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One of the most restorative and mindful things you can do is gardening. You don’t have to know much about it. You don’t even have to know the names of the flowers or shrubs you plant. You just have to follow your gut, start with one plant at a time and be present. Plants of your choosing, along with planters that will enhance the aesthetic you’re after, will have you swooning in a blink. Before you know it, you could turn any odd spot into a unique green haven and turn urban living into a more pleasurable experience.

A super contemporary all white outdoor space with planters standing out and softening the rugged look of the contrast between the white manmade structure and the textured rock wall. Image: MyFace.
Via: MyFace | Eden collection planters

Green fillers appeal

A trick, that is old as time, is to decide upon a star plant – your favorite; as long as you’re realistic about it. As you know, not all plants thrive in every environment; I’m afraid that includes olive trees too. Therefore, choose one that is suitable for your space. Think of the sun and shade conditions; will it be bathed in direct sunlight for hours or not. Opt for a planter as opposed to a small pot, to give your plant room to grow.

Then add some fillers. Those are usually much smaller plants that you can use to fill the top of your planter and boost the green appeal. Having four or five plants like this, instead of one, creates a real punch. Seasonal flowers make exceptional fillers in planter boxes. On top of it, this trick allows you to enjoy the change of seasons, as you engage with planting seasonal plants to suit the mood.

Level up

Vary the heights of your planters to ensure a scape for an organic, not staged, aesthetic. Likewise, opt for clusters with pots as opposed to lining them up across a stretch of a wall or a balcony. Place your pots and planters in varying levels to allow the eye to travel and take in the scape. And when floor space is scarce, then hang them up. Read more how to tips on Home Improvements Chapter 6: City Gardens.

A lifestyle image of planters next to an outdoor sofa. Image: Lowe's and RONA.
Via: Lowe’s and RONA


Although symmetry is not always achievable, you should still aim for a cohesive look. That means, if for instance you do have a star plant, then add more of them in a repeating pattern, with other plants in between. The impact of this repeating effect will be priceless. If you don’t wish to repeat the same plant, then consider doing so with the planters instead.

An outdoor garden dining setup with plenty of pots, planters, hanging lights and food on the table. Image: H&M Home.
Via: H&M Home

Style it with planters

Whatever the kind of plants you go for, there’s certainly a planter or pot to enhance them and style them pretty. Sometimes, you might spot a vessel in an antique shop and turn it into a planter by drilling a hole to it. Other times, you’ll purchase a planter from your local garden center or Etsy. However, it’s the most unique, vintage type of planters that create a grounding effect, as if this garden of yours has been there forever. Therefore, always be on the lookout for planters off the beaten path, with a unique texture and shape. Embrace different textures, odd shapes, but mostly tiny imperfections.

Planters Lookbook for Inspiration

A packshot of a stone planter that looks vintage. Image: Soho House.
Via: Soho House | Any stone planter like this one just sings to my heart.
A lifestyle image of several hourglass pots from fermLIVING in front of a stone wall. Image: fermLIVING.
Via: fermLIVING | Hourglass pots – super versatile
Love this timber box container planter. Image: Cuckooland.
Via: Cuckooland | Classic value
A pack shot of a sage green planter - the Henry Holland Hoopla planter. Image: Freemans.
Via: Freemans | Henry Holland Hoopla planter. The perfect planter for any Scandi boho inspired space.
Packshot of three timber footed pots in different sizes. Image: Adairs.
Via: Adairs | Jasper Timber footed pots. I like these for their organic vibe.
A lifestyle image of a window sill with two planters one in anthracite and the other in yellow. Both from HAY. Image:
Via: | HAY. This one strikes a note of familiarity that I like.
A stunning white stone round planter atop a floating marble slab in a contemporary outdoor space. Image: MyFace.
Via: MyFace | Eden collection planters, the kind of planter that dresses up any outdoor or indoor space.
Packshot of a stone line pot. Image: Adairs.
Via: Adairs | Laos pot – a home for your succulents (probably the easiest kind of plant to begin your gardening journey with).
  • Great lantern inspo! Especially the soho house one is on my wish list. Love the distressed look! Xx

  • I was just turning my front yard that is currently filled with little rocks into a herb/veggie/fruit patch! this world needs more green 🙂 great article and enjoy your weekend!

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