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Two years ago pink captivated us in ways we couldn’t even imagine. It was to be found everywhere in home decor with pink velvet sofas and armchairs to accent walls, mirrors, clothing attire and everything in between, adorned so beautifully with copper accents. Nowadays, there is a new color crush in both the design and fashion world, that’s taking over like a storm – rusty hues. Rusty hues are earthly and rich in red and orange undertones creating a very hygge vibe. I wouldn’t be surprised if a whole lot of you swoon over this color for it reminds us of nature’s colors at fall. The best part about it, is that they compliment pink in a very understated and elegant way.

A dining setup. Image by
Image by Arne Jacobsen initially designed the iconic Ant Chair for the canteen at Novo Nordic, an international Danish healthcare company.

But pink isn’t the only color that pairs so nicely with rusty hues. Teal blues, stark greys and cypress greens are a few more of the best color pairings. Moreover, copper and brass metallic accents in our home decor will gladly add on a little glamour to our spaces. Needless to say, that I’m totally falling over them because there’s something so “French” to them. It is the right touch in a moody interior design. In any case, I’d like to share some inspiration on this new color obsession, so enough said…

A very sophisticated sitting space with rusty colored sofas with a white coffee table in between them, against a rusty color wall with a large accent artwork. Image by
Image by Designer Jaime Hayon has combined the renowned quality of Fritz Hansen with a functional modular sofa system to create Lune – a warm and cozy couch with a touch of exclusivity and urbanity.
What an amazing wallpapers in rusty hues as a background for a rusty hued chair and side table. Image of a beautiful vignette by MindTheGap.
Image by MindTheGap. What an inspiring wallpaper isn’t is?!
A glass vase with a brass base sitting on a side table with a leafy foliage in a red rusty hue. The saturated rusty hue of the background wall makes a serious design statement. Image by
Image by The AYTM globe vase (GBP 52.00). Does anyone know what leaf plant is the vase? I would really like to know.
Partial view of a bedroom with a dark rusty accent wall. Love the rusty hue lampshade of the table lamp on the side table. Image by Dunelm.
Image by Dunelm. (Miguel caramel glass table lamp GBP49.00, Ritz nest of tables GBP119.00). Brass accents really glam up this moody bedroom.
Close up of a beautiful woman dressed in a rusty colored coat. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins. Rust will be new “it” fashion color this fall too.
A Ferm plant box in any entryway with rusty colored wainscotting in the background. Image by
Image by The Ferm plant living box, elegant and timeless.
A throw and two pillows with rusty hues will surely add warmth and texture in any space. Images by House of Fraser.
Images by House of Fraser (1: Mohair throw GBP 40.00 , 2: Fern rust cushion GBP 20.00, 3: Stripe cushion GBP 25.00). Textiles with texture and patterns are an easy and affordable way to add a new trend in home decor.
Love the rug in rusty hue. It creates a warm atmosphere in this Nordic sitting room with the two grey armchairs and all that oak furniture around. Image by Cuckooland.
Image by Cuckooland. An area rug in a rusty hue like this one really anchors everything in a room and adds a warm, cozy vibe.
Love that rusty colored dining chair in this elegant dining setup. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis. Aside pink shades, blue and petrol hues are a perfect fit for those rusty tones. The more metallic accents, the better this color livens up.
Nature shot from the Yosemite National Park. Rusty hue stones inside the crystal clear water that reflects the snowy mountains. Stunning.
Image by Jeremy Gallman on Unsplash. Because if it’s found in nature, then you got a good thing going on…! 😉
A cozy vignette with a rusty colored armchair by a window and a large sideboard on the side. Image by Dunelm.
Image by Dunelm. A cozy retreat vignette.
Two gorgeous Fritz Hansen Pot chairs with a white coffee table in between them on top of a blue area rug and a blue wall room. Image by
Image by Are these two Fritz Hansen Pot chairs gorgeous or what and they really pop out against those blue walls?!

Have a lovely weekend all,

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