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OK we’re halfway through this week already and I just realized that I haven’t posted anything design related for over a week. So, without further delay let me share with you my insights on the interior design trends for 2019 – the ones that we are seeing already, the ones I expect to see and a couple I only wish to see more of in the very near future.

The Normann Copenhagen Eddy table lamp on a mustard colored velvet pouf amongst other furniture including a blush pink two seater sofa. The surrounding walls appear to be made of two different kinds of marble. Image by
Image by Nest. The Normann Copenhagen Eddy table lamp is made of hand turned Italian marble, topped with an airy steel shade. It is a great example of the juxtaposition trend in interior design. Actually, if you take a closer look at this image it is all about sculptures, curvy forms, straight lines, mustard and blue accents and juxtapositions of forms, colors, patterns, textures. All these sum up most of the on-going trends.

To be honest, not too much has changed since last year. There are a couple of new trends on the horizon and you know what I always say: it never hurts to know the current trends, even if you don’t follow them. I certainly don’t make following a habit, but knowing what’s out there really helps me make better judgement calls. It keeps me alert and sharpens my senses. That way it’s easier to determine what’s a good fit and what’s not.

Similarly, it can help any of you who love to keep your interior up-to-date even though redecorating isn’t in your plans. I think it’s only fair to say that as we grow older (by age number anyway), our style gets more finely tuned. We can thank the all-time changing trends for that. So let me start off with style.

On the left, John Lewis Bar Tool Set, Deco Coupe Pair and on the right a candlestick with brass details epitomizing a soft deco style. Both images by John Lewis.
Images by John Lewis. A bar tool set and a deco inspired glass on the left. A deco inspired candlestick on the right.


If you’re thinking anything in the lines of soft deco, then you’re spot on. It’s all about a retro glamour and much less nomadic. I think the best way to describe it is a modern uptake of Great Gatsby’s interiors (think of Art Deco re-intepreted).

Vintage pieces are hot again in the name of the on-growing popularity of maximalism. The key to make it work though at this time and age, is to make it appear lavish in an understated way – very much like the concept of dressing effortlessly chic if you know what I mean. Of course you do! 😉 Hence, a fusion of mid-century iconic furniture, with marquetry on wooden commodes, is one such approach of this interior decor game.

Nowadays, the biggest trend is juxtapositions. Really, it is an actual trend, while being crucial in creating a cohesive theme that stands out too. Hence, notice juxtapositions in form, texture, pattern and coloring. For instance, curvy sensual forms in contrast to strict clean lines. Of course, that’s a lot of last year news, but the introduction of new trends will give everything a new twist, as always.

Wow! A Scandi styled living room with light blue walls and a stunning daybed, and two Dogu pendant lights designed for Lightyears looking all so stylish. Image by Nest.
Image by

Believe it or not, head busts will become popular once again. I think you can expect to see some oversize busts especially in commercial lounges. Can’t tell for sure, if that trend will hit the roof, but it does make an interesting oddity that adds an element of surprise.

Picture a large bust in a room with a sofa bed (one of the sofa trends I’ve already posted about) and perhaps you’ll be able to visualize what a great pair it can make! If you want to really make it more playful, then color the bust in an unexpected color (i.e. red) and see what a huge statement that makes. It’s the same concept in principal as that of the fifth lion that was added on by Es Devlin at Trafalgar square – a bright fluorescent red one. OK, you don’t have to go for the fluorescent, but I think you get the idea.

This is a stunning urban chic bedroom with concrete walls, floor and ceiling and large windows from floor to ceiling. The contemporary Zanotta 1883 Talamo bed and armchair complete this minimal setting. Image by
Image by A Zanotta Talamo bed looking as the perfect fit to this space.

Interior Materials

Judging from my post on microcement (that’s doing so well thank you), I’ll say that concrete is definitely one of the most sought after materials, both in bathrooms and kitchens. Some are bold enough to use it in living rooms and/or bedrooms (a trend that’s becoming more common in Greece as we speak).

Marble used to be doing just as well, but its highest peak has leveled off (I think mainly due to its price tag), but still remains a material that’s highly regarded. Terrazzo’s buzz has also subsided somewhat, yet new interpretations of it with really large speckles are keeping it in a trending momentum.

Moreover, brass accents are dominating the scene. Mixing them with copper or silver metals is almost a necessity (they don’t expect anyone to really throw away all those copper decor pieces that were found everywhere three years ago).

I love this ribbed velvet Ferm Living pouf found in this stylish, warm bedroom with rusty hued panelboards on the walls. Image by
Image by Loving this ribbed velvet pouf by Ferm Living.

Moving on to textiles now. Their middle name is texture. Clearly velvet, this seductive textile with a texture that really speaks the right language to our sense of touch is here to stay. Corduroy may be an alternative, but because of its informal connotation I don’t see it going too far. Having said that though, I do think bedroom decorative pillows with corduroy are surely going to pop in every other bedroom. It adds both a sense of lavishness and texture in a space, where informality is definitely a requirement. Two birds with a stone kind of speaking.

A stylish set composed of an armchair in shearling over a sheeprug, with an oversize artwork against a white brick accent wall and white pendant lights hanging over a small round side table. Image by Homesense.
Image by Homesense. An armchair in shearling.

