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At times, we all get overthrown by an awkward feeling that makes us uneasy about everything. Don’t we?! There isn’t necessarily a real obvious reason that we can pin point; it’s just a funny feeling that lingers, making everything feel a little stuffy and stale. Whenever I get that feeling, I know that it’s time to make a small change in my living or working environment to change the vibe. And it works like a charm, every time. Changing or even re-arranging the kitchen decor, in a home improvement context, can have a great impact. After all, spring is a great time for such small undertakings and it will breathe a new life into your kitchen – the heart of any home. Read on a few easy tips and some kitchen decorating ideas to get those inspiration juices flowing again… What do you say?

A minimal contemporary kitchen in the background makes a great contrast to a more rustic dining setting in the foreground. Image by M&S.
Image by Marks and Spencer (M&S). Notice the impact those numerous vases aligned next to each other that have in this kitchen setting. That’s one kind of clutter that no one ever minds. And who said that a minimal kitchen cabinetry can’t fuse with a rustic style dining table? Not me!

Obviously, the cabinetry dictates the overall kitchen style. The backsplash and counter compliment it. But the details are the ones that make the difference. Therefore, even if you do have an old kitchen, that you so much want to get rid off but can’t just yet (for whatever reason), then focus on the small details that can update it. Sounds reasonable right? That doesn’t necessarily mean to buy more stuff. Sometimes, it’s just about re-arranging things. Other times, it might mean replacing broken, or damaged, lifeless stuff with new ones. But most of the times, it’s about “filling-in” blanks with life, like flowers, kids photos, and fridge magnets from your travels (a little habit we have)! 😉 That personal touch is what makes it all special.

A cluttered kitchen spot on a counter with a tea pot, cake, cutting board and tray. Image by National Trust.
Image by National Trust


How? Add color, pattern and typography… via your dinnerware and textiles. For instance, if you have a minimal kitchen then consider buying a few mugs with a geometric pattern to create an interesting contrast with the surroundings. Replace any old chipped dinnerware with new ones. Choose something a little different (another color perhaps). Dig out those kitchen towels with their colored big typeface. Logomania is big again. But, do get rid of all the little things that hurt your eyes with their aesthetic pollution.

Are these mugs with a geometric pattern on them beautiful or what. And the blue tea pot among them looks so precious. Image by Oliver Bonas.
Image by Oliver Bonas

If your kitchen has a “busy-look” with an overdose of color, textures, patterns, along with left-out appliances (like myself) then it might be a good idea to pacify things with small touches of monochrome kitchenware in neutral shades, like pale greens and purples. If you have cluttered corners, don’t despair. Make them look their best by re-arranging them.

Adding a planter somewhere near that cluttered corner, can also work wonders; some people will think that the clutter might actually be part of a bigger plan! Bring anything that’s beautiful outdoors indoors. Wherever possible, add a planter with herbs. Moreover, don’t add just one vase with flowers. Instead, make a clutter of different vases in size and shape and fill them with fresh flowers. That is a sure winner!

Kitchen shelves filled with dinnerware, looking pretty thanks to a plant. Image by House of Fraser.
Image by House of Fraser
A good looking cluttered corner with all those pots and pans hanging from the white kitchen shelf. But a small planter is always a great addition. Image by
Image by Despite the clutter from the pots and pans, the addition of this Ferm living plant box is always a great touch! The only thing I would like to add is an extra touch of typography, i.e. on a cookie jar to spice it up. Anyhow, notice how nice brass and copper touches fuse in this little corner, not to mention the graters that add a geometric pattern in such an unconventional way!
These cool bar stool chairs in various colors look ideal for this tall white kitchen counter. Image by
Image by Green styling is still huge. Introducing an art image of some green foliage is a really cool way to add a little green style. In this case, notice how the green theme is embraced in three different ways: the Nerd barstools, the green foliage in the glass vase and the art image across on the wall above that wall insert. Smart!
Dining chairs can always add splashes of color in a neutral color kitchen like this one. Image by
Image by I love this dining space because although it’s neutral, the dining chairs in different color spice it up in a delightful way, complimenting nicely the Muuto split table. Everything feels really breezy, while the dark artwork on the wall adds that needed contrast against all that white to anchor everything.

Perhaps, it’s due time to change your old dining chairs. As a matter of fact, I replaced mine just yesterday. The reason was that my old chairs were too big for my small kitchen table (scale-wise). Therefore, when we all gathered there to dine, it always felt like we were crowding each other for there wasn’t enough room to move. The table always looked a lot smaller than it really is. But, that just got sorted.

Now, I didn’t opt for a mix of different chair styles, like so many do. Personally, I thought that causes a lot of unbalance and sends out a very confusing message. Since, I have an abundance of colors in my open plan space, I chose chairs of the same color. However, if you do have a neutral kitchen setting I can honestly propose that you opt for the same style of chairs, but in different colors when the time comes for you to change your dining chairs (like in the image above). Something for you to keep in mind. 😉

I hope this comes as a bit of help, to any of you trying to prep up for the Easter holidays. I do also suggest that you have a look at these 39 inspiring spring kitchen decor ideas. Do let me know if you’d like me to get into more detail about something that concerns. I’m always glad to help out any way I can.


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  • Love the idea of having different color of chairs in my kitchen just like in the picture you have above! Do you think I can go for it although my kitchen is dark? Or should I try for different chairs to have a greater impact? Not sure what is best and would really appreciate some advice…

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