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The weekend is finally here. Elisabeth and I will be attending a Greek designers’ event on Saturday, the Pop Up Project: Under the Greek Sun. Jewelry and fashion designers will be showcasing their latest creations. We really look forward to that and we’ll be reporting back to you all about it very soon. Meanwhile, let me share with you some fun links from around the web to make your day or better yet, your weekend… One of them concerns Gaudi’s first home.

Velvet in an alley at Plaka Athens.
Velvet Karatzas in an alley at Plaka, Athens

Check out these jaw dropping photos from a drone! Amazing, huh?!

Next, I have a question for you: Do you think that you could tell something about a city from its skyline? Urban landscapes are changing in many places around the world. Consequently, their skylines change too. Take London for instance. A record number of skyscrapers completed in London in 2016. It’s something that designers should think over for the long run. Is that something that we really want. Perhaps, it’s time to consider the impact of our buildings in terms of the city’s landscape too.

Anyway, if you happen to visit Barcelona, one of the cities that’s on my wishlist, then Gaudi’s first home will open as a museum in 2017. (This fall). It has been declared as a World Heritage Site and is one of the first Art Nouveau buildings.

Lastly, a tip: How to chill wine in under 3 minutes. That’s quite handy to know especially now in the summer. I strongly recommend chilled white wine with summer fruits on the side like, melon, peach and grapes. Just fabulous!

A quote that reads The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. - Albert Einstein.
Quote of the week.

Have a good weekend,

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