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This is funny! I never thought I would have to take mustard yellow, too seriously. But lately, I can’t continue ignoring people’s crush over it. To my dismay, I must have looked over than a hundred pin images with mustard yellow accents that range from a dark mimosa hue (pantone’s color of year 2009) to ochre yellow and burnt sienna. Why the dismay? Well, to be honest this dull yellow is one of my least favorable. It just so happens though, that it is also my mother-in-law’s favorite! How about that! She has literally decorated everything based on this very color…! (No comments)!

What a gorgeous armchair in a velvet ochre yellow, in contrast to the earthy colors and organic materials (stone and wood) that dominated this space. Image by
Image by

Anyway, aside my personal feelings of this color, the truth of the matter is that, it is a warm hue that can soften and brighten interiors with a balanced sophistication. It can enhance any aesthetic with a very subtle pop of color, while introducing a down-tone but playful vibe, especially in juxtaposition to other pastel hues.

Vincent Van Gogh, the famous Dutch Post-Impressionist artist, is well known for his mustard yellow color crush. It became his trademark color (i.e. the sunflowers being probably his best known work). He projected the potential of this hue better than anyone I can think of, for it’s true that it can easily transform interiors with the right dose of contrast. Mustard yellow livens up dark and moody interiors (a very popular decorating trend nowadays) in a very soft way, just like it brightened up Van Gogh’s paintings. Take a look at these interiors…

A black Chinese chest looks great against a minty color accent wall and a mustard yellow armchair at the side. A black shade table lamp and brassy decor and a round mirror hanging from the wall, make a stylish ensemble. Image by Dunelm.
Image by Dunelm.
How the ochre yellow tall bar stool stands out against an almost black accent wall and bar table with brass decor. Image by Cuckooland.
Image by Cuckooland.
Loving this yellow Vitra DSW Eames yellow plastic side chair against the pastel colored ones, in a contemporary dining space with a black accent wall, hardwood flooring and midcentury furniture as accents. Image by
Image by This contemporary dining space stands out because of the Vitra Eames chairs (in both pastel blue and yellow hues) in contrast to the black accents.
A cozy, vibrant living room with lots of geometric patterns. The mustard yellow curtains add a touch of sophistication. Image by Dunelm.
Image by Dunelm. The mustard yellow curtains create a soft transition area between the exposed brick wall and the outdoor views.
How beautifully blue pattern pillows and throws on a bench stand out against this mustard yellow wall. Image by LaRedoute.
Image by LaRedoute. A mustard yellow accent wall makes the perfect backdrop for all those patterned textiles and throws.
A beautiful sofa in a mimosa hue is definitely a head turner in this white interior. Image by DFS Furniture Co.
Image by DFS Furniture Co. The Windsor sofa in a mimosa hue. Adding blue decor like the rug is a sure way to make any yellow work.
So feminine! Detail view of the pattern curtains in this stylish bedroom, with a mustard yellow accent wall by the mirrored side table. Image by Dunelm.
Image by Dunelm.
A neutral off white interior gets more lively from a mustard yellow cushion on the off-white Bond sofa, while a nest of three tables with a table lamp and a lampshade in a burnt sienna hue fill in nicely the natural and neutral palette. Image by Furniture Village.
Image by Furniture Village.

What did I tell you? Although, mustard yellow may not be my cup of tea, I do have to admit that I love how it blends and fuses in a space without ever becoming boring or indifferent. A few touches of this soft and saturated color may be all that’s needed in a space to make it feel more homey and classy.

It goes great with brass and/or copper accents and personally I would mix in a lot of geometric patterns to give it a more modern and edgy flair to it. Can you see yourself integrating in your interior? Needless to say, that it also happens to be a trending color in fashion that’s on the rise…Therefore, chances are that you might end up wearing it as well! 😉 So, do tell me…


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  • The mustard sofa is simply beautiful and it makes such a strong statement!!! I think mustard is definitely a very warm yet bright color which makes it perfect to use in a home!

    • It really does, doesn’t it?! Mustard can indeed be perfect, as long as you don’t go overboard with it! 😉 xx

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