To My Mom

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Dear Mom,

I haven’t made you, and worse written you a Mother’s Day card for ages. I have forgotten to properly “thank you” one time too many. I have passed moments and left words unspoken. I’m sure that I was a handful. I’m also certain that I have made you cry and left you feeling “lost.” But, I do want you to know that every time I look in the mirror, I see you. I carry you with me. And especially now that I’m a mother of my own, I can honestly appreciate every sacrifice you made for me.

I thank you for all those warm home-made meals, day in and day out. I thank you for all those sleepless nights. I thank you for watching over me every time I was sick. I can’t thank you enough for your patience, support and keeping a low profile while going through my rocky teen years. I can’t thank you enough for giving me enough space to make my mistakes and learn my lessons. I thank you for being my guardian angel, and teaching me to walk among giants.

My mother and me as a newborn.
My mother and me as a newborn. Yes, I was a huge baby; I was born 4.650kg!!!

The list could go on, but of all the things I’m grateful to you for, there’s one thing that has really stood out. I didn’t quite get it altogether then. And I’m sorry for holding a grunge. But I finally get it, all of it! The two sentences that you once uttered to me, still echo in my head, changing my perspective.

There’s no such thing as a princess. So you got to use your head and hands and get things done!

That was probably the single most important thing you taught me, that has helped me become the strong person I’m now. Those words of yours resonated a fundamental truth to which as a growing child was oblivious to. The world doesn’t owe me anything – never did!

Therefore, if I want to be someone – a daughter, a wife, a designer, an artist or whatever, I have to make it happen. And I did make it happen by learning a lot of skills, putting lots of long study hours and even longer working hours. I’m the only one responsible for the life I chose to lead.

Hence, I learned to depend on my own oneself and even in my darkest hours, I didn’t feel fear. I didn’t drown. You gave me the power to overcome anything life might throw my way – good and bad. It is all about empowerment in just the right way.

Now, it’s my turn to teach my children to be strong and mindful; to live their lives as a journey. I want to teach them the very same truth you did and see what they’ll make of it, in hopes that they’ll too find their own sunshine. Thank you mom!

With all my love your daughter Velvet.

  • Πραγματικα το γραμμα σου ειναι πολυ ομορφο. Οχι μονο γιατι ειναι ωραια γραμμενο αλλα γιατι ειναι βγαλμενο απο τα βαθη της καρδιας σου, εκφραζοντας πολλους και πολλες!!
    Και πολυ καλα εκανες που εγραψες ενα τοσο ομορφο γραμμα γιατι η μανουλα σου το αξιζει. Παντα εκει. Οπως και τοσες μανουλες που παλευουν να σταθουν επαξια στον τιτλο. Οπως ειμαι σιγουρη οτι καποια στιγμη θα λαβουμε και εμεις ενα τετοιο γραμμα!!!
    Σε ευχαριστουμε!!

    • Thank you Nayia for your kind words. I sure hope that one day our children send us a letter like that too. xx

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