On My Radar: 4 Home Soothing Finds

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Seeking ways to home soothing has always been on top of my priorities list. That includes perusing the net for any pieces that will elevate my home (or client’s). Surely, the plethora of visual stimuli is almost endless and certainly inspiring. However, some of my finds cause me to stop, take a screenshot, and perhaps catalog it for future reference. Thence, I thought it might be a good idea to share with you some of these home soothing finds that got on my radar.

The Fora S suspension light by designers Alex Fernández Camps and Gonzalo Milà over a dining space flooded with plenty of natural light. Via Nedgis.
Via Nedgis. The Fora S suspension light by designers Alex Fernández Camps and Gonzalo Milà.
Swooning over: A lifestyle shot of outdoor floor lamps in the shape of large bottles in various shades. Via In-es.artdesign.
Via: In-es.artdesign: The Tank Outdoor Lamps.

For starters, I am swooning over these Italian outdoor lamps made of Nebulite, a particular fiberglass used alone or in combination with other materials and finishes. They are part of the Tank Out collection by In-es.artdesign, designed by Italian artist Oçilunam. What I love about them? The atmosphere they can create after sunset, especially because of their irregular surface; totally adaptable to almost any style from i.e. Cycladic minimalist to urban chic. (IP 65 and available in several colors).

The Tank 1 outdoor floor lamp in magenta. Via In-es.artdesign.
Via: In-es.artdesign: The Tank 1 Outdoor Lamp in magenta.
The Tank 2 outdoor floor lamp in blue. Via In-es.artdesign.
Via: In-es.artdesign: The Tank 2 Outdoor Lamp in blue.
The Tank 2 outdoor floor lamp in orange. Via In-es.artdesign.
Via: In-es.artdesign: The Tank 2 Outdoor Lamp in orange.

Then I was surprised to read that Australian flora is having a moment. It’s making an appearance on wallpapers, soft furnishings and even garments as a new take on a classic flower pattern. It’s all about celebrating beautiful wild places. Personally, the Charlotte Brandis wallpaper designs, via Luxe Walls, hit a sweet spot of mine, for their restful color palettes.

Australian Flora inspired wallpaper as an accent wall in a contemporary stylish sitting room. Via Luxe Walls.
Via Luxe Walls. The Misty Eyed Wallpaper by Charlotte Brandis – one of the most popular designs, inspired by Australian Flora.

Speaking of color palettes, what do you reckon about beige? For years, beige has been somewhat off-staged by grey, lurking behind the scenes. But no more. As a matter of fact, according to PPG 2021, beige is back along with other nostalgic neutrals, like mint green, for that much needed calming effect. It is the new home soothing recipe. If you are midst home improvements, then think beige.

A stylish kitchen with a beige Italian travertine inspired tile and off white cabinetry. Via Porcelain Superstore.
Via Porcelain Superstore. Inspired by Italian travertine this is one beautiful beige tile.
New home soothing recipe: Beige. A stylish bathroom vanity with a round mirror against a beige marble like tile wall. Via Porcelain Superstore.
Via Porcelain Superstore. The Lucia beige tile with veins for that classy marble like appearance.

Personally, beige has always been one of my favorite, timeless hues – mainly due to its warm, sophisticated undertones. Therefore, I never thought of beige as bland. (Hopefully, neither did you). Hence, I was delighted to see tiles (these are via Porcelain Superstore), that land in the beige spectrum as opposed to the grey, for that perfect interiors backdrop. After all, I for one had just one too many gray tiles seen fitted in clients’ projects.

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Sustainable, 'zero waste' textiles by Maria Sigma. Via Teer & Co.
Via Teer & Co. Maria Sigma’s textiles.

Lastly, meet Maria Sigma, an award-winning weaver. She specializes in ‘zero waste’ ethical hand-woven textiles. She uses sustainable natural materials like cashmere, British Alpaca and British lambswool. Via a ‘zero waste’ design and a slow-making ethic, she manages to combine a contemporary approach of traditional weaving techniques. Now, the best part is that Maria’s products can be made to custom sizes, and she is also available for bespoke-commission projects through Teer & Co. Fantastic, right?!


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