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There is an undeniable quality to concrete that gives it a freshness in an edgy kind of way and therefore, decorating with cement can go a long way. I think it was the late Zaha Hadid who said it best: “What’s nice about concrete is that it looks unfinished.” That is because it’s a material that acts like a neutral stage with a Wabi-sabi flair. In fact, concrete has the tremendous power to shape any interior in a subtle and sophisticated way and therefore, it’s no wonder that its popularity in home decorating is increasing all the more. So let us harness these cement home decor ideas.

A stunning dining space with Mid century furniture, a bare concrete accent wall and a statement pendant light over the dining table called Pearl. Image by Luxxu.
Luxxu. Notice how Pearl, the stunning suspension light with its brassy elements, stands out so refined against the bare concrete accent wall in this Mid-Century dining space.

Concrete is a material that has stood the test of time and it is going to prove that it can do the same as a design element in home decor. Hence, when looking at a spectrum of several different interior design trends for 2019 that includes the cement decor trend, I can’t help but admire concrete or cement or micro-cement (whatever you wish to call it) for its charismatic versatility outweighs its strength.

Sneak view of the Concrete Apartments in Koeln. Love the yellow color of the modular Cubit sofas that can be rearranged in any way the residents may wish. Image by Cubit.
Cubit. Since the grey tones of concrete act as a neutral backdrop, it really pays off to add splashes of color. In this case, the Cubit modular sofas add both a pop of color and a sense of comfort to a space in the Concrete Apartments in Köln.
Cement decor ideas: Another view on the inside of a space in the Concrete Apartments in Köln. The Cubit modular sofas add warmth and comfort to the space. Image by Cubit.
Cubit. These two modular Cubit sofas add such a cozy vibe in this space with its bare concrete walls and cement flooring.

Concrete has found its way into just about every space and many of our homes. Cement home decor no longer conjures thoughts of a concrete city jungle. Instead, when combined with other organic materials it gladly emits an unprecedented nobility playing a supporting role. But, the bottom line is that this is a showstopper material and has righteously gained my appreciation for its aesthetic qualities.

A stunning space with bare concrete walls, a contemporary concrete fireplace and an amazing blue handmade rug in front of it from Rug'Society. Wow!
Rug’Society. Sometimes all you may need for that hygge feeling is a fireplace, a big area rug to sit on and some green foliage. The rest is up to good design that must be up-lifting and pleasant. By the way, I love the color of this rug with its bold graphic design that is not overwhelming or distracting.

Concrete may well work beautifully in an industrial setting or a minimalist space, but it truly has no limitations other than the ones you set for it. Personally, I love the way it feels over large surface areas. Bare concrete walls create a modern ambiance with no match, when combined with statement lighting and large vintage area rugs.

Cement decor ideas: A large dining table with a concrete table top looking real good in this kitchen with a black wall panel wall in the background. The table is from Idyll Home.
Idyll Home. The Chilson dining table. What can I say? A concrete table top like this one is one of my home goals. I love this one for its rustic vibe, but with a modern feel to it.
Cement decor ideas: The Hauteville Concrete Chair by Lyon Beton is a contemporary image of the chair of the 50’s makes a great outdoor stylish chair. By Lime Lace.
Lime Lace. The Hauteville Concrete Chair by Lyon Beton is a contemporary image of the chair of the 50’s and forms part of a collection of stylish concrete chairs.
A large white contemporary tub on cement like tiles by WOW Design. The wooden slats on the left filter the sunlight while creating a really Zen feeling. Image by WOW Design.
WOW Design. The combination between concrete like tiles with wood like tiles (from the Love Affair collection) on this floor got my heart pacing faster.
Cement decor ideas: These two images of a lamp shade made of concrete that's making a sensation as a floor lamp named as Eaunophe L is certainly a conversation starter. Image by Nedgis.
Nedgis. Eaunophe L is the name of this unusual concrete lamp that got my attention in case you’re wondering too. This floor lamp is a conversation starter.
Cement decor ideas. On the left: Bridge Concrete Stool Seat from Decoville. On the right: The Großstadthirsch Eiche, a wall decor of a deer's head made of wood and concrete from HEIMATWERKE.
Left: Decoville. The Bridge concrete stool. Right: The Großstadthirsch Eiche, a wall decor of a deer’s head made of wood and concrete.
On the left: Concrete Hexagon Pendant Light By Gantlights from Lime Lace. On the right: Concrete Pendant Light By GANTlights from Lime Lace.
Lime Lace. Both lights by German label GANTlights.
Why not break from the norm? A guitar shaped concrete sink as desktop mount by Smithers of Stamford.
Smithers of Stamford. If you want to break from the norm, then this should be your next sink made of concrete.
An unusual shape of a concrete planter in the corner of a staircase landing. Image by Red Candy.
Red Candy. Love the unusual shape of this concrete planter.
A storage unit made of concrete that can easily serve as a nightstand too. Image by Lime Lace.
Lime Lace. A storage unit made of concrete that can easily serve as a nightstand too.
Cement decor ideas: The Head - Concrete Pen Cup. A super cool pencil holder made of concrete by Animi Causa.
Animi Causa. The Head – Concrete Pen Cup makes some serious artistic desk office decor.

In every case though, it is now easy to introduce more concrete elements in your home decor. Concrete has made its way from lighting to dining tables, vases, and planters to name but a few. Thus, even if you don’t feel comfortable going overboard with this trend, you can certainly introduce it in just the right amount for you.

I hope these images with cement decor ideas sparked your imagination and helped you see concrete in a different light. After all it’s all about perspective and thankfully, this cement decor trend creates the perfect juxtaposition stage to experiment with fusions of different design elements.

I wish you all a great weekend, xo

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