Best Highlights From the IMM Cologne 2019

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Just over two weeks ago, the first design fair of this year ended: imm Cologne 2019. This edition of the fair, set in dynamic mode the furnishing industry, attracting overseas trade visitors while it also saw growth in numbers of visitors from other European nations. Its interior trend echoes were loud and clear as you’ll be able to see for yourselves from the inspiring images I put together. Any surprises? Perhaps a couple that reminded me that interior design must have an element of fun in order to create that reflective impulse of ours to own something even if we don’t necessarily need it. So without further ado, here are the best highlights from the imm Cologne 2019 fair.

View of a stunning living space with a magnified blue green leafy accent wall as a background to a pattern print sofa. This image is from the stand of Poliform at the imm Cologne 2019 fair.
A beautiful contemporary kitchen from Poliform's stand during the imm Cologne 2019 fair.
Two images, on the left a grey sofa from Petite Friture. On the right partial view of a dining space with a dark marble dining table from Poliform. Both images taken during the imm Cologne 2019 fair.
Left: Petite Friture. Right: Poliform. Dark marbles are back on the scene.

The most recognizable trend of all is that of curvy furniture that is still going really strong. The second trend is all about colors. There were tons of earth tones including mustard, rusty and some green hues. Pantone’s living coral was also one of the protagonist colors.

Alongside those colors, pastel hues surfaced. Honestly, they’re not much to my liking, but perhaps you might fancy them (the photo below from Trend Atmospheres is representative of the pastel hue trend). I prefer more saturated colors and yes, there were still plenty of them around too.

All three images from stands at the imm Cologne 2019 fair. On the left: Tecta. Top right: Trend Atmospheres. Bottom right: Thonet cane chairs.
Left: Tecta, the manufacturer of authentic Bauhaus furniture. Top right: Trend Atmospheres. Bottom right: Thonet.

Staying on color trends, beige wall paint is the next up-coming neutral wall color that is off-staging white for while. In reality, white is going to be thrown in the decor mix along with other colors as opposed to being the main backdrop color. Also, there is the resurfacing of colored marbles with strong veins (very popular back in the 60’s and 70’s). Moreover, striking eye-catching geometric patterns in textiles juxtaposed against the governing soft forms. Top that with gold metallic accents that were very much around everywhere.

Two images of different geometrical shaped wall tapestries by cc Tapis at the imm Cologne 2019 fair.
CC Tapis

Let me not forget that cane furniture is still on the rise, emitting that organic vibe; at this point though I would like to remind everyone that organic does not imply sustainable too. Those two concepts are not the same and as such their terms are not interchangeable. In any case, the great thing about cane furniture in my humble opinion, is their beautiful informal note with a quality from a past era…

Two images of a vignette on the left with two chairs and a round table and a living space with two mustard sofas on the right. Both images from the stand and Tradition at imm Cologne 2019 fair.
and Tradition
Partial view of a dining space with a wall tapestry at the stand of Asplund at imm Cologne 2019.
Two images of a living space with a blue sofa and a dining space on the right from the stand of Muuto at imm Cologne 2019.
A contemporary living space with a dark sofa and an orange like armchair besides it. One of walls is in a deep teal color making an excellent backdrop for the armchair. This is part of the stand from Vitra at the imm Cologne 2019 fair.
Vitra. Pantone’s coral living color added to the mix with teal and dark browns.
View of the bedroom area from "Das Haus" stand in imm Cologne 2019 fair. Note the mustard cane rotating partitions.
“Das Haus– Interiors on Stage” an installation designed this year by the Australian designer couple Truly Truly. Every year, a nominated designer is given the opportunity to design and create a personal vision of the ideal residence as an experimental platform.
The bathroom area from "Das Haus" in the imm Cologne 2019 fair.
Das Haus. Note the mustard cane partitions!
Partial view of a living space with a mural as an accent wall from the stand of Livingdivani at imm Cologne 2019.
Living Divani
Two images from the stand by String from the imm Cologne 2019 fair. On the left a desk area, on the right a bookcase in light grey.
Partial view of a living room with an olive tree between the sofas from the stand of Dedon at imm Cologne 2019.
View of a contemporary living space with large comfy beige sofas from the Molteni stand at the imm Cologne 2019 fair.
Molteni. Beige against deep saturated colors.

Obviously, many of these trends will be filtered down before they reach the High Street shops. So if any of you are wondering what I would be putting in my home, then I would say one of those comfy modular velvet sofas! (I haven’t decided on the color yet, but seriously that is what I truly need). Now if I could possibly combine that sofa with that brilliant accent wall as in the first image that got me excited then, I would be thrilled. Unfortunately, I can’t have such an accent wall (for I have an open floor space where living, dining, cooking and working areas all collide), but I can always dream of the possibilities.

On a more serious note though, the biggest design challenge of all that is underlined in every design fair is to address functionality with pleasing aesthetics. This is the very reason I share all these with you, because ideas spark possibilities that could later become tangible design plans.

Till later.  Yours,

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P.S. All images are courtesy of Elisabetta Rizzato, the founder and mastermind of Italianbark.

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