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When everyone seems to be heading in one direction, I find myself going in another just to broaden my horizons. I think of it as a great exercise for keeping an open mind to many more possibilities. After all my job relies on my ability to edit the best I can. Therefore, at an age where organic vibes are all over, I have decided to share with you some gorgeous interiors decorated with black accents. Going against the trend currents every now always pays off and these are some bold and undeniably chic interiors or vignettes.

Now that is one gorgeous office space with a black bookcase, pastel dried foliage, a white deskchair, black office and a gorgeous chandelier. Image by DelightFULL.
Image: DelightFULL. Matheny is the name of this chandelier that makes this stunning office glow so brilliantly.

They’re all stunning with a strong sense of luxury that prove that black is a lot more than just a color – it’s a mindset – a way of life if you like. Obviously, living in any monochromatic scheme connotes a strong personality. And in this case, this touch of black will certainly not go unnoticed. They provoke engagement and an underground formality, but that’s just part of their fascinating mysterious enchantment. Luxurious furnishings, fantastic wallpapers and statement lighting come together to provoke engagement.

A moodboard based on black decor with gold accents. Timeless and precious. Image by Essential Home.
Image: Essential Home. A moodboard based on black decor with gold accents. Timeless and precious.
A contemporary living room with a modular grey sofa, a round black coffee table and the velvet upholstered Heather lounge chair. Image by Cult Furniture.
Image: Cult Furniture. Black velvet – need I say more? Can you resist it? This velvet upholstered Heather lounge chair paired with those neutral grays is a great contemporary mix and match.
A gorgeous entryway with white and black marble checker flooring and a stunning golden chandelier. Image by DelightFULL.
Image DelightFULL. Now I just had to share with you this gorgeous entryway. At first glance, you might say classic, but if you take a closer look then you might notice that golden chandelier that gives it all a contemporary jazzy spin! It’s all in the details!
A colorful living room with black accents that add a touch of sophistication and extra glamour. Personally, I love the pendant light. Image by DelightFULL.
Image DelightFULL. Adding touches of black can upgrade any space. In this case, this colorful living room looks a lot more sophisticated because of those black decor elements.
The Torchiere, a floor lamp with so many add on arms with a golden and black finish makes perfect for uplighting, downlighting and reading lighting. In this image it stands out against an art image. Image by DelightFULL.
Image DelightFULL. Would you mind having a reading corner like this? I sure wouldn’t and love both the Torchiere as a floor lamp and the accent painting in an off black frame that stand out against with white paneling. The hardwood floor in a natural oak color grounds it all so well.
A touch of black in a kitchen goes a long way. The stove, the island and those beautiful bar stools create a catching center axis across this kitchen turning up its sophistication level. I love the Heather barstools with a sense of art deco because of the touch of glamour. Image by Cult Furniture.
Image Cult Furniture. A touch of black in a kitchen goes a long way. The stove, the island and those beautiful bar stools align to create a catching center axis across this kitchen turning up its sophistication level.
What a beautiful black and white kitchen with a stunning pendant light over the black kitchen island. Image by DelightFULL.
Image by DelightFULL. A black and white kitchen as this one, has my heart pounding a lot faster. I love the black kitchen island with the Coltrone pendant light over it that gives it a twist. When the backsplash is the same color and material as the countertop then it always exudes a flair of great style.
A retro glamour black and white bathroom but with a modern ambiance, partly because of the two pendant tube like lights on either end of the mirror. Image by DelightFULL.
Image DelightFULL. It is possible to have a modern ambiance even in a bathroom with retro glamour. Take as an example this one.
A classic black and white bathroom with an accent wallpapered wall, a free standing tub, a golden chandelier and black fittings. Do I need to say how gorgeous it all is? Image by DelightFULL.
Image: DelightFULL. This bathroom may seem like a classic with the free standing tub, but the black and white accent wallpapered wall and the light chandelier over it take everything to a whole new level.
Cutout image of a stunning bathtub that combines Ibiza marble and high gloss black wood. Image by Brabbu Design Forces.
Image: Brabbu Design Forces. This bathtub combines Ibiza marble and wood and turn this piece in one everlasting exclusive visual experience!
A vignette with a black Chinese wedding cabinet that I think can make a great add on in an mix and match home interior. Image by Orchid Furniture.
Image: Orchid Furniture. The Chinese Wedding Cabinet. This gorgeous piece of furniture is both decorative and functional and great if you’re into a mix and match kind of aesthetic.
A fan like print on a black background of a wallpaper. Image by Rug'Society.
Image: Rug’Society. Now this is a wallpaper that will haunt me for a long time!
The power of color coordination is definitely overpowering this vignette with sophistication. A graphite gray background with black print leaves on a wallpapered wall act as a backdrop to a graphite grey velvet upholstered vintage inspired armchair and side table in this captivating vignette. Image: The French Bedroom Co.
Image: The French Bedroom Co. The power of color coordination is definitely overpowering this vignette with sophistication.
A stunning living room with a forest green velvet sofa, an accent artwork, gorgeous lighting are a few of the elements that make it all so fascinating. Image by DelightFULL.
Image: DelightFULL. A sophisticated living room with accent art images, gorgeous lights and well balanced layering is the ultimate design goal, just like this one.

Before I bid you farewell for the long awaited weekend, I would like to comment on the fact that going for black accents requires a great sense of style and skill. It may look easy enough to pull off all these gorgeous effects by throwing black decor elements in the mix and hoping that it works.

But, make no mistake that these interiors have been well planned out, edited and put together. Nothing is randomly thrown in. Black requires careful curating and editing so that it may look as gorgeous as these examples. It needs to be balanced with other saturated hues for starters. But once you nail this style, then it will work for you for a lifetime no matter what the trends may dictate…

So, dare to go black? Let me know!! 🙂

(If you still need some inspiration then this lookbook has some great examples).


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  • Wow!!! Never thought that black would be my cup of tea! But after taking a look at these pictures I am seriously reconsidering! Fabulous pictures!!!

    • I think black in interiors deserves a lot more credit. It’s undeniably chic and sophisticated, but then again many other colors too as long as you keep things balanced. xx

  • I loved the Chinese Cabinet and the Big entrance with the checked marbles combined also with the gold picture frame! Beautiful pics! Thank you girls!!!

    • The Chinese Cabinet is indeed a great piece that adds a flair of worldliness in home decor without being over-the-top. As for that entrance – it’s the epitomy of classy design! So glad you like them Vivi. Have a great week, xx

  • So inspiring! Great pictures!!!

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