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Santorini is one of those travel destinations that’s probably on everyone’s wishlist. And quite righteously, too! Her unique, breathtaking views, or the cave homes sculpted into multicolored rocks, the volcanic ash beaches, her notorious, dazzling sunsets from Oia, that small scenic village along the northern edge of the caldera, are just a few of the many reasons why you should visit this island whenever you get the chance to. And once you do visit her, and experience that dolce vita quality, then I guarantee you that you’ll never forget her.

The Aegean Sea as seen from the roofs of a white church in Santorini.
Image (via).

Thus, it’s no wonder why Santorini is one of the most popular wedding destinations (and these two girls, Stella and Moscha, friends of ours since Middle School, wedding coordinators from Santorini, will throw you the best wedding ever ;)). So in case if you’re planning to visit Santorini, let me inspire you a little and help you pack for the most breathtaking vacation, so that you can look your best with this magical scenery as your backdrop…

Homes on the cliffs of Oia in Santorini after sunset.
Image via Rawpixel.
View of the Red Beach in Santorini.
The Red Beach in Santorini. Image via.

Greek island style guide

Now, for those of you who’ve never been to a Greek island for vacation before, let me just say that during the daytime it can get really hot (34°C is the norm and it translates to around 93F). So dressing light is essential. Many times though, it is very windy as well. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with dresses, especially maxi ones with a boho flair to them. They’re a natural fit, they’ll keep you cool and looking stylish chic. Pack shorts and lots of tops (including a denim jacket for those chilly nights). Linen will become your next best friend, especially the one with a loose fit.

Flat Greek sandals and wedge platforms are the best choices for exploring the stone paved alleys of Oia, Imerovigli and the main town of Fira or any other Greek island in the Cyclades for that matter. Naturally, don’t forget your beachwear like kaftans, cover ups and lots of swimsuits (both, one piece and two-pieces).

Although, both the Red and Black beaches are great attractions, chances are that you’ll end up spending most of your time by one of the many infinity pools, found at so many hotels, admiring the incredible views. But then again, you might find yourself doing some wine tasting at Santo Wines (I totally recommend this and should you do this, then try Vinsanto). 😉 So better be prepared!

Homes on the cliffs of Oia in Santorini after sunset.
Image (via). Oia at nightime.
A staircase between homes in Fira Santorini with a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea.
Image by H Fall on Unsplash.
What a pretty black dress. Worn by a model in Santorini, looking stylish and casual. Image by Monsoon/Accessorize.
Image by Monsoon/Accessorize. Probably one of my favorite dresses. It would look great with a pair of wedges.
Blue and white. The perfect colors to wear while on vacay in Greece. This couple has nailed it. She wears a white boho shirt, shorts and sliders. He wears a striped shirt and white pants. Image by River Island.
Image by River Island.

Note that any Greek island style guide has simplicity as its cornerstone. Therefore, if you keep your dress code and make-up (for that matter) simple, light, casual with comfort in mind then you’re on the right track. Add some boho elements that fit so well with the minimal and rugged landscape and you’ll nail it. And if you feel good with yourself then, you’ll have the time of your life.

Keep smiling – summer is here! 🙂

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