adventures of a journalist in some remote Greek island. I do remember distinctly though, how “surreal” it echoed in my ears. I couldn’t for […]

Partial view of the one end of the Batsi beach cove.

Andros :: My Favorite Summer Weekend Getaway Destination

Last weekend we were planning to have a getaway to one of my favorite destinations – Andros. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it, but I still keep daydreaming about it. Fingers crossed, we’ll manage to go early July. It’s one of my favorite weekend getaway destinations and frankly, I really miss it. For those who may […]

View of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco U.S.

San Francisco :: The Bay City

For many, San Francisco is the place to be! It is the place you want to see while visiting California and for so many it is the city that you lose your heart to, just like an old song suggests! My husband for one, fell in love with San Francisco instantly! Till this very day […]

A night time view of a chapel in Naoussa Paros, lit up and reflecting onto the sea.

Easter in Greece

A lot of people know Greece as a small country with beautiful islands and stunning beaches. Some more people might have heard of Greece on news updates about her debts and struggle to re-surface after the economic crisis hit her. But what most people don’t know is that Greece, is a beautiful country with a […]

Partial view from Lake Como.

My Honemoon in Lake Como :: Part II

So the time has come for me to write yet another post! Today’s post is all about the continuation of my honeymoon after Venice which included Verona, Sirmione, and last but not least Bellagio on Lake Como. After beautiful Venice, our next destination was Verona and although I was very sad to leave Venice, at […]

View of the Grand Canal in Venice

My Honeymoon in Venice :: Part One

Today  it is, I, Elisabeth who will share with you my honeymoon trip to the beautiful city of Venice, since Valentine’s day is only around the corner and what’s better than a journey to this romantic city! Well, to be honest at first it was hard for me to bring back all the memories from […]

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