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There are days when you wake up in the morning feeling like you will rule the day. You know exactly what to wear and how to wear it. Everything reflects that unbeatable attitude of yours – ‘I got this!’ Naturally, when you feel this good, you look that good too… And then, there are other days where everything feels out of place. Your eyes are too close together, your nose too long, your hair has grown a mind of its own and you just put together the worst possible outfit. EVER!

A sketch of a woman in a strapless blue green outfit.

The Anatomy of a Bad Outfit

There is the bad outfit you put together without much thought or effort. Speaking from experience, it is usually off-season, but you wear it anyway, with an abiding notion that the climatic conditions won’t affect you. Or it is totally unsuitable for a planned outing. Yet, you are too blinded by the willpower to pull it off despite your better judgement.

In any case, both kinds make you feel awkward and uneasy. The kind were you are not really present in the moment. As such, you are consumed with beating yourself for not talking yourself out of it and/or exploring other options, like calling in sick and spending the day in pj’s. After all a new day means a new chance to have another go at it, but with a different mindset!

Then, there are bad outfits you have put together simply because you don’t feel like yourself AND you are mad! And for some inexplicable reason you want to share that with the rest of the world… I mean, everyone is entitled to bad outfit days, or bad days for that matter, right?! Of course, this results in an outfit that a) makes no sense to you, b) makes you feel even worse and c) usually includes a solitary moment where you wish this day would end sooner than later. Better yet, that you were a hermit.

However, there is also the odd outfit that simply fails you at the worst possible time, making every cell of yours feel the embarrassment! Naturally, over the course of the years, I can too account for several bad outfit days. This was one of them…

My Bad Experience

One fine summer day a long, long time ago my sister, Elisabeth and I, went to a party (with no dress code). This would be the first time I would wear this outfit – a strapless top with coordinated wide leg pants in a soft greenish blue color. Almost a pale turquoise with a soft sheen to it. Fabulous!

I had recently purchased it and was much too eager to wear it. It wasn’t too fancy, but as soon as I walked in the party grounds by the pool, I took note of the looks I got. For once, I felt like I wasn’t over or under dressed! …Phew! So I thought to myself – ‘Great!’

However, my moment of joy did not last. While sipping my first cocktail, my strapless top began to unfasten! Just like that – without any warning. My eyes popped with bewilderment. But ‘Hey, why panic? I’ll just have my sister fasten me,’ I thought. Shortly afterwards though, as I moved while socializing, the fasteners became undone again. So, my sister fastened me again. And again…and again.

So there was me, standing with a glass in my hand, a frozen smile on my face, wearing a top that threatened to expose me without a warning the moment I moved, thinking ‘how on earth did I miss not spotting that this top should have a zipper rather than a series of fasteners?!’ Oh, I bet I made a great pillar of salt, in my determined effort to remain with my top intact, while Elisabeth tried to fetch safety pins.

But the embarrassment of the whole thing was getting the best of me. And worse, my hopes for some magic solution to my ridiculous predicament, vanished when my sister returned to my aid with just one safety pin. Sadly, that’s all she could find. Clearly, one pin wasn’t enough to save my day.

Consequently, my now red face began to glisten more than usual. I had no control over what was happening, literally behind my back. Hence, I decided to call it a night and retreat with a defeated look on my face, leaving the party before everyone arrived. At least that way I got to salvage whatever dignity I still had.

As anticipated, this incident taught me a lesson – a very important lesson! Comfort that comes with a good fit and feeling like oneself is far more important than any fancy outfit that can go really bad. So I have settled with the idea that I’m very much of a casual tee and jeans kind-a-girl. I feel good in them no matter what.

I also apply this styling tip that Instagram fashion influencers follow that helps me keep my outfits balanced. And lastly, when it comes to dressing for an outing then, I made it a rule to “test wear” any outfit I have doubts over, before wearing it in public. 🙂

Have a great week y’all,

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  • “Then, there are bad outfits you have put together simply because you don’t feel like yourself AND you are mad!”…Hahaha. Oh but soooo mad. I can relate so much. It’s a vicious cycle!

    • It is isn’t?! Until you decide that you had enough of just being mad, because it’s not getting you anywhere and just like that you snap out it…! Or at least I do! Haha. Thanks for this Daphne, have a lovely weekend xo

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