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Early this July, George and I along with our two children, took four days off to visit Rhodos (or Rhodes) in the Dodecanese Sea, home to some of the most beautiful Greek islands. It so happens that I have some very fond memories from Rhodos, for we visited this fascinating island as a newly-wed couple just over nine years ago.

Partial view of the port of Rhodes.

So, I was overly joyed with the idea of visiting Rhodes once more to experience her uniqueness, rich in cultural heritage, while wandering around the best preserved Medieval town in Europe. That of course also meant that my expectations were higher than usual because I surely did not want anything to spoil the memories I made nine years ago. And so as I’m typing away these lines, I’m glad to say that everything turned out fabulous!

Partial view of the fort surrounding the town of Rhodes.
Partial view of the large Venetian fortress in the old town of Rhodes, Greece.

First impressions

We landed at the airport of Rhodes on a late Thursday evening and headed straight for our hotel, which is about 12 km away, at Kallithea beach in the notorious area of Faliraki. Now, Rhodes has many large hotel units, but in all honesty many of them fail to please my aesthetic standards. (Some of them simply are too indifferent, others have a loud, in-your-face kind of aesthetic and the rest are way too dated).

So while in our taxi, I was really glad that I didn’t spot our hotel right off the main street. That is because the hotel’s entrance is somewhat off-track and moreover, our hotel was much more compact than the other gigantic – almost appalling – surrounding hotel units. Therefore, I was surely pleased and relieved at the same time, for I’m not a fan of large hotels.

The central bar tending to the hotel guests' needs at Grecotel's Lux Me Rhodos.
The central bar
Partial view of the greater lobby area near the reception at the Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos with lots of red sofas everywhere.
Partial view of the lobby

Upon entering the lobby of Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos, a luxurious 4* hotel, I was delighted by the eclectic vibe of the lounge’s aesthetic that gave way to the centrally situated bar, that was booming with life by socializing guests. The check in desk was to be discovered next for it was not situated by the entrance as expected, but then and again a little twist isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Partial view of the lobby area at Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.
A black panther sculpture as a decorative piece in one of the hotel's lounges in Rhodos.

A very eye-catching exotic jungle theme run in the lobby. Red faux leather and velvet, leopard prints, gold painted accent ceilings and columns were all part of that theme. Animal figurines of panthers, lizards, parrots and other exotic birds among brassy palm trees, This anything but boring further enhanced this anything but boring maximalist theme.

View of the various animal figurines inside display casings at the lobby of Grecotel's Lux Me Rhodos.
View of different styled ceramic pottery on display at Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos lobby.

In one corner, olive oil produces in colorful cans and bottles, from Grecotel’s very own olive groves in Crete, created a vibrant, colorful background display for the local traditional handmade ceramic pottery, that were being showcased among large chinoiserie décor. The result was a distinct and colorful fusion of different clashing styles – totally inspiring and right up my aesthetic alley!

Things I Loved About Our Escapade to Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos

One of the first things I loved about this hotel is that it felt like a small village. To be exact: Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos is a seaside complex made of the central building, an annex, many bungalows, gazebos, recreational grounds. Those include a playground, outdoor theater, seaside bar, spa and gym) plus two outdoor pools and one indoor pool.

View of the main pool and central building of Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos after sunset hours.
Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos after sunset…
Partial view of the large pool and outdoor dining spaces of Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.
Partial view of the large pool and outdoor dining spaces of Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.
View of the large swimming pool of Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.


Now one of the outdoor pools (the older one) has two partitions – one of which has a very small depth, making it ideal for toddlers to play. My three and a half year old daughter can certainly attest to that. The other partition of that pool had two water slides at its one end for kids of all ages, including myself. However, the real gem of this complex is the newly built 1200 sq.m. pool that never felt too crowded. It totally upgraded this hotel’s grounds and overall facilities. (That’s where I had an aqua workout on Sunday morning). 😉

The indoor pool of Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.
The indoor pool
My daughter inside the baby pool
My daughter inside the baby pool
Velvet under a gazebo by Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos main pool.
Under a gazebo by the main pool
Velvet going down a water slide.

The Renovation

It is no secret that the hotel has been undergoing several renovation projects (including the new pool and the alteration of an old pool into an outdoor dining space). As a matter of fact, all the bungalows have also undergone a complete makeover. Emphasis was placed on creating a minimal, all white interior design with a pop of red. That pop of red tied in nicely with the rest of the hotel’s theme. And I assure you, the outcome is very pleasing in terms of aesthetics. (Can’t help it if I always notice interiors, for you simply can’t take the designer out of me).

