The Beauty of Handmade Tiles

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Just the other day, I received a direct message asking me among other things ‘What is the coolest design move other than color?‘ My reply was: ‘Lighting, wallpaper accents and tiling!’ Therefore, today I’d like to share with you a bit of some amazing inspiration on handmade tiles and show you some of the less ordinary possibilities and their beauty.

A beautiful vanity room made with handmade beige decorative Moroccan tiling. Image by G. Vega.

Now, I’ve touched a bit on lighting, shared some wallpaper inspiration, but I haven’t mentioned yet, anything about tiling. And believe me, tiling is a lot more exciting than you can imagine.

About Ceramic Tiles

Tiles are a lot more than just a ceramic cladding on a wall or a typical floor. This iconic material, that has survived the test of time with its distinctive patterns and/or textures, has proven a real gem. It can produce both a subtle and discreet aesthetic or a bold visual impact with the same ease.

A beautiful detail of a bathroom with a double basin, double gold frame mirrors and a beautiful decorative tile backsplash. Image by G. Vega.
A white bathroom with an accent wall of blue and white decorative tiles. Image by G. Vega.
An accent wall to an all white bathroom like this is absolutely stunning.
Detail of a kitchen backsplash with decorative tiles behind the cooker. Image by G. Vega.

Most people think of tiles as a material confined to a vanity or wet room and a kitchen backsplash. Obviously, there are also used widely as flooring. But, tiles can be used for a lot more things as long as you let your imagination run. There are no limits. The reason is that tiles nowadays are a material that can easily be customized, especially when it comes to handmade tiles. The tiles in all of these images are handmade and can be customized to color, size, shape, style and even design.

View of a timber roof over an entryway with ceramic tiles as decor. Image by G. Vega.
View of a timber roof over an entryway with ceramic tiles as decor.

The uniqueness and customization of handmade tiles gives rise to artful interactions with the immediate surroundings. The fact that each tile may have a different coating or a slight difference in size or color (a common attribute to all handmade and hand painted staples) along with the design theme, creates in overall a stunning aesthetic one of its kind. Their “imperfections” highlight the fact that they are not factory produced.

A contemporary dining space next to large window doors with a dining table whose table top has been laid with turquoise leafy pattern handmade tiles. Image by G. Vega.
A beautiful tabletop made with G. Vega handmade tiles that adds a more eclectic vibe to a neutral, minimal, contemporary dining space.
A covered roof outdoor space with a boho vibe and a sofa against a wall that features three rows of decorative handmade turquoise tiles. Image by G. Vega.
Tiles used as wall decor in an outdoor space. Grouping them together like a gallery wall is surely a great way to add an element of interest both indoors or outdoors.
Another wall installation of handmade decorative tiles paired with large rustic lanterns on a dark wood sideboard. Image by G. Vega.
An arched niche with mosaic tiling as an accent backdrop. Image by G. Vega.
An arched niche with the Alhambra tile creating a mosaic effect.
A ceramic wall hanging of the Trojan horse. Image by G. Vega.
A ceramic wall hanging of the Trojan horse by G. Vega Ceramica.

As a matter of fact, tiles can be considered and treated as a wall art. Customized or bespoke tile wall decor installations is a fabulous way to give a space a makeover, enhancing your style. Whether it is a mural or the smallest touch of creativity, it will definitely create an unforgettable impression, while it may also layer in more texture.

A cozy outdoor alcove under a stairway with a build-in sofa and turquoise decorative tiles that add a summer vibe to it. Image by G. Vega.
A cozy outdoor alcove under a stairway with a build-in sofa and turquoise decorative tiles that add a summer vibe to it.
A vertical wall installation made of turquoise tiles on an outdoor house pillar. Image by G. Vega.
An outdoor BBQ space with a roof and some decorative turquoise handmade tiles that give it an eclectic rustic style. Image by G. Vega.
Four different street number signs made of tiles. Image by G. Vega.

I’m quite certain that many of you will argue that handmade tiles are costly. However, I would like to point out is that if your budget is limited, then you can always create a composition while adding fewer tiles as accents thus, keeping the budget down without compromising entirely the design effect you want to achieve.

Even the addition of a street sign made of a handmade tile like these can enhance a personal sense of style without breaking the bank. So with a little sensibility, great things that can be achieved.

I also think it is most worthwhile to look around for more inspiration. A great starting point is this website of G. Vega ceramic tiles. I’m not affiliated to them in any way, but I have found some truly amazing inspiration there for future projects and think it may be helpful to you as well.

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P.S. All images are a courtesy of G. Vega Ceramica.


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