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Hello people! This post is dedicated to all those that have asked me if I follow interior design blogs, which ones and why. The answer is simple: Yes, I do follow numerous interior design blogs and a few lifestyle ones (that include design just like me). Actually I think almost all bloggers follow others. So, I prepared a short list of my favorite blogs with diversity in mind, that have caught my reading attention over the last couple of years (at no particular order).

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You see creativity is a funny thing. The more you get involved in creative projects and surround yourself with inspiration sources and creative people, the more creative you get. It boosts your innovative thinking. Therefore, I think it’s essential to take the time to read what others have to say. Obviously, some have been blogging long enough to have built strong ties and bonds with other fellow bloggers in this niche and even become friends. Yet, they all have a unique approach and voice. So, start bookmarking…

My Top 10 Interior Design Blogs and Why

Decor8: Holly Becker’s blog first caught my attention because her voice felt real, a little nostalgic at times but mostly easy to relate to.

SanFranciscoByBayGirl: Despite the long blog’s title, this is quite a happy boho place to be. At times, it feels like Gatsby is just about to pop out from one of those rooms for a quick comment.

Style by Emily Henderson: She’s an all American star – she knows her stuff and has certainly “grown” more mature over the years. Grounded, no nonsense, opinionated, sensitive are just a few words that come to mind.

LittleGreenNotebook: Jenny Komenda is probably more low key with a beautiful, creative DIY mindset. There’s also a heck of a lot of information in her posts.

FrenchByDesignBlog: Now this French lady has a beautiful blog layout (minimal but with a twist). Her aesthetics have a beautiful French flair to them despite the fact that she now lives in the States. I can’t resist her charms.

MyScandinavianHome: Niki Brantmark’s blog is all about Scandinavian minimalism and serene interiors. She also happens to be the author of Lagom (the ‘just about right’ Swedish life philosophy). If you’re into this style then you’ll love her blog filled with daily inspiration.

CocoKelley: It has a gorgeous logo and emerald green accent buttons that haunted me. All about this site exudes class! It features different style of interiors that make great inspiration sources.

ABeautifulMess: Two sisters (a lot like Elisabeth and I) who are into affordable DIY’s, recipes, hair styles and lots of other stuff. Definitely not the typical interior design blog you might have in mind. However, I think their creative mess is fresh and upbeat and a lot different from my comfort zone but I like that. After all diversity is an absolute necessity.

Monstercircus: This is my latest discovery. A Danish blog with a great, clean-cut layout and some great imagery. To be honest, I decided to check it out because of its title. I didn’t regret it!

ACupofJoe: One of the first blogs I followed, although it probably doesn’t qualify as an interior design blog. It’s more of a lifestyle blog that focuses on real people with occasional house tours as splashes of design. Still, it’s catchy, unpretentious and a good read.

This list is definitely a good place to start, but if it doesn’t cut it for you, then try this list. Maybe you know some of them, maybe you don’t. One thing is for sure! There are zillions of blogs out there and some will resonate to you. If you follow them for a while then you’ll be able to decide for yourself. Let me know your suggestions in the comments below.

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