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Ahh! The stylish dining room. The sheer joy… Dining in style is an experience. It is certainly not about big money. It’s mostly about a mindset and an uncompromising attitude towards life; to take it slow and appreciate the things that matter, like dining in with family and friends. It’s about taking the time to prepare the meal, to set the table, to use a tablecloth and the dinnerware of your choice in order to create the desired ambiance with as little distractions as possible. It’s about making time for yourself to enjoy the family talks that come with sitting around a beautiful dining table.

What a stylish white dining space with a light wood table and off white Fritz Hansen Sammen dining chairs with oak legs. Image by Nest.co.uk.
Image by Nest.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t bother anymore. I think it’s because sitting in a dining room has a formal connotation. Thus, some people don’t want to invest in a dining table and chairs, while others don’t even see any real purpose to a dining space altogether. However, a dining room continues to be a fundamental part of a home.

Therefore, today I would like to share with you some beautiful dining spaces in different styles as an inspiration to all that a dining space could be, as a reminder that dining in style is more than a lifestyle choice. It’s about the opportunities created by the little details that go into making dining a happy and meaningful time!

How gorgeous is the Knoll Platner Dining table with a glass top and a wire frame with its matching dining chairs. Lifestyle image by Nest.
Image by Nest.
An industrial dining setting with a brick accent wall in the background. Image by Amara.
Image by Amara. Who said that industrial spaces can’t be cosy?
A black dining table and chairs against a muted pink wall. Image by Nest.
Image by Nest.
An informal dining space that looks awesome with a large window from floor to ceiling for some great view and hanging pendant lights. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis.
I like the easy going vibe of the dining space with the wooden table, the black dining chairs on the one side and the wooden bench on the other. I also love the color blocked accent wall behind it all. Image by Harvey Norman.
Image by Harvey Norman.
Love this creative busy looking dining space with different dining chairs including Vitra all plastic chair. Image by Nest.
Image by Nest.

Tips on Choosing a Dining Set

Any dining space and especially stylish dining room is defined and  “judged” by the table, chairs and lighting. The shape of the table and chairs dictates to a great extend how big or small the room looks. It is best to choose a table with its chairs at the same time in order to create a cohesive result. If you choose a table with bulky legs, then try to keep the effect balanced by opting for chairs with a solid back and exposed legs.

All the while lighting is crucial for enhancing the desired dining experience. Whilst, low hanging pendant lights over a dining table are quite popular choices for they make a beautiful design statement and create a good visual flow over the food area, I suggest that you have at least one more light source available (you may want to read about my lighting tips or glance at these brilliant designer lighting ideas).

Furthermore, some use an area rug to anchor their furniture. Personally, in my home I don’t have one in my dining space. The reason is simple. I have a dining table with a metal truss frame which makes it incredibly hard for me to clean the floor after a meal. But having said that though, I honestly love the way an area rug looks under a dining table and chairs. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it surely dresses it up all. Perhaps, when my kids get older, then I might add one on.

A stylish minimal dining space with a round dining table and Fritz Hansen's plastic Drop chairs. Image by Nest.
Image by Nest. The Drop™ chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958. After more than 50 years in hibernation, the Drop – a small chair with a big personality – is now relaunched.
A beautiful formal dining space with a glass top round dining table, velvet dining chairs in various colors and a stunning pendant light. Image by John Lewis.
Image by John Lewis. Round dining tables create a good flow in a space, creating the illusion of a bigger space. The Farrugia Dining Table at £699 and Moritz Dining Chairs, £299 each.


In any case, dining is part of living. Therefore, dining in style is essentially about the pursuit of better living. Sure, the way we live our homes has changed over the years. Dining rooms may not be used as frequently as in the past. I do however believe that they continue to add a special design effect, making a house feel complete – wholesome (design-wise speaking)! (More inspiration on modern dining rooms from Elle Decor).

Perhaps I’m a little old fashioned, but the stats back me up on this, for potential home buyers still want dining rooms. (You may want to read the top 10 features that today’s buyers want most). Hence, a point to consider in case you’re thinking of selling your home, is staging a stylish dining room. It is quite important for it creates that homey feeling that everyone can relate to and that certainly sells better.

What’s your take on dining spaces? Do you have a favorite style?

Stay well and a happy weekend to you all,

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