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Ok, so you’re into minimalism. Thumbs up! And you love the modern era with all its iconic sleek, airy furniture. Swell! But you’re also into art gallery walls, because life without art is meaningless. Vignettes that ooze a sense of creativity are a must for you… And obviously, you’re into plants. Lots of plants. Not to mention, texture! You add layers anywhere possible using throw pillows, blankets, rugs and furs. BUT, you’re not into colors in a big way. And you don’t really lead an unconventional lifestyle. Therefore, you’re not a true follower of Bohemianism. So what’s your decorating style? Can you really mix all these? Definitely, because bohemian decor can create the accents you need to punctuate your creative decorating style, whatever that may be.

A sitting room with a bright pink sofa and lots of patterned throw pillows against a brick accent wall. It all has a bohemian flair to it, but is it so? Image by DFS Furniture.
Image by DFS Furniture. Bright colors, patterns on patterns, and heavy on textures, but is it really a bohemian sitting room?
A bohemian style bedroom. The chest next to the headboard is a priceless combination. Image by HomeSense.
Image by HomeSense.
Typical bohemian decor such as wall tapestries, baskets, rugs, and pillows. Image by Bohemia Design.
Image by Bohemia Design. Moroccan wool storage pots.
Moroccan kitchen storage baskets for bottles and pittas. Image by Bohemia Design.
Image by Bohemia Design. Moroccan wool storage pots for pittas and more.

A true bohemian decorating style is really casual, playful and I think it’s safe to say eccentric. It is really heavy on patterns and textures. It embraces earthly colors and blends them all in an artistic kind of way with unique and unusual furniture.

Its charm lies heavily on the worldliness of its decor: Aztec patterns, Rwenzori baskets and Moroccan lanterns, ottomans, poufs and rugs for instance. However, Moroccan style is not the same Bohemian style, despite the fact that they overlap each other. They share the same love for pattern mixing and bright, earthly color blending. But, Moroccan style has a distinct Moorish influence that Bohemian style does not.

Left image of a blue arched door in Morocco. Right image of a wall ornamented with intricate patterns in Morocco.
Left image: Alan Hough. Right image: Annie Spratt. Both on Unsplash.
Left image of a low table setting for dining outdoors. The bench is filled with patterned pillows and the rugs on floor are bright red with patterns too. Right image of another outdoor low dining setup in bright and earthly colors.
Both images by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.
Left image of intricate patterns used to decorate this Moroccan arched entryway in soft blush pink hues. Right image of a terracotta hue balcony with drawn blue curtains and an off-white decorative railing.
Both images by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

What’s interesting lately though, is to watch how bohemian decor is being adopted within the framework of other decorating styles, such as the eclectic mix and match. Lately, the monochromatic phase of Scandinavian minimalism seems to be coming to an end, and I love how bohemian decor elements are integrated more and more in Scandi (or should I say Nordic?) interiors, making everything so much more lively, playful and interesting.

This Scandi boho fusion is gaining some serious fans (including myself). At first, there was a craze over Moroccan rugs with that diamond shape (Beni Ourain for those who need the official term). Shortly after, macramé and wall hangings kept on popping around.

Nowadays, I believe that we’ll be seeing more color accents, starting with blue, and a lot more pattern mixing; it is the rising decorating trend after all. And let’s not forget the house plants, that are turning homes into tiny urban jungles – another telltale sign of bohemian decor style.

How gorgeous is that patterned chest?! A big leaf plant atop and some decor and you get a nice stylish vignette. Image by Monsoon.
Image by Monsoon/Accessorize. How gorgeous is that patterned chest?!
View of a turquoise boudoir against a blush pink wall, through a series of door openings. Textiles hanging by a white ladder by the door add even more texture and a boho flair. Image by Monsoon.
Image by Monsoon/Accessorize. Check out that pattern flooring and the textures those hanging textiles add on. A white interior that looks far more interesting because of the color and pattern accents with that bohemian flair to them.
An armchair besides a turquoise boudoir is styled with patterned throw pillows to add that carefree boho flair to it all. Image by Monsoon.
Image by Monsoon/Accessorize. The white Peacock Fan chair looks just perfect with all these throw pillows.
A bohemian styled white sitting room with a large Moroccan hanging latern, plants and seagrass baskets as decor. Image by Monsoon.
Image by Monsoon/Accessorize.
A white bohemian style bedroom with a beautiful carved headboard. Image by Monsoon.
Image by Monsoon/Accessorize.

Now even if you’re unsure how to introduce bohemian decor in your home, then I guarantee you that the following few ideas (other than Moroccan lanterns) are totally failproof and the best starting point. Rattan furniture, baskets for your plants, a macramé besides an art gallery wall will surely add that desired boho flair, and a Moroccan ivory and charcoal rug (best suited in a bedroom in my opinion) as an easy way to start layering in pattern and texture.

A seagrass basket on the left and a hanging basket on the right. Both ideal for plant pots. Images by Amara.
Images by Amara (seagrass basket: GBP 31.00 , hanging basket: GBP 85.00). Ideal for your plant pots.
A hanging macrame on the left and a Moroccan diamond patterned rug on the right. Both images by Amara.
Images by Amara (cotton hanging macrame: GBP 99.00, rug: GBP 140.00).

Their organic vibe and neutral palette are totally compatible with any style. From then on, you could built on it with more patterned textiles, wallpapers and colors. It’s all up to you now… 😉

Love, xx

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  • I love boho but also coastal decor!!! Do u think u can mix the two together or would that be too busy? Do u think I should go for a mix of the two styles?

    • That’s the beauty of boho decor. It can easily be mixed and fused in almost any style, because of its earthy, worldly, and “artistic” values. Therefore, I urge you to go for a mix of those two styles. You’ll end up with a boho chic style with a beach vibe to it! 😉 Let me know how it goes. xx

  • Very inspirational!!!

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