My Top 5 Benjamin Moore White Paints

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White is a very special color with a huge fan club no matter what interior trends dictate. It is considered a neutral color by most and therefore, it comes to no surprise that it is the color-to-go-to when all else will not cut it. Therefore, I put together my top five Benjamin Moore white wall paints, that I turn to without second thoughts when I need that perfect white paint color.

Side view of a vignette with white decor over a wooden sideboard against an off white wall.

There is a lot more to white paint that meets the eye. Just like most colors it also comes in many shades, governed by undertones (i.e. yellow, red, blue, brown…). Hence, the result is a whole lot of off-whites, some of which are very well poised and definitely less stark than pure white.

Off white color swamps from a color palette book on a moodboard.
Some of those Benjamin Moore off white wall paints while setting up a moodboard

So from the 120 or something off-white shades from Benjamin Moore, I have used five of them, time after time and have proven to be real true gems. They are brilliant, each in its own way and will work for any interior and/or style.

my favorite 5 off white color swaps from Benjamin Moore
My favorite 5 off white wall paint swaps from Benjamin Moore

Hence, I’m sharing them with you today, to help any of you who wish to put together an all white design. They are some of the most popular off whites, because their undertones are just about right – not too warm and creamy or too cold and dingy. They can be paired together nicely for a more crisp effect, without giving you any worries.

However, always test any color on many different walls (both the ones that are exposed to abundant natural light, but also near the shady corners too). Then take note how these test samples you have painted read during different hours of the day (early in the morning, noon, early evening and night). You will notice how different they appear under different conditions. And lastly, do bear in mind that white is greatly affecting by its surrounding colors, for other surfaces and materials may reflect off. Therefore, each white in any room will turn out unique.

Best 5 Benjamin Moore White Wall Paints:

A flat color sample of BM's White Dove OC 17.
BM White Dove OC 17

White Dove OC-17: classic, creamy and poised and a tad muted;

A flat color sample of BM's Simply White OC 117.
BM Simply White OC 117

Simply White OC-117 creamy, versatile but crisp (with a hint of a yellow undertone compared to Chantilly Lace) – my personal all time favorite;

A flat color sample of BM's Chantilly Lace OC 65.
BM Chantilly Lace OC 65

Chantilly Lace OC-65, the purest of them all – very neutral (neither warm or cool toned);

A flat color sample of BM's White Heron OC 57.
BM White Heron OC 57

White Heron OC-57, versatile and on the cool side; matches great with Chantilly Lace for the perfect tone-on-tone approach.

A flat color sample of BM's Calm OC 22.
BM Calm OC 22

Last but not least, Calm OC-22 versatile and easy going with an ever so slight purple undertone.

A flat color sample of BM's Classic Gray OC 23.
BM Classic Gray OC 23

And a bonus color, Classic Gray, I also mention in the video link below; it matches perfectly with Simply White.

The takeaway:

The great thing about the shades of Benjamin Moore white wall paints I show you explicitly in the video, is that they can work for almost any interior, any style and any natural light orientation. Hence, if you ever feel uncertain about which white to use, then you know now that you can always turn to any of these white wall paints for a fail-proof result.

Have a great weekend, xo

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  • I’m debating on using Calm OC-22 on the walls with Simply White OC-117 for the trim throughout the entire house.

    I was very intrigued by your recommendation to use Cloud Cover OC-25 for the ceilings.
    – I’ve got exposed beams that will be stained with BM Provincial and Oak doors that are BM Natural Stain, and Provenza Affinity Unity oak floor.

    Curious your opinion of this color combination (Oh FYI the kitchen cabinets are Simply White and the kitchen countertop is Ceaserstone Frosty Carina).

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Dear William, a hue like Cloud Cover for a ceiling in combination with Calm for the walls will make a ceiling appear brighter and lighter. Please check your inbox for my reply with my thoughts in greater detail. Thank you kindly.

  • I’m painting my 625 Sqft (minus the bedroom) a white but I’m so stuck on which one to choose. It’s west facing has ton of natural light. The floors are a cool but also warm light grey colour. I want to have some contrast between the trim/doors and the walls. I was thinking calm but my boyfriend doesn’t really want grey because grey on grey is going to look depressing but I don’t think it has toooo much grey In it so I think it should be ok. I want to stay in between warm and cool toned. And of course for trim I would go for something more white like chantilly lace. What do you think? Is there another good white with just a touch of grey that you would recommend ?

    • Dear Nora, I regard Calm as one of the great off-whites, because it is somewhat grey with a reddish undertone (making it a hint warmer). Over a large surface though, it tends to look more white than grey. Hence, there will be plenty of contrast with your flooring and it will hardly ever look like a grey-on grey. So I think it will be a great color for your interior. Some other options to consider though are Vanilla Milkshake OC-59 (a touch cooler than Calm) and Cloud Cover OC-25 (closest to Calm). Both are similar tints, just lighter. Another alternative is Silver Satin OC-26. It is almost on the same tone as Calm, just deeper. Now since you want your trims more white, then why not try Simply White OC-117. And lastly, if you do choose to go for Calm on your walls, then you may want to consider Cloud Cover for your ceiling! Let me know how it goes! xo

  • Recently have painted my living room with OC-22 and I love it! However was not sure what to go for my dining area…after watching the video I am thinking of using White Heron OC-57.

    • It will not fail you and the combination of the two will give a crisp and edgy result. Let me know what you think of it once completed… xx

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