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Hi all! How are you? Personally, I feel swamped in workload… and I’m in such a bad need for a getaway. You, too? Unfortunately, can’t do much about the workload or the getaway for that matter. I can however, share with you some great inspiration. Today’s post is about something I envy in other people’s homes, but can’t have in mine (grrrrh!) – the entryway table! I absolutely love it when homes have an entryway or foyer before going into the den and so on. An entry way obviously welcomes guests and predisposes them about the home’s owner style. Ready to get inspired with these entryway ideas?

A Lene Bjerre Dessia Console Table is looking good by an entrance, styled with vases and plants and a great goldish mirror. Image by Houseology.
Image by Houseology | A Lene Bjerre Dessia Console Table
Who says that a sideboard is only for the living room. This Nature Small Wooden Sideboard is a wonderful solution for a small hallway too as a entry table while enhancing the minimal contemporary Scandi styled home. Image by Cuckooland.
Image by Cuckooland. A Scandi chic sideboard doing double duty as a sideboard for all the odds and ends and as an entry table.

The entryway used to have a real purpose to it, mainly to prevent immediate exposure of the home’s interior with the front door and cold weather, acting like a buffer zone, separating the heated areas. The entry table was an addition for all the last second necessities. But, for those who’re lucky enough to have one, it is so much more than that. It anchors the foyer and as a focal point it initiates the guests’ engagement with the home’s interior. But, is it out of fashion? Not really, if you ask me. Sure, there’s a tendency for downsizing homes that translates into eliminating a foyer altogether. However, it’s not a space wasted and if size is not an issue, then a foyer is a keeper.

A stunning looking chrome finish Andrew Martin De Luna Console Table styled with frames, a vase and lanterns and a large round dark mirror over it. Image by Houseology.
Image by Houseology | An Andrew Martin De Luna Console Table
The black Zayna armchair next to this slender frame console table really gives a contemporary edge to this minimal entryway. A black shade floor lamp adds that inky stain that balances the armchair. Image by Cuckooland.
Image by Cuckooland. A geometrical pattern is added in the space due to the Zayna armchair.

Some entry ways are tiny, others are roomy enough to add more furniture like an armchair or a bench. Whatever the case, the important thing to keep in mind is to maintain it “clutter-free.” Obviously, it’s the best place to drop the keys and mail. Therefore, allow for a box-hold-all these necessities to keep them out of sight. Personally, I also like the informality of a bench instead of a console table. It looks more rustic, but in some cases, it makes a great alternative.

The Dutchbone Alagon Dining bench can certainly serve many purposes including serving as an informal entry table, when styled properly with a table lamp and decor like in this image by Cuckooland.
Image by Cuckooland. The Dutchbone Alagon Dining bench serving as a console table!

And if all you have is a wide corridor and no entry way? No worries! An entry table is still a great addition and yet another chance to make a design style statement.

A mix and match styling approach with ethnic elements is definitely is great way to style an entry table by a corridor. A small vintage leather suitcase on the shelf under this wooden console table is a great touch. Image by Oak Furniture Land.
Image by Oak Furniture Land. An entry table styled with a bohemian flair to it.

Gosh, I wish I had either an entry way, or a corridor or even just a wall for that matter – instead I have an open floor plan space. 🙁 Anyway, I’m sure you noticed the round mirror trend running in these images, but a photo print or an original artwork will work equally well.  A notable, elegant entry always changes a guest’s perspective, just like the entrance door conveys the very first impression from the outdoors.

What about yours? Do you fancy any of these styles? Do you have an entryway?


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  • Dear Elisavet and Velvet,
    I loved this article. We are currently trying to decide on how to furnish and decorate the rather large entryway/hall that we have upon entering our home. It is currently almost empty and we have no idea where to begin and what furniture to buy for it! I particularly liked the first Houseology picture and the Scandi Chic sideboard. We have a lot of space empty in the entryway so I will try to get inspiration from these photos!

    • So happy to hear that Ioanna. May I also add how jealous I am that you have an entryway! I don’t so PLEASE make the most of it!!! xo

  • J’em!!! Your eye for style is always ahead of any trend-rader.

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