10 Gorgeous Fall 2018 Outfit Ideas

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Happy October! I hope this will be a good month for us all. I expect it to help us ease into winter although it kind of started off a little on the wrong foot for us here, with a sudden 10C temperature drop and a lot of rain. Looking on the bright side of things, Elisabeth and I will be heading for London at the end of this month to attend the Amara Interior Blog Awards – for we made to the shortlist, yahh – and we couldn’t be more excited over this. London is so beautiful at fall… and this time round, I’ll grab the opportunity to take as many shots as possible and share them with you! It’s too bad, that London’s Fashion Week is already over (it would be great to have been there for some picture taking and reporting back). Nonetheless, I’ve got some inspiring imagery of gorgeous fall outfit ideas that will set us in the mood for this autumn. They are great for easy-to-put-together looks that will prove how powerful fall’s bewitching spell is.

Oh I love this faux fur deep rusty hue jacket over a white top paired with black pants. Makes her look gorgeous. Image by Monsoon.
Image by Monsoon.

The fashion trends that are under my radar lately are: warm hues (burgundy, mustard, cognac), velvet blazers, trench coats, faux-fur jackets, lots of tartans, some fresh prints and lots of rich textures. At this point I should mention that some deep saturated royal greens also look amazing, therefore I wouldn’t hesitate to include them.

Another major trend this season is “over-embellishment” and I’m not referring to accessories only. As I already wrote in this post: sequins and glitter, add extra texture to our outfits while adding some highlight shine to them and we will see them all over. Since texture is a huge wanted attribute in both fashion and home decor alike, knits are on the rise, velvet is in fashion and corduroy has resurfaced.

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to own an accessory with a fringe like a bag or a fringed cardigan for that matter to add a rock edge to your look. Using belts again looks more preppy, but very chic. And lastly, a personal favorite staple to add this season is a hat. I used to wear lots of them back in my twenties and I feel the time is right again to introduce them back into my uniform.

What a lovely poncho coat with a blue tartan print that looks so stylish on this woman who paired it with a black hat. Image by Lipsy.
Image by Lipsy.
How beautiful, like an English rose. A stylish woman with a dusky rose pink overcoat, a pink silk shirt and a burgundy skirt. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins.
I love this blue midi skirt with a tartan print. This woman is wearing it with a burgundy top and white booties. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Love this stripe dress with a beige trench coat over it and snake skin ankle boots. Image by Oasis.
Image by Oasis.
A red dress with a camel overcoat and black western boots can be a very stylish combination. Image by Hobbs.
Image by Hobbs. A red ruffle dress can rock when paired with a black western belt and boots.
A black jacket with a fringe and two red statement stripes really stands out over some black leather pants paired with black booties. Image by Wallis.
Image by Wallis. Did you notice the fringe? It gives it an edgy look.
I like this black textured blazer over a white top paired with some track pants. It gives a such a casual vibe but still very elegant. Image by Marks & Spencer.
Image by Marks & Spencer.
What a chic combo. A woman wearing a black top paired with a long dark green pleated skirt. Image by Marks & Spencer.
Image by Marks & Spencer. An amazing combination of a textured black top with a beautiful green pleat skirt.
I'm in love with this burgundy velvet blazer combined casually with a grey tee and a pair of grey tartan print pants. Image by Marks & Spencer.
Image by Marks & Spencer.

What did I tell you? There’s no need to worry what to wear. Sometimes buying a key piece is all you need to update a wardrobe. So once you pinpoint a trend you like then adopting it to your style is all that’s required to feel that sensation of something new in your outfit that will have a twist.

Take good care now, xx

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