10 Reasons Why Aging is Cool

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Hi everyone! The other day we had a get together with friends and at some point in our conversation ‘AGING’ came up. It was funny to watch our faces. We all became a little gloomy for a couple of minutes while contemplating it. Of course, we all agreed that it’s an inevitable process yet, that wasn’t quite comforting. Personally, I had mixed feelings about it. But when I was all alone later that day I tried to put my thoughts and sentiments about aging into some context.

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Should aging really scare us? Is it really so bad? Is there anything about aging to like? Can we really age with grace? Will I be one of those lucky women who have aged in a classy way that fills me with envy? These are all questions that haunted me for a while but I’m glad to say that I have found my answers and I’d like to share them with you because I’m sure that you’ll agree with me.

First of all, aging is cool. As a matter of fact, it’s really COOL. And I’m glad that we are all aging. This is where you cut in and say ‘Speak for yourself lady!’ …Hear me out…let me tell you why it’s cool.

It’s cool that I can go to any concert, festival, performance, club, river, beach, or dinner party, get together, brunch, lunch etc. that I like without getting anyone’s permission for it.

I think it’s cool that I’m old enough to speak my mind without being shy and embarrassed about anything as I used to be.

I think it’s cool that my face has frown lines and laugh lines, that prove I’ve lived and survived it all! I think it’s awesome that this body of mine has given labor to two children (even though I had three miscarriages too).

More importantly, I think it’s cool that I have accepted me, my body, my flaws, my good and bad days, my less than perfect hair days, and my hormonal imbalances that sent me to the roof! Seriously, after some point, who’s counting our countless flaws. We are beautiful because we’re not perfect.

Sure, we need to hydrate a lot more! Although, something tells me that even if we drink 3 lts of water a day, we will still get wrinkly at the end. LOL! So let’s examine our viewing angle. Our hair goes gray as we grow older. Big deal!

The cool thing now is that we can experiment with hair colors that we never dared before. My knees have gone a bit wobbly. But, I can dance to music like a twenty year old. The difference is that I had 22 years to practice and perfect my dance moves. Try to beat that…!

I think it’s cool that I can dress to kill, anytime, anywhere, anyplace in five minutes flat. After all, I’m the proud owner of all those outfits carefully curated over these years.

I think it’s cool that I really know the difference between fashions and style.

And I definitely think it’s cool that one day I’ll be able to say to youngsters ‘hey, I’m not just old. I’m a classic!’

I’m not just old! I’m a classic!

So thank goodness, I’m aging…(sigh of relief…)! I will be turning 42 in November but it’s only a number. It doesn’t identify me, but it testifies that those years so far, were mine to live. Furthermore, I bet if we enjoy ourselves with a big dosage of humor then aging with grace becomes doable. And I’m also quite certain now that our hearts remain young despite our aging bodies.

Thus, on a more serious note, I’m aging although, I’m not getting any wiser. But if there is one thing I could advice anyone is that:

if you fear less, you live more

(and that’s the example I want to set for my children). Our bodies will follow if the mind sets the course. Relate, connect, share, love, laugh a lot and then love some more and everything will be alright. How cool is that!

With love,

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