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Hi all, good to have you back! I know it’s been hard to get on track after the holiday break, but at least I’ll try to make this space a happy and fun space for you to peruse on your time off. Chances are that if you did travel in any of the capitals of central and/or southern Europe you noticed one of the decorating trends of modern but, moody interiors. If you didn’t, don’t worry – neither did I. But, the point is that there is decorating trend of interiors (other than all-white, or greige) that’s growing stronger the last few years. My guess is that it will linger on for more to come. Take a small break to look at these photos, think it over and let me know where you stand with it. 😉

A moody interior with dark grey walls, hardwood flooring, a crystal chandelier and a pink velvet sofa with hunter green velvet pillows in contrast. The ensemble is completed with a round coffee table on the side over a light colored pattern area rug. Photo by DFS Furniture.
Image from DFS Furniture.
A stylish living room with a dark leather sofa and a deep burgundy velvet armchair with a coffee table in the middle. The hardwood flooring is stained really dark and there are greige velvet curtains by the window door. Image by DFS Furniture.
Image from DFS Furniture.
A contemporary moody living room set in dark grey hues, a grey sofa, hardwood flooring and two built-in shelf units behind, creating focal features in a minimal way and accentuating the curvy line of the sofa. The floor lamp besides the sofa and the scones on the wall behind help create a cozier atmosphere. Image from DFS Furniture.
Image from DFS Furniture.

Scandinavian minimalism uses extensively light color schemes and since most people gravitate towards a light, neutral palette it comes to no surprise that it has taken everyone by storm. But the laws of nature always call for balance and I think this is the right time to step back and re-introduce some of those rich, saturated hues back in our lives with a fresh modern approach for some bad-ass eclectic spaces! Of course, they don’t have to be inky dark; perhaps just a little more cinematic for more drama and a fearless elegance!

Moody Colors Decorating Trend

The great thing is that we’re in control on how much of this trend is good enough for us. The key to make note of, is that the use of color is not restrained on one accent wall. Instead, it is about the extensive use of a color scheme in solid blocks fusing in with pattern accents introduced as pops against the sterile monotony. It is also about the need to have more negative space, depth and ultimately sophistication with less.

What a cinematic and moody ambiance in this stylish living room, with its blue sofa being flooded by the sunlight from the door window behind. Image from DFS Furniture.
Image from DFS Furniture.
A stylish but moody entryway with a wooden sideboard, a brass side table with a planter on it and a coat hanger next to it. Image from Cuckooland.
Image from Cuckooland.

These moody interiors with a deep, saturated color palette create a cozy atmosphere that’s delicious and sexy. To make this trend work though, color contrasts are a must. Burgundy reds, ochre yellows, teal and purples (Pantone’s ultra-violet and love symbol #2) are all ideal for sensual combinations. (You may want to check up on my ultra-violet post for more interior inspiration).

A beautifully styled vignette with a modern Eames chair in teal on the left and a tall wine-rack-shelf unit with drawers underneath as extra storage space against a dark wall. Image from Cuckooland.
Image from Cuckooland.

Moreover, when combined with modern, curvy furniture, brass metallics (two of the other 2018 decor trends), geometrical details, patterns and textures then we have a fine, polished space with a modern edge that embodies the best things about a winter landscape with a French flair! 🙂

A moody living room in blues. Ochre yellow stool and art image on the wall making an impact against the moody blue wall and dark blue velvet corner sofa. The chandelier hanging from an accent ceiling adds more drama and completes the design scheme. Image from DFS Furniture.
Image from DFS Furniture.

As some of you may already know, I’m not the greatest fan of an all-white interior. Yet, I can feel those who hesitate about a moody, dark(er) space. But, dark colors can really dress up a room, creating a cozy vibe for the perfect retreat.

So, if an all-white space hasn’t worked for you or you did have enough of the sterile-factor that some of these all-white interiors, then these deep hues may be your next best bet. Therefore, be bold, be brave and you won’t go wrong! And because I don’t want to leave you hanging, check out this guide I wrote on how to decorate with dark colors.

Further suggested read: how to choose the right paint color based on natural light orientation.

Over to you: where do you stand with this trend? Do you think it’s here to stay or not? Love? Hate?

Catch you later, xo

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  • Wow! Lot’s of inspiration in those photos! Thank you for posting such wonderful ideas. Simply beautiful! Your whole blog is! Congratulation on 1 year, you’ve got this!

    • Thank you kindly for your encouragement and empowering words! So glad you like both my post and my blog. Many, many thanks XO, Velvet

  • Personally I am also not a great fan of an all-white interior therefore this trend is definitely something that fits my taste. I love color contrasts and dark colors. I believe that deep colors definitely make any space feel luxurious and cosy!

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