A double bed room with a very high headboard from one of the bungalows at Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.
The master bedroom from the newly renovated bungalows.
The vanity with a double mirror and double sink as found in a corridor between the newly renovated bungalow of Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.
The vanity at the bungalows.

For the time being, the rest of the hotel apartments (about 40 sqm. each made of two rooms that can sleep up to four – ideal for a family) have only been partially renovated. Some of these apartments had the rooms refurbished except of the bathroom. (That is scheduled for a renovation in due time). All the while, other apartments have a renovated bathroom (with a built-in shower), but have not undergone a complete refurbishment yet. That way everyone who’s not staying in a bungalow, still gets to enjoy a partial apartment makeover.

A marble sink in a Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos apartment room.
A marble sink and a fridge under the cabinetry ensured more flexibility in the Lux Me apartment we stayed.
Partial view of a marble sink with a Japandi styled pendant light.
Detail of a Japandi-inspired pendant light over the marble sink.
Partial view of a master bedroom with its stunning headboard of a Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos apartment.
The master room of our Lux Me apartment.
Partial view of the second bedroom with two single beds and a coffee table at a Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos apartment.
My kid’s bedroom on the night we arrived.
A double bed room at Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.
Another refurbished master bedroom.
Partial view of a renovated bathroom.
One of the renovated bathrooms.

The Services

The second thing I loved about this hotel was the services including the food. We felt cordially welcome from the very first minute. That is something that should never been taken for granted in a large hotel. You could honestly tell the genuine effort that each of the staff members put in. It was not because they had to, but because it was truly heartfelt.

Culinary Options

The breakfast bread buffet section at Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.
From the Helios Buffet restaurant
Partial view of the Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos juice bar dedicated to all the little people
The Juice Bar for the young kids during breakfast hours
Partial view of the M. Butterfly Asian restaurant of Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.
The M. Butterfuly Asian Restaurant
Partial view of a wall filled with wines on display at Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.
Partial view of the brasserie and patisseries restaurant of Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.
Brasserie & Patisserie
The black steel furniture with the deep red cushioning of the outdoor dining space at Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.
Partial view of the Olive Grove restaurant at Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos hotel.
The Olive restaurant for families with children of 12+ years of age.
Partial view of the outdoor dining space under a pergola of the Greek restaurant at Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.
View of the Greek style taverna

Now, the five different restaurants within the hotel’s grounds made it very easy for us to choose as we pleased. There was also a wine-tasting bar that we never got round to. But we surely visited the Greek style taverna and the gelateria – creperie that kept my children happy. I also loved the fact that the kitchen of the Helios Buffet restaurant was open to view. It made you feel like you were always dining al fresco. I also liked the fact that there was a section allocated to local Greek dishes. The same was also true for the other Grecotel in Kyllini we visited last September.

Leisure activities

Partial view of the sandy beach in front of Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos.
…even the sunbeds had a red color!
Partial view of the Anthony Quinn beach cove in Rhodes.
Sailing out of the Anthony Quinn beach cove.
Partial view of the Anthony Quinn beach cove in Rhodes.
View of the Anthony Quinn beach from a boat.

Other than the games in the pool and the great food, we also enjoyed the sandy beach with the red sunbeds and the water-sports hub. Perfect for us, they rented motor-boats too. So we seized the opportunity and sailed off for a dip in the emerald green waters at Anthony Quinn’s beach. That was one priceless swim!

An old mosque landmark in the old town of Rhodes.

Of course, this long weekend would not be complete if we didn’t do any sightseeing. Needless to say that the old town of Rhodes is always a challenge to explore. The crowded alleys with walking-by tourists and buzzing locals added on to the charm of this one of a kind town. The Venetian fortress, mosques, libraries, and ruins are all remnants of many different cultures and eras that stand proud, creating an enchanting backdrop that still echoes moments of a past history… So be sure to watch next the video with all the highlights!

My two children sitting on a sunbed by the main pool of Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos looking at the main building.

In overall

To make a long story short, Rhodes is a beautiful island that offers lots of gratifying experiences. It’s a destination that is worth going that extra mile. That is most certainly true if you know that you could be staying at a hotel like Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos that satisfied all of my family’s needs and desires. But more importantly their most honest smile with an impeccable service won us over from the very first minute. After all, it is nice and caring people that make the difference and not any super duper, state of the art, gadget filled room/facility/hotel.

Love and travel more, xo

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This post is in collaboration with Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos. All opinions and thoughts expressed are 100% mine and are not subject to any negotiation.


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