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I think print patterns have been around almost forever. What changes over time is how we choose to use them. Well, in this case I’m referring to more on how we wear them. And although many of us stick to solid colors because that feels very safe, I think print patterns can be worn at any age. So let’s have a closer look at print and pattern summer fashion…

Love the boho vibe of this vibrant print pattern of the oversized shawl and matching maxi skirt paired with a white top. Image by Monsoon.

There are so many prints and patterns to choose from, making it well worth getting more adventurous with them. Animal prints (snake, leopard and zebra) are among the most popular. Flower, tropical prints and other geometric patterns (i.e. gingham, checks and plaid) are always around.

Love the boldness of this print pattern. Two women wearing a bold print dress and a white top with the same print maxi skirt. Image by Miss Selfridge.
Miss Selfridge. I love the clash of the flower print with the geometric pattern.

The difference is that it is almost imperative nowadays to create a clash of prints and patterns, breaking away from the old school rules and re-invent them anew. This may sound scary but if you think about it, it gives rise to new possibilities and a greater sense of freedom because of the newfound flexibility.

Print and pattern fashion: A red maxi summer dress with a large flower print has a bold, modern and playful vibe to it. Image by Accessorize.
An orange maxi summer dress with a flower print is a great thing to wear when going to the beach along with that straw bag. Love it! Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins
Print and pattern fashion: Two women in two orange hue print pattern summer dresses that have a bit of a boho flair to them. Image by Miss Selfridge.
Miss Selfridge
A tropical print jumpsuit is ideal for a hot summer weather outing. Image by M&Co.
A bandeau summer dress with countless different colored polka dots giving you the impression of beads. Out of the ordinary, yet stylish. Image by Sosandar.
Two women at the beach in summer dresses with a romantic flair to them. The pinkish one with the flower pattern is knee high while the greenish flower print one is very short. Image by River Island.
River Island
Print and pattern fashion: A large tropical print over a back background on this dress looks fab when paired with a black Panama hat with a leopard print trim. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins
A blue and white print jumpsuit is one of my favorite summer outfit pieces. Image by Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins
Print and pattern fashion: I love this maxi summer dress with orange and green hue stripes. Image by Next.
I love a good leopard print like this short sleeve jumpsuit. Image by Sosandar.
A gingham pattern playsuit like this will not go un-noticed! Image by Oasis.

Now I will let you in on a little secret about patterns in case you are intimidated by them. Patterns are governed by their colors. Therefore, chances are that you’ll be attracted to the patterns that you fancy their coloring. Hence, my big tip for you is that: When you pair your patterns to make your outfit – always match their colors! Do not try to match the patterns. Keep that in mind and you’ll never go wrong.

TIP: When you pair your patterns to make your outfit – always match their colors!

Another thing to know about patterns is that their scale is of big importance. For instance, thin stripes have a more retro vibe than thicker ones. Similarly, big flowers print look more modern than small ones.

Speaking of stripes, if you are looking for an all time classic print that will never fail you, then you can always count on polka dots and stripes. They are both such classic patterns and moreover, they don’t require too much styling. So, they are always a good starting point even for the least daring of you. As a matter of fact, stripes are also big in design – read all about that on trend radar :: stripes.

I hope I got you inspired… and helped you see that prints and patterns are fashionable, yet stylish and anyone can wear them.


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