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So many times the fashion industry seems to pave the way for the design industry to follow next. As such, you may have noticed that hints of mint green have been popping about in outfits of several trending fashionistas. However, it seems that mint green has already began to transcend its way into interiors and home decor. Thus, today I’d like to share with you some inspiring imagery with minty tones that give such a delightful spring like vibe to interiors.

A moodboard for decor based on a green mint hue. Image by DelightFULL.
Image by DelightFULL. A mint moodboard with a Neo Mint Green living room. The Mid-century inspired white Suspension lamp known as Laine standing out.
An all mint outfit like this shirt and high rise pants is very chic. Image by Hobbs.
Image by Hobbs.

Although I’m not very much into pastel hues, I have to admit that the color of mint brings a smile to my face. It is a color that makes me feel good. It has a “zen” kind of quality to it. And as a designer, I happen to think that it is a hue that one can work a lot easier with as opposed to say orange hues.

How can you not love this mint green sofa called Heaven by Tom Tailor against a deep forest green background wall and paired with print pattern cushions. Image by Tom Tailor.
Image by Tom Tailor. And this minty comfy sofa goes by the name Heaven by Tom Tailor. Notice how the area rug with its high to low pile weaving creates such a textured surface that juxtaposes beautiful against the smooth sofa.
A contemporary living room with a modular sofa anchored by an area rug with a hint of mint between the grey weave. Image by Tom Tailor.
Image by Tom Tailor. Sometimes just a hint of mint like in this area rug is all that a space needs to make it more lively.

It can easily be paired with blues, deep saturated greens, and reddish hues just to mention some. Brass, chrome and copper metal accents will look equally great with any mint hue. But what makes mint green a lovely color to work with, is its ability to stand on its own if need be or compliment any other color scheme as a mere secondary accent. And since pastels are the next best thing in home decor, I thought it would be nice to start off with some mints.

A stunning nursery room with soft mint green hues and a castle as a bed. Image by
Image by Circu. When dreams come true and your bed is a castle then it can’t look any better than this dreamy minty nursery. The minty tones here are center stage.
A beautiful bedroom with a wall mural of a forest as an accent and a bed with mint color bedding looking soft and cozy. Image by Pixers.
Image by Pixers. An amazing wall mural like this frozen forest can have such an impact in a space. The minty tones in this space act more like secondary accents.
Part of a wall has been tiled with beautiful glossy soft mint green tiles. The sideboard in front of it gives it a bit of an organic and rustic vibe. Image by WOW Design.
Image by WOW Design. I just fell in love with these glossy soft mint tiles.
A gorgeous bathroom with a marble looking washbasin and a tile backsplash with soft green tiles and brass fixtures. Image by WOW Design.
Image by WOW Design. The variation in color of the tiles, makes this so much more interesting adding a handmade flair to this backsplash without looking “flat.”
Side view of a contemporary bed with minty colored bedding with a black cube pattern on them. Image by Nest.
Image by The Normann Copenhagen Cube bed linen in mint that serves as a great alternative for minimalists that don’t want to opt for the usual flower patterns.
I love this minty outdoor furniture set with a teak round table, sun umbrella, and lazy Susan chairs. Image by This gorgeous set is contemporary with a traditional feel Bridgman Garden.
Image by BRIDGMAN. This gorgeous set made of teak is contemporary with a traditional feel and proves that certain pieces are timeless.

Unlike popular belief, there are no limits in using mint green accents. It is a color that can gracefully work in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining and/or living rooms to name a few. Is it a neutral color? No, but if its tone is soft enough then it won’t give you a hard time and you’ll be able to work with it just like any beige, grey and/or off-white neutral hue combination. Its undertones are not going to be an issue.

Therefore, I sincerely hope I got your inspiration juices flowing and perhaps managed to help you see mint under a new light. Please let me know your thoughts on this. By the way, doesn’t this color psyche you for spring’s coming? It certainly has me psyched up…

Yours truly,

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