A newcomer in textiles is shearling. I don’t know if I can call it a real trend yet (although, in fashion it has been having a moment for the past two years now). Thus, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it all the more in 2019 in armchairs and cushions. (You can find more inspiration on fashionable interior textiles here).

On the left an image of three velvet table lamps with fringe on a sideboard. They epitomize most of the decor trends nowadays. On the left a green fringe table lamp with brass details. Both images by Oliver Bonas.
Images by Oliver Bonas.

Fringes are still here. As a matter of fact I read this awesome post from Kate Watson-Smyth (at her award winning interiors blog: madaboutthehouse) about a lamp looking much like the one on the left, epitomizing this year’s trends. For those of you that may find hideous the lamp on the left, I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that the table lamp on the right is a more elegant version, round in form with brass accents, fringe for texture and a forest green that implies something organic from the great outdoors. Not bad of a deal, right?!

A flatlay with tropical leaves pattern wallpaper, textiles and color samples. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis. A moodboard where tropical leaves are still a trend.
A beautiful geometric pattern wallpaper looks stunning in this bathroom with a vintage looking brass framed mirror over a round washbasin. Image by Mind the Gap.
Image by Mind the Gap.

For those of you who are fans of wallpapers, then I have some good news. Wallpapers are here to stay. They have evolved over the years and are finally a super attractive option again; especially now since pattern is huge anew (perhaps some of you may remember the post about the rising decorating trend with some beautiful examples of gorgeous wallpapers). Well it looks like wallcoverings are the protagonists in any design-serious room! The palm leaves are still strong, just not over the top (yes!) and thankfully more geometric patterns are giving us home lovers more options.

The amazing Knoll Womb chair in the middle of a bright room with a foot stool and a side table. Image by
Image by
A beige room with a wooden sofa with an accent reading light: Caravaggio Read Wall Light by Lightyears. Image by
Image by

Yellow is definitely on the scene, whether we’re talking about brass, gold, ochre or mustard (a tone that so many designers are crushing over); anything but primrose yellow that is. Blue is also gaining ground, especially in Scandinavian interiors. It’s breathing more life into the interiors and creating some great juxtapositions with golden and spice honey hues.

Will these colors stand the test of time? Yes, I truly believe so. They are rich, full of character and complement each other. But what if you want a neutral palette? Is beige is the new black? What about grey interiors? Well, let’s sort these out. Both beige and grey are generally considered neutral colors. Grey is the easiest to master, mainly because it is pretty independent of its undertones. Beige is a bit harder because its undertones matter a lot. My advice would be to opt for red or blue undertones. Stay clear of any yellow undertones. So, I would have say that grey will rule forever, but beige is a fab alternative to this rule.

Having said all that, pastel colors have been in the back-burner for some time now and so I’m sure that we will be seeing more of them in the near future. They make a good alternative for those who prefer a neutral color palette with a hint of color.

***At this point I think its worth watching a three minute video I prepared for you with all the major 2019 interior trends I mention here, that were later seen in imm Cologne 2019 too. The fair’s highlights pretty much verify my insights. The video is filled with even more inspiration on pastel colors, accent wallpapers, marble tops, dark stained wood furniture along with curvy furniture and splashes of Art Deco influenced interior decor.

A neutral color palette bedroom. At the end of the bed there is Zanotta 650 Sgabillo Stool. Its simplicity is striking. Image by
Image by Check out the Zanotta 650 Sgabillo stool. It juxtaposes clean straight lines with a curved one down in the middle. Also notice how the red coat hanger in the background adds a playful element in this bedroom making it all so much more interesting.
A beautifully styled vase on a sideboard along with other decor, filled with gold sticks and golden peacock feathers.
Image by Amara.
Ceramics: a black platter, a jug and a mug on a sideboard. Such simplicity yet looking so elegant. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis.

Beyond all the 2019 interior trends, there are three things I would love to see more of: pops of red in a tone-on-tone interior, feathers and ceramics. I think they would make interesting trends, particularly now that the color palettes are more upbeat and new fusions are giving birth to new possibilities and possibly new styles. (Which made think of this food for thought post I wrote about style vs. trend).

What do you think? What’s your take? Love to know… And don’t miss the Interior Trends for 2020 and beyond.

Yours, xx

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P.S. You can always read up on last year’s trends here.

  • Concrete, powder pink, wood, gold, everything is wonderful.

  • I love the idea of having loads of different materials together in a living space – I think it can definitely work really well. Velvet, tassels, the whole lot! I’m definitely into bright colours at the moment too. I think the right shade of yellow can really brighten up a room – and you can even contrast it with a contradicting colour like navy. The most important thing, however, is to make your home personal to you!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Sophie. It must always be personal. Glad to know that you’re into colors too. I can’t imagine life in monochrome. xx

  • These trends work for me except the color yellow. However, I am starting to feel more comfortable with it as time goes by.

    • Remember that not everything is agreeable to everyone. Pick what you like best, adopt and adapt. Have a good weekend! xx

  • Velvet is definitely one of my favorite trends. They certainly add an extra touch of elegance in a room.

    • They add a seductive level of sophistication that’s hard to resist and that’s one of the reasons that it’s going to be around for a long time. xx

  • These trends make me happy. I’m more about maximalism than minimalism and I love textures! And who doesn’t like a fringe?

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