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Overnight, outdoor space became the new hot destination of the year. It is now on top of the home improvement projects priority list. As many people had to cancel family holiday plans due to the Pandemic, an outdoor room became the safest getaway. This outdoor room, be it a balcony, or backyard city garden, serves anything from a side hustle or hobby to a chill out zone and everything in between. And the best part is that you can’t get tired of it, for it changes from season to season. So let’s delve into the garden trends of 2022.

A peep hole view from a garden to a pool with two Cabrera sun loungers from OKA. Image: OKA UK.
Via: OKA UK. Sunbathing anyone?


There is a distinct shift towards a wildlife-friendly approach. All the more people want to get more involved in matters of the environment and nature. So when it comes to garden aesthetics, expect to see a more natural, perhaps wild, look. No more excessive pruning, but a whole lot more character. Now, that is one my favorite garden trends that everyone should embrace.

A metal garden set under a worn timber canapy at a wild garden. Such a beautiful setting. Image: OKA UK.
Via: OKA UK/Viticcio metal garden set. A worn timber canopy with a metal garden set – the perfect pair.


As of lately, gardens are called upon to do double duty. The last year or so, we have spend far more time in our gardens than in the last decade altogether. And not just for gardening purposes to promote our well-being; rather to entertain ourselves with the family too. As a result, there is a significant rise in outdoor kitchens, fire pits, swimming pools and even garden buildings to host and entertain our friends.

A beautiful garden setting for alfresco dining with a canopy and the Festoon lights making it merry and bright. Image:
Via: Alfresco garden dining with the Festoon light canopy.


The tendency to resort to Mediterranean-type of plants is garden trend that is becoming more popular. You may already be familiar with some of these are drought-resilient flowering plants (i.e. lavender and verbena). As for shrubs, then look no further and head for Santolina Neopolitana (a favorite evergreen shrub) along with Teucrium fruticans (that blossoms during the summer).

A close up of a lavender shrub.
Via: Luise and Nic on Unsplash. Lavender.


One of the things I loved in Paris was walking at the notable Jardin de Luxembourg (Luxembourg Garden). I remember that the one thing that really struck me as odd was the lack of paving. Instead of these hard looking stone or brick pavers, they had gravel; tons of it everywhere. (It was perfect for containing the excess water run-off too).

View of a garden that feels organic, natural yet looked after for. Just beautiful.Image: Soho House/Cowshed Garden Babington House.
Via: Soho House/Cowshed Garden Babington House. A garden to marvel.

The point I’m trying to make is that since the aesthetic of gardens tends to feel more natural, it follows that you should use more natural materials, like gravel included. The more natural materials you use (i.e. natural stone, rattan, and worn out timber), the softer your garden look will be, as nature will do her bit.

A beautiful dining setting in the middle of a wild garden, where the table featured is a tree trunk. Image: OKA UK.
Via: OKA UK. A tree trunk for a table base? Say yes. This one is Silverstein.


The Grow Your Own food trend is growing into a movement. Growing your own herbs, flowers, fruits or vegetables is actually a more than a thing now. It is the healthy, sustainable alternative for fresh produce packed with a lot of joy (and pride that comes with the territory). Soon enough, it will be big business too.


A more natural aesthetic in the gardens with plenty of colored flowers, means that we can actually have freshly cut flowers for our homes too. And who doesn’t love the fresh appeal of cut flowers in a vase or two inside their home? Hence, many of us are taking the plunge and trying to grow flowers from seeds. (Thank you for that pandemic).

A basket with cut flowers laid on the grass in a garden. Image: Dobbies Garden Center.
Via: Dobbies Garden Center.

If you still haven’t tried it, then start with wildflowers. They are the easiest to grow and add lots of texture for that organic vibe.

  • Indeed the idea that soon we’ll be able to spend time in our garden again is such joy! Great reading the post and getting the idea of planting some more Mediterranean type of flowers! Will definitely have to put that as my next project!

  • I would love a ‘wild garden’ that would be manageable. If that’s possible? 😛 I can’t wait to start planning garden ideas soon. Thanks for the tips and beautiful imagery Xx

    • A ‘wild garden’ always sounds good, but I bet it may not be as easy as it sounds. But all the same, I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with yours! xx

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