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Today I want to share with you one of our little getaways. We treated ourselves and went to Grecotel Olympia Riviera and Aqua Park for a long weekend, in an all inclusive deal that gave us also unlimited access to the Aqua Park. And guess what?! George and I enjoyed the water slides at the Aqua Park as much as our little ones. It was relaxing and fun in every way and hence, the perfect destination for a small or big holiday break with kids. We all enjoyed it and that to me is a win win situation, for we all have different wants and needs. But a beach resort like that surely took care of that!

Gorgeous! An idyllic view of the pools and the sea shore at sunset hours. The shadows of the palm trees reflect upon the pool's water.

Now, the road trip from Athens to Patra has become a lot easier (approximately a two hour drive), but the road from Patra to Kyllini where this hotel complex lies still needs extra caution. Once you get off the main road, it feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere. However, when you reach the grounds of this large complex consisting of four different hotels, prive villas and of course the Aqua Park, then you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. The greenery is almost overwhelming and the pine trees dominate the landscape; nature feels like it’s literally a step away from the hotel’s doorstep. All the while, the complex stretches over two sandy coves with an idyllic 2 km beach front and water sports facilities for those who want a little water action.

Each of the hotels had a theme. Our hotel, Grecotel Olympia Riviera, had a tropical theme with several animal face imprints found as decor throughout the lobby – a good conversation starter for small kids if you catch my drift. A huge mosaic on the lobby’s floor, near the reception, definitely got my attention along with the huge chandeliers. I loved how spacious and breezy everything felt at the lobby that led to a big veranda with a breathtaking view of Zakynthos across. Watching the ferry boats coming and going to the Ionian islands was one of my favorite things, especially around dinner time just after sunset.

We had breakfast and dinners at yet another enormous veranda with that seaview I just mentioned above. The variety of foods was really great, catering the needs of all people from different origins and backgrounds, including all the little people. There was one thing in particular that I thought was super nice. At the salad bars, they had salad platters with the most common kind like Greek salad and Caesar’s, that a lot of people opted. However, they also had a variety of stand-alone veggies and toppings, so that you could customize you own salad. This concept was also repeated at the kid’s food corner. And I’m sure that eased a lot of moms with meal prepping. Cool, huh?!

Speaking of cool, time to mention the two outdoor pools. We visited both again and again. The pool with the exotic theme and layout turned out to be our favorite. It had two slides that our little girl who’s just over 2½ years old absolutely loved, a tiny waterfall and a “river” way with a current. Obviously though, the main attraction was the Olympia Aqua Park with numerous slides to accommodate anyone. We spent quite a bit of time there for two days in a row and that didn’t leave us much time to try any of the other fun options available like horseback riding, paintball shooting, bike riding or tennis playing. 🙁

Three different views of the inside and outside of the hotel.
Two views of one of the outdoor pools with an exotic theme.
Three different views of the hotel at night. On the left a beach part. On the top right, Velvet stepping out into the veranda for dinner. Bottom right is a view of the pool at night with its lights on.
On the top left is partial view of the gardens next to our room. On the bottom left is view of the inside of our hotel room. On the right is the sea view from our room's little patio.
The inside of our room and its views. Not bad, right?!
Velvet in the exotic theme hotel pool.
An idyllic view of the pools and the sea shore at sunset hours.
This is the first outdoor pool. The exotic one is a lower level closer to the beach.
View of the outdoor dining setups under a pergola with a traditional Greek taverna vibe to them.
One of the many restaurants for dining with an amazing sea view. This was styled like a traditional Greek taverna.

Our hotel room in one of the many hotel’s buildings, was on the ground floor that gave us access to some green gardens with sea view and gorgeous sunsets. It was clean, quiet, spacious with lots of storage options, a double washbasin in our bathroom and a large bean bag disguised as a timber log for the kids to make themselves comfortable. It wasn’t a fancy room, yet it had its comforts like a boiler for tea or coffee and a safe for valuables. It was easy to settle in fast and we didn’t feel crowded in, while the sliding doors that separated the sleeping area for the kids gave us some sense of privacy. But enough said, I think you should watch this short video with more of our short stay at this hotel.


What did you think of it? Home videos are hilarious, aren’t they; but always authentic. Anyway, this wasn’t the first time we went on an all inclusive holiday break. But it was the first time that we all got the chance to ride so many water slides this many times. The weather was terrific. The food was good. The views were totally inspiring and so I can honestly say that it was a well worth deal and a fabulous getaway with plenty of good memories to take home and treasure.

A pinterest graphic that reads Grecotel Olympia Riviera Resort and Spa, A Weekend Treat.

And one last thing: we’ll go back to Grecotel Olympia Riviera for a repeat, UNLESS we re-visit Grecotel Lux Me Rhodos instead; whichever is perfect!!

Travel till you drop…xo

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