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A season shift is about to take place. The scent of change stirs us inside. Most of us are back from our summer holidays, but the holiday buzz still lingers as we are trying to adjust to our “norm” living once again. I, for one, feel a little “fuzzy” like I’m having an extended “holiday hangover” caused from excessive imagery overload. Soon enough, schools will open and reality will slap us (hopefully gently) in the face! It’s been three weeks since I sat down to type anything. And although, my head is bustling with all these exciting ideas, it’s not easy to start putting the words together down in a meaningful sentence. Hence, I decided to write about something close to my heart: my love for textiles – the forever inspiring decor trend.

A cozy and stylish sitting room where rusty hues and greys contrast. A grey sofa against a color blocked accent wall would look sterile if it wasn't for the decor and especially the textiles to give it a homey feeling. Image by Primark UK.
Image by Primark.

Lately, textiles are experiencing a great momentum and luckily, autumn is one of the best times to look into fashionable interior textile trends. They can easily make our hearts leap and our homes feel brighter, cozier and visually more pleasing for seasons to come.

Interior Textile Attributes

I love textiles for three reasons. They are playful. They are expressive. And they have a comforting appeal. At the risk of oversimplifying the beauty of textiles, I believe that these are the most important and viable reasons why textiles have the power in transforming any house into a home. Whenever in doubt, you can always count on textiles for an update. They add personality in an instant and can change your mood at the blink of an eye. Their impact is huge: the playful character of textiles takes away the dullness in life!

Interior textile trends - organic materials. A stack of various linen textiles in various colors and patterns. Image by All The Fruits.
Image by All The Fruits. Linen.
Interior textile trends - sustainable yarns.A lovely assortment of linens with various patterns and soft colors. Image by All The Fruits.
Image by All The Fruits. Linen.

…the playful character of textiles takes away the dullness in life!

Beautiful linen fabrics hanging from a white wooden chair. Image by Allthefruits.
Image by All The Fruits. Block printed Khadi fabric.
A simple but stylish table setting for breakfast with patterned organic textiles is surely a delightful way to start your day. Second smaller image shows the block printing of a flora pattern on khadi. Both images by All The Fruits.
Images by All The Fruits. A simple but stylish table setting for breakfast with patterned organic textiles is surely a delightful way to start your day, your week, to live your life…! Block printing as shown above is still being carried out in countries like India. Here block printing is carried out for a brands called All The Fruits that strives to deliver for “ethical” textile products.
Love the combination of pattern and colors in this flatlay of textiles. Image by Allthefruits.
Image by All The Fruits. Linen.

It’s all about the fusion between patterns and colors that adds on this ‘win-win’ attribute to them. The options are countless. Bolder colors like ochre yellow, rusty red and cobalt blues are trending big lately, while royal green is gaining ground fast. I’m sure that many of you have spotted these colors already.

Geometric patterns are popular with most, for they add on a sophisticated urban chic flair, while nature inspired patterns have surely a timeless allure and a more wabi-sabi vibe. But an up-and-coming trend in textiles to watch for are delicate designs inspired by oriental fauna and flora that will have a refined and elegant look, even a lustre. I think 2019 will be a turning point in the interior textile industry where more maximalist designs will flood the market, while all the more designers will opt them and restore them to their former glory.

However, every trend has a counter trend. An overload of complex designs only means another trend with simpler patterns at neutral palettes to bring about balance and harmony. In any case though, lets not underestimate the visual impact of strong contrasts and the illusive creation of more negative space that works for all trends. In my humble opinion, this conglomeration of contrasting trends will result in a new “guilt-free” unprecedented maximalist aesthetic where more is MORE!

Ochre seems to be this season's "it" color in textiles. Ochre decorative pillows, ochre throw on a light wood stain stool against an ochre accent wall. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis.
A dark wood stain cabinet with decor atop has one of its doors open enough to look inside and see stacks of textiles lined on the shelves. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis. By the way – dark stain wood is also trending! This cabinet with the geometric pattern on the doors is an eye-catcher.
A stack of decorative ochre yellow, grey and black pillows with patterns on a glass table. Image by Harvey Norman.
Image by Harvey Norman. Piping on decorative cushions and pillows is also trending. The old school is having a come-back! Finesse is in again.
A Scandi interior with a large window, a rope bench with some rusty colored textiles laid on it. Love the black and white pattern flooring combined with a color blocked black and white accent wall that ties it all together. Image by Cuckooland.
Image by Cuckooland. A boho-inspired setting with a more urban vibe to it. Don’t you agree. The rusty colored textiles are just the right accent for this color blocked accent wall.

Since, textiles by default are expressive in their form, it makes sense to choose the ones that fascinate you the most. They dress up spaces including floors. Hence, opting for handmade textiles is an extra bonus for they have a historical legacy that adds prestige in any home decor style. Handmade rugs also fall under this category, but they make a whole chapter of their own, that I won’t be getting into at this time.

Interior textile trends to look for. A moody but stylish sitting room with two pink velvet armchairs. I love the rectangular shaped mirror on the dark gray blue wall behind them. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis.
Maximalism - one of the interior textile trends. A dark blue moody corner with a built in bookcase, a plush velvet armchair, a color coordinating area rug and a sideboard with a geometric pattern for even more texture. Image by Debenhams.
Image by Debenhams. Velvet remains one of the most sought after upholstery textiles.

Textile Charm and Sustainability

Colored Khadi fabrics hanging from a line before block printing. Image by All The Fruits.
Image by All The Fruits. Khadi before block printing.

Sensory materials are amongst the most wanted i.e. velvet. Needless to say that the greatest charm in textiles lies in their texture – an attribute that has mostly to do with the actual nature of the yarn. Natural or man-made? Silk, cotton, wool or synthetic? This conflict has grown larger than ever before, as the two different approaches rival for their share of the market pie.

Every trend has a counter trend.

Longevity appears as a new more “mindful” criterion. Anti-tear, anti-stress, resilient, high performance criteria have yielded in a growth for high tenacity yarns.¬†Sustainability soars for a more circular economy. The conflict has resulted in hybrid materials. One thing is for certain: it is a real concern that needs actual addressing. The facts alone are quite overwhelming. Did you know that 95% of textiles can be recycled, yet most still end up accumulating in landfills while it can take up to 40 years for clothes to decompose? These stats sound absurd. That’s why it is important to raise consumer awareness.

Be that as it may, conscious consumers that want a clear conscience, including myself, are demanding more ethos in this huge industry. Child labor concerns are finally being voiced and in some cases calls for action have eradicated such phenomenons altogether. So even if interior textile trends change over time, I sure hope that the need for a circular economic model will survive on.

On interior textile trends: An Indian weaver weaving a rug on a vertical loom.
An Indian weaver weaving a rug on a vertical loom. Image courtesy G. Argyriou.

From a personal point of view, I love the comforting touch of natural yarns, such as Khadi, a hand-woven cloth spun on a spinning wheel, just like in the good old days. I think we could all benefit from more organic products such as that; ones with a lesser environmental print that support a more ethical economy at the same time.

Having said that though, this means that I as a consumer, let alone as a designer, am responsible for the consuming choices I make. Ultimately, that translates into a deeper understanding of this complex industry, more research on my part and better choice making in the long run.

Naturally, I am ecstatic whenever I stubble upon a brand or shop that can deliver the ethos I long for. But, I will be digging into the matter deeper in the near future, and I will be reporting my finds as I have so far. In any event, tomorrow’s aesthetics are yet to be written, although finesse is evidently coming back. Hopefully, if we unite our voices they will be written with a more mindful mindset.

Different days are coming and I look forward to them!


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