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Music is probably our dearest old friend. Can you imagine a life without it? I certainly can’t! Music has always helped me clear my mind, lift my spirits, heal my wounds and most definitely helped me make the connections in my messy creative process. It goes straight to the heart to spark inspiration and helps pave new thinking modes. So, music is an absolute necessity in my life. Although I love classical music, most of my moments are geared into rock beats, jazzy moods, pop highlights and easy listening dreams… Therefore, I thought I share with you all, my latest music playlist that got me through 2017 with its good times, its tough ones, the nerve-wrecking ones, and the beautiful ones… all part of my urban bliss. Head on to YouTube and listen to its 2017 REFLECTIONS. I bet you’ll relate to all of them yourself!

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

I surely hope that you enjoyed listening to the playlist… This is the last post for this year. Unbelievable or what?! We’re about to leave 2017 behind us and welcome a new year with fresh expectations. To be honest, I’m not into making new year resolutions. Instead, I choose to move on! Simple as that, for I believe it’s all about the journey and not the actual destination! Therefore, I would like thank each and everyone one of you who visited, supported this happy, little, creative space, and joined this tribe that believes life is what you make out of it!

 Road detail with the two parallel yellow lines running along it while in the background there's a snowy landscape. In the foreground are the details of the songs that make up the 2017 reflections music playlist that can be viewed via YouTube.
Background photo by Amanda Sandlin on Unsplash

A last word of advice would be: to let go of anything that holds you back, makes you sad or simply isn’t worth your time or energy. Let’s welcome 2018 and move on!!! Happy New Year!!! 😉

Truly yours,

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