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A long weekend is just about to begin for us here in Greece because of Ash Monday. It is the beginning of the Great Lent, and a day where many of us spent it outdoors trying to fly a kite with our little ones. I really look forward to that, although I can’t say that flying one is my forte. Thank goodness, George takes over and saves the day!! I sincerely hope that you’ve all made some equally nice plans. In any case, I’ve compiled a selection of links for a well spent weekend including one about Luis Bustamante.

Inside a forest with a small stream. Image by Velvet.
Mainland Greece. (Image by author).

I’ll start off with a post about caffe Palladio in Jaipur. That place looked so surreal! Just browse through the images that have a strong retro feel to them and daydream for a minute… I wished that I could just blink and instantly be there for a cup of coffee and then blink again to return to my reality!

Now, let’s head for a wanderlust adventure : traveling with a 3 year old to Disneyland Paris. Yes! This is my personal account from a trip we’ll never forget with our 3yr old son.

Next, have a look at this pretty cool house: an architect couple lives in a spaceship. Can you imagine yourself living there?

After that, check out the masculine chic style of Luis Bustamante. This Spanish, artist – now interior designer, has a really well polished style. The element that makes his chic house stand out, is contrast. This man knows his stuff! 😉

Care for some tips on how to pull of a design scheme like a pro? Then read this: 6 fail proof interior decorating tips for impact. They work like a charm.

Last but not least, I like to say a word about this dark day because of another senseless mass shooting. I know this is supposed to be a happy, fun space – and it is. However, there are a few times that I feel the need to say ‘enjoy the little things’ because you never know… Let’s not take anything for granted! My thoughts are with all who suffer..

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