Cersaie 2019 Highlights

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At the end of September every year, the city of Bologna hosts a ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings fair – Cersaie. That is one of the places to go to if you are searching for all the latest innovations. So what are the current trends in tiles? Definitely a few that all design lovers should know. Here are the highlights from Cersaie 2019.

A stunning black and white bathroom with a tub that continues to become an accent wall out of marble tiles.
A bathroom installation at Cersaie 2019 from Atlas Concorde using a blue veined marble tile and a black vein marble top console table.
Atlas Concorde.
Another stunning looking large format marble tiled wall with intense veins and color shades from a trade's installation at Cersaie 2019.
Porcelanosa. Another stunning looking large format marble tiled wall with intense veins and color shades.
View of a corner with large format marble tiles installed during the Cersaie 2019 by Marazzi.
Marazzi. Large format tiles that look like marble tend to look good anywhere including walls in a living room. Their veins make them look warmer.


It is clear that marble surfaces continue to rule as an interiors material that is synonymous to glamour. Bathrooms included. Since marble-looking tiles do not have some of the drawbacks natural marble slabs have, then it’s easy to see the appeal. Their realism is remarkable. Combine those factors with their trending streak and it makes sense why there were so many of them. As a side note I will mention that marbles that feature intense veins seem to be the ones favored most.

A white 3d effect tile acts like an accent wall behind some black decor. Tