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Hello everyone! Fall is officially here; and the sunsets lately in my part of the world have been nothing less than glorious, with stunning gradient hues of blush pink, peach, and rose quartz layered along the blue ones. Those neutral shades of pink are priceless filled with a strong sense of hope ‘that everything will get better, for tomorrow is a new day!’ So, it’s no wonder that I’m in a pink mood and chances are, that you’ll be as well after reading this post. I have to warn you that it’s a contagious condition. I made a pink moodboard that draws inspiration from nature, every day life, interiors, foods and anything that deserves to be pink. Because, pink is never just a color – ‘it’s a revolution!’

People inside a light blue sea, while the sky is a peachy pink color
Image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I don’t know about you, but blush pink with its dusty pink hue first crept in my vanity make-up case, flushing my cheekbones. Then it crept into my wardrobe with several tees and sweats to account for. Next, it crept into my interior despite my husband’s contrary stance, but to his delight, it looked modern and fresh.

What a stylish bedroom with an art gallery wall in an earthy palette of pinks. Via Desenio.
Via Desenio. An earthy palette of pinks…

So, I think it’s pretty safe to say that pink permeated into our lives, brightening it effortlessly. It certainly won me over, despite the fact that I was never into it. But here are five reasons why we should all love pink:

  1. it’s flirty,
  2. it makes us smile,
  3. it’s around us even if we don’t take the time to notice it (including the sunrises and sunsets of our days),
  4. it’s neutral,
  5. and despite popular belief it’s not a ‘girly’ color. It’s an earth color with an understated appeal, no seasonal borders, highly sophisticated with a modern personality and a timeless quality to it.

It’s no wonder that Pantone announced Rose Quartz (13-1520) as the color of the year 2016 along with Serenity (15-3919) and to be honest, I don’t think that we’re done with it. As a matter of fact, we’ve just began to appreciate its beauty and integrate it into our decor. Enough said though: time for my blush pink moodboard inspiration as promised!

Detail of a hay against a pink sky somewhere in nature
A pink sky at sunset hours by a beach with surfers where everything looks pink
Via John Jason on Unsplash
partial view of a pink building in NYC with green fire exit stairwells
A maximalist bedroom with tones of pink and blue. Image be John Lewis
Via: John Lewis.
A room with a bohemian flair. Lots of wood details, a wall hanging macrame and a splash of pink on a armless chair, make everything look so easy going. Image by Primark UK.
A white Moroccan interior with old pattern pink and green floor tiles
Via Orlova Maria on Unsplash.
A woman standing in pointed ballerina shoes on top of broken bricks
A modern building on the right against a pink cloudy sky in the background and a reflection of the sky on a paddle of water on the foreground. Everything has a pink hue
Via John Jason on Unsplash.
wall painted in a colorblock fashion while a woman is holding a cup with a stripe of yellow to create a contrast against the wall
Via Marion Michele on Unsplash.
A stylish boudoir. The blind with a floral design compliments the velvet pink armchair beautifully. Image by Englishblinds.
Via: English Blinds.
Detail of a contemporary living space with a bookcase besides a grey sofa. The pink Zuiver clock really stands out against all the other moody decor. Image by Cuckooland.
Via Cuckooland.
A small canal in Venice with colored buildings left and right
A magnolia tree with blooms in front of a building

Wasn’t this pink moodboard fascinating? Did you notice the subtle impact of pink in the interiors? Or the abundance of pink in nature? I’m sure that there are probably a million more reasons to embrace pink in our lives. I’ve only managed to show you but a few. Personally, I love combining it with other neutrals to make a more elegant ensemble. However, it can certainly vamp up a space in a pop kind of way if you combine it with a cheery color like bright yellow or orange.

A contemporary off white kitchen with a twist: two dusty pink bar stools upholstered in velvet. Via Cult Furniture.
Via Cult Furniture. A hint of pink even in a kitchen can go a long way.
Such a cheery, bright sitting room with a dash of yellow and lots of pinks. Via: Desenio.
Via Desenio. Add a dash of bright yellow next to pink and everything will pop up to the next level.

There was a time when pastel colors, including pink, were cast aside. People opted something more vivid and intense or moody. But, since everything goes around in circles, pastels have resurfaced and have gained their popularity once again these last few years, trending in both the fashion and design industry. Besides who said that pink can’t be moody?! 

An eye bird view of two velvet armchairs (one in charcoal gray the other in pink) atop a geometric pattern rug with moody pinks and grays. Via Brabbu Design Forces.
Via Brabbu Design Forces. Moody pinks.

Is it a ‘romantic’ color? Sure it is! But positive thinking and being hopeful are also ‘romantic’ acts and I don’t see anything wrong in that… So I think a little more pink is a good idea! Let me know your thoughts on this…

Stay inspired, xo

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Last update: 06/30/21


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