Packing for a Sailing Trip to the Greek Islands

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Summer holidays are already here for many of you. For others like me though, they are a tad bit away. I’ll be vacationing in August. Thus, we still have a little awaiting. Our anticipation though is growing readily. Any small talk between friends I hear lately, revolves around our vacation plans. By the way, do you have any special plans this summer? I’d love to know. And in case, any of you are planning to go sailing, then let me be clear on how envious I’m of you! Seriously! It is one of the most amazing and rewarding life experiences. Definitely one of the most memorable ones, too. And after having experienced a few such sailing trips in the Greek islands myself, I think I should share with you my list for packing for sailing in Greece. I assure that this way you will have the best of time without any unfortunate mishaps.

Velvet sitting on the bow of a sailing ship on an early afternoon.
During a sailing trip…

At the risk of sounding boring, I’ll still go ahead and point out something obvious. Pack light! Typical rental sailing boats range from 38 ft to 48 ft. That’s not a lot when it comes to cabin size. Usually, the cabin in the bow is the biggest one with some limited walking space within. The others have to literally crawl inside and storage space is limited to some overhead shelving. Therefore, make sure your luggage is compact and “squeeze-able!”

Of course, there’s always the option of leaving your luggage in the lounge area, but that means that you might have to be moving it around a lot. And psst, a little side note to remember: you won’t have a lot of privacy. Chances are that you’ll be sleeping with your cabin door open, so pick clothing that you’re comfortable to be with in front of others. 😉

A summery flatlay with swimsuits, a straw hat and flip flops, a camera and sunglasses. Image by Fatface.
Image by Fatface.

Packing for sailing in Greece : The List

  1. At least three swimsuits. (Chances are you’ll be wearing them from morning till dusk in rotation). A girl can’t have just one.
  2. The three “S.” Sunglasses, sunblock and an after sun lotion that will hydrate and soothe the skin from any sunburns. The wind in combination with the sun, make the skin dry and a whole lot vulnerable to sunburns. Therefore, better be safe than sorry. Besides, smelling “summery good” is always a nice little treat, isn’t?!
  3. A hat with a wide brim is probably best although, the wind might give you a hard time keeping it on. It’s worth trying though.
  4. A windproof/waterproof jacket. As the hours go by, the humidity will start to take its toll. By sunset hours, you’ll need a windproof jacket.
  5. Three to four tees and shorts. A long sleeve tee and a pair of pants are also a must. Dressing in layers may be necessary at night time. Don’t forget your underwear and PJs.
  6. A couple of beach towels. Whilst one is line drying in the sun, the other could serve as a bath towel as well.
  7. Toiletries. Try to get hold of travel size toiletries. A shampoo that doesn’t foam too much is perfect. Opt for leave in hair conditioning that doesn’t require rinsing. Water on a boat is limited to two tanks and you really can’t afford long showers. Otherwise, you risk having to jump back into the sea to rinse. But guess what?! In case you don’t know this: seawater doesn’t really remove any of that foam… Yikes!!! So basically you’ll be in a bit of a jam. Therefore, do spend your water wisely.
  8. Shoes. While on board, you really ought to wear sneakers (i.e. white Keds that match with anything). Walking barefoot is dangerous. Once you dock though at a port or marina, then you might consider wearing sliders or sandals off the boat. You don’t want to make any indents on the boat’s teak flooring.
  9. A pair of bed sheets and pillowcases. If you can bring your own, do so! I always feel more comfortable when I sleep on my own. Sometimes, boats are rented out so fast, that certain house cleaning might accidentally get overlooked. If that isn’t a viable option, then no worries; a large tee could also double serve as a pillowcase! 😉
  10. First aid kit.

Now, the above packing list was put together on the assumption that the sailing trip will take place in the high summer season. Should you go later (i.e. fall), then do add on sweats that will keep you warm.



So here’s a little inspiration so that you don’t look too touristy. Besides every little thing you bring along ought to have “added style value.” In situations like these, I say make every choice of yours count and you do learn to live with less in big ways.

A short sleeve tee in a coral pink color. Image by Fatface.
Image by Fatface. A coral pink pirate T-shirt (GBP 12.00)
A blue pair of navy blue shorts with a white starfish print pattern and a coral pink trim. Image by Fatface.
Image by Fatface. Towel shorts (GBP 16.00)
A blue and white stripe beach towel. Image by Hush.
Image by Hush.
A red and white stripe bikini top with a black strings. Image by Regatta.
Image by Regatta. Bikini top (GBP 15.00)
A red and white stripe bikini bottom. Image by Regatta.
Image by Regatta. Bikini brief (GBP 15.00)

Life is like sailing. You can use any wind to go in any direction. Robert Brault.

A yellow windproof jacket, ideal for a sailing trip. Image by Regatta.
Image by Regatta. Waterproof shell yellow jacket (GBP 60.00)
A coolweave red tee. Image by Regatta Great Outdoors.
Image by Regatta. Coolweave T-shirt (GBP 25.00)
A white pair of cotton shorts. They are ideal for keeping cool in a stroll on a Greek island. Image by Regatta.
Image by Regatta. Coolweave cotton shorts (GBP 40.00)
A sailing about while sailing during a windy sunny day, leaning on its side. Image copyright Velvet for Te Esse. The title reads Packing for a Sailing Trip to the Greek Islands.


Hope I got you in the mood for summer vacation even if you don’t go sailing,


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