6 Easy Ways to Create a Zen Bathroom

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Fancy a weekend at a spa resort but you can’t make it? Sounds like my life story. The good news are that in our daily lives, there is one space in our home that has the potential to serve as a personal refuge. Our bathroom, as tiny as it may be, it can be a place of calm and tranquility. It may be far from the perfect Asian styled bathroom, but it can be styled with elements that promote Zen living. Thus, your next trip to a spa is a lot closer than you think, because these zen bathroom ideas will turn your bathroom into your own private oasis.

A soothing ambiance in a bathroom like this is dreamy. A copper free standing tub, soft towels and lit candles - is all you need. Image by Dunelm.
Image by Dunelm.
Part of an elegant bathroom with a boudoir under the sloped roof. All is minimal. Image by Amara.
Image by Amara. Love the little potted snake plant.

Go more minimal

Declutter. This is the one space that going minimal is not just about aesthetics. Hence, it is super important to adopt a more minimal mindset in order for any bathroom idea to become Zen. For starters, it is about creating enough negative space for the eyes and mind to distress. Therefore, hiding away toiletries is important.

Placing your essentials in glass jars on a decorative tray for a more collected look is a good way to make a decorative statement in a tidy way. But if you’re anything like the “old” me who used to try out different shampoos and shower gels every three weeks I feel you. Chances are that you have piled on lots of unfinished bottles here and there. But, as I already said, that was the “old” me.

The “new” me has finally settled on a single product for each task. You see when we built our tiny second bathroom, that became ours, I had no choice but to get rid off all those half-empty bottles that hurt my eyes. Hence, I chose the very best products that worked for me and gave away the rest.

A good way to make it easier for you to decide what needs to go is by pretending that you are about to pack for a holiday. That’s the best opportunity to opt for the toiletries that work for you best. 😉

Two standing wood branches in the corner of a bathroom add a natural element. Combine that with a wooden ladder towel rack and the effect is amplified. Image by Dunelm.
Image by Dunelm. These two logs in the corner are a detail that makes all the difference in the world. It feels like part of the outdoors is inside.

For a Zen bathroom :: Add wood

Although, tiles, terrazzo and marble are quite popular materials in bathroom designs, my heart belongs to wood. It grounds everything with its Zen quality. Whenever possible, I use faux wood tiles since having a real wooden floor is high maintenance. They come in so many different colors and textures that you’re bound to find one that speaks to your heart.

But if you’re not about to remodel, a few easy and affordable wooden additions such as a wooden stool, a wood floor mat or a few branches can make all the difference in the world. Most people place a wood floor mat outside the shower and that works fine. But if you really want to make it work for you then, I suggest that you make a custom made teak shower floor – one that can be added and/or removed for easy cleaning and air-drying. Also, bamboo shades is another great way to add a natural tropical vibe.


I love walk in showers. This one has a black frame glass panel, brass fittings and towels on a wooden stool. Heavenly! Image by Amara.
Image by Amara.

Invest in soft towels

Sounds like the most obvious Zen bathroom idea?! It is, yet over the years as are towels begin to get thinner we tend to overlook their replacement. But it is one of the most affordable ways to get that sense of pampering back on track. Now if you have a towel warmer then all the better. Warm towels can really spoil you especially in those chilly winter days.


Zen bathroom ideas: I just love shelves in wall inserts with towels and decor next to a bathtub. So cozy! Image by George Home.
Image by George Home.

Introduce greenery

For a Zen bathroom, say yes to greenery. Indoor plants enhance the natural element vibe in the space and some come with extra benefits that make them irresistible such as an air purifying attribute. Did you know that there are at least three low maintenance plants that are ideal for a bathroom?

Zen bathroom ideas - plants. Three images of three ideal bathroom plants: top lucky bamboo, bottom peace lily and snake plant.
Top image by Toni Cuenca on Unsplash: Lucky bamboo. Bottom left image via: Peace Lily. Bottom right image by Julie Johnson on Unsplash: Snake plant.

Lucky bamboo: Needs very little and is good with low light. It is usually placed in a glass vase with pebbles (a feng shui element to consider introducing if you’re into it).

Peace lily: It looks very elegant and believe it or not, it reduces moisture in the bathroom’s air.

Snake plant: It needs little light and water. It fills up nicely a corner while it purifies the air.


Zen bathroom ideas: A close up view of a bathtub with a
Image by Dunelm.

Dim the lights

Lighting candles is a super easy way to create a soothing ambiance and recreate the sense of a spa. Anyone should try it. To be frank though, I personally, have a very hard time with this one because ever since our little bundles of joy came into our lives, there never seems to be enough time or energy left to bother lighting them all up. But I honestly wish you do. I do however, like to indulge myself in the world of scents, which takes me to the last zen bathroom idea.


Zen bathroom ideas: A burning candles and two scented stick holders atop a shelf by a sink. Image by Oliver Bonas.
Image by Oliver Bonas.

Play up the scents

Now most of you are probably thinking of burning scented sticks or candles (another spa essential). They actually make a nice decorative addition so long as there’s no clutter. This is great if it works for you. Personally though, I prefer the scents of my beauty products like the smell of a good shower gel after a relaxing shower or my moisturizer. I always enjoy recreating that feeling I get when showering after long day at the beach. The great thing is that I have actually pinpointed some fabulous natural products that help me do just that (but more on about that in another post in due time).


A few changes like these zen bathroom ideas listed above can really help you find your calm again just like in a spa. Taking full advantage of our homes and exploiting their true potentials can really give us a little quality “me” time under our own terms. That’s quite an achievement if you think about it. One that promotes wellness too. That’s why decorating ideas and tips are always great to share. 🙂

Enjoy yourselves, xo

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