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It was almost three months ago that I posted Interior Trends 2019, where I mentioned that Art Deco style is back again. However, as always, when a style makes a comeback, things are quite offbeat. And it’s only natural considering that there’s a time-lapse and the context is somewhat different. This distinct style though, has returned and the design world is giving it a new “softer” interpretation. So today, I’d like to share with you some inspiration based on this reinterpretation as a theme in interiors and home decor as we explore together the possibilities… 😉

A beautiful eclectic living room with mid-century curvy velvet armchairs, two Turner art deco floor lamps and a statement ceiling hanging from the high ceiling. Image by DelightFULL.
Image by Covet House. A contemporary living room with a mid-century vibe but with art deco influences. Notice the floor lamp, Turner, with an art deco shape. It is possible to rotate its arcs into the desired position so that you can create your favorite composition at any time.

The timing of the resurfacing of Art Deco couldn’t be better. Art Deco itself is an amalgam of many other styles and therefore, it too can fuse in this mix and match design sensibility that governs most design schemes nowadays. It is alluring with a very jazzy undertone and a larger-than-life attitude (wait a minute; this feels like I’m describing one of the best wines in the world)!! Oh well, this particular style has a glitz that many other styles certainly envy.

A contemporary eclectic living room. It features a modular grey sofa, a rustic coffee table an Art Deco black chandelier and a statement mirror in the background. Image by DelightFULL.
Image by DelighFULL. Notice how this rustic coffee table comes together a contemporary modular sofa, an Art Deco statement mirror and Neil, the chandelier with its round arcs and spherical diffusers, that were inspired by the golden years of space exploration in the 60’s.
Now that's a beautiful black nightstand with brassy details against a statement wall light on an accent slat wall. Image by Pullcast.
Image by PullCast. The skyline drawer handle. A brilliant way to update any furniture is by upgrading those hardware pulls and handles. The bedside table is by LUXXU Home.

Art Deco is all about glamour and luxury. And everything lately is leaning towards maximalism as opposed to minimalism. Even minimal interiors are beginning to look more flamboyant. As such, it will be very tempting to include Art Deco pieces even in contemporary interiors with a very specific style identity, in order to boost their sophistication vibe.

What a glamorous dining room. Gold, white and silver hues fuse together with the help of a gorgeous chandelier. Image by DelightFULL.
Image by DelighFULL. A stunning dining room with a fusion of styles including an Art Deco influence. The Galliano lighting fixture has a sculptural shape with retro roots.

As such Art Deco accent or statement pieces will be adopted and adapted to give a highlighting flair of eclecticism in interiors. But there is a twist. (As if)! The twist lies within the keyword “softness” (just like in the spring/summer fashion trends I mentioned the other day).

Love this the Gatsby birdcage side table used as a nightstand besides a bed with a weaved leather headboard. Image by Cuckooland.
Image by Cuckooland.

This style though is not to be taken over the top especially if you’re more into minimalism. Instead, it should be layered in with a few key pieces that will “soften” any strong styling juxtapositions (that have been in the game for so long and will continue). I believe that that’s the best way to make it work with other styles and pieces from other eras i.e. old world, mid-century modern, etc.

What a stunning Art Deco Venetian Console, with the perfect curves for an fancy entryway, yet styled in a very minimal way. Image by Sweetpea & Willow.
Image by Sweetpea & Willow.

Lighting fixtures, decorative statement mirrors and art imagery with gold/brassy details and a geometric sensibility are the most readily available key pieces that may be added in your home decor to deliver that effect. Opting for curved furniture and decor is a great way to streamline this fascinating style.

A stunning Art Deco inspired wallcovering with a brown leather chaise in front. Image by MindTheGap.
Image by MindTheGap.
Another stunning Art Deco inspired wallcovering with green onyx looking details. The curvy green velvet sofa in front makes it all worthwhile. Image by MindTheGap.
Image by MindTheGap. Art Deco inspired wallcoverings are all about exuberant geometric shapes that act like a quilt.

If you are bold enough, then you can step up your design game by including wall coverings for a real punch. They will never go unnoticed and you would never know that you actually needed one until you installed it. The real challenge here is whether to make an accent wall or ceiling (for that matter) or make the whole room or hallway?!

A beautiful bar cart with a crystal decanter and an Art Deco cocktail shaker to jazz up those party nights. Image by Kitchen Craft.
Image by Kitchen Craft. Design is in the details! That’s what I always say, so take a note of this elegant brass finish Art Deco style cocktail shaker. 😉
I love that blue accent wall behind this bed with a soft Art Deco pattern on its bedding. Image by Christy.
Image by Christy. Art Deco inspired bedding!

Naturally, you may decide to go for only but a few subtle additions that can make all the difference in the world. The bottom line is that cohesiveness pays off, so if you’re about to embark on this style, then I suggest you plan out first how you will you make this style work for you and then go for it. It is a trending style for 2019, but it may well be your forever style if you should choose to. Have fun! 😉


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