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Pattern is one of the biggest trends this year and perhaps this decade.  It is a trend that’s here to stay! One of the most easy-going patterns of all is chevron.  It’s basically a zigzag line that creates a sense of a flowing breeze right through all that is static, solid and stagnant. Just a touch of a single chevron pattern and you’ll feel the difference. It spices everything up!

A stylish interior with a black dining table and chairs, black chandelier with a chevron pattern hardwood floor
Photo by Yann Maignan on Unsplash. A chevron pattern hardwood flooring
An interior with a gray sofa, a red wine armchair, a floor lamp in between, an area rug with a red wine chevron pattern and a brick accent wall. Image via Oakfurnitureland.
Image via Oakfurnitureland.

Upholstery fabrics, embroidered pillows, rugs, curtains, duvet covers are just a few textiles that “modernize” a space with their geometric pattern. They create strong focal points that help accentuate the surrounding space. Sometimes they are small and subtle like a throw pillow yet, other times big and loud like a rug making a strong unforgettable impact.

An eye-catching chevron pattern rug sets the mood for this contemporary vignette with mustard hues dominating the space, a tall plant in a golden planter, a velvet armchair next to a brass console table. Image via Audenza.
Image via Audenza.

But, the best match in my book is when you mix their sizes. Combining different scales is a very effective way to make any pattern work. This can then be topped with the addition other geometric patterns for bolder combinations that will keep everything up to date without losing its edge in the long run.

What a dreamy outdoor setup with a black rattan chair, a chevron pattern pouf, and an airy canopy. Image via John Lewis.
John Lewis.
A chevron pattern tiled wall.
A chevron pattern tiled wall.
A beautiful chevron pattern sideboard in a bohemian style interior. Wow. Image by Debenhams.
Debenhams. A chevron pattern sideboard like that can easily be added on to any style interior. This living room may have a bohemian style flair, but that won’t stop a chevron pattern from making a statement.
A stylish woman wearing a chevron pattern pair of pants and a white tee while on a docked sailboat. Image via Pure Collection.
Pure Collection. Chevron pattern is quite popular in fashion as well.
A bedroom with a blue accent wall in the background and dark chevron pattern hardwood flooring.
Ralph Darabos on Unsplash. Chevron pattern flooring.

Since it is very easy to get confused between chevron and the herringbone patterns here’s a pointer: the chevron pattern is a distinct symmetrical zigzag continuous line with peaks and lows. On the other hand, the herringbone pattern has discontinuities because it has overlaps, just like in the image below. Thus, it makes the impression of a weave-in surface.

Detail of blue bricks forming a herringbone pattern
Herringbone pattern

The high-end Italian fashion house Missoni for example is highly associated with the chevron pattern that they have employed in their knitwear and homeware. But chevron patterns are versatile and as such they are not restricted to just textiles. The introduction of this traditional pattern in a space onto floors, bathroom walls, kitchen backsplash or a bedroom’s accent wall adds energy and sophistication in a most elegant way creating beautiful combinations.

Its appeal lies in the fact that it draws you into the space. That is why the chevron pattern is one of my all-time-favorite patterns! It is timeless and elegant, so you can’t go wrong with it!

Ready to embrace the chevron pattern? Then go off and go wild with it! And if you feel up to mixing more patterns in your design scheme, then I recommend you read my brief guide on mixing patterns and colors like a pro!

Various throws from Missoni on display in a retail store.
(Image by author).

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  • I love all these looks! I especially love chevron when used as flooring. I'll have to look into what that will entail 🙂


  • Ooh, so cool! I love this print, dreaming of a white and gold chevron patterned throw!

  • They are so beautiful, makes me rethink how my rooms look so gloomy needed inspiration. Great post.

  • I really like that rug in the 3rd pic!! It really got my attention. x

  • I simply love the Chevron pattern! I particularly love the picture of the bedroom with the wooden floor and the blue walls!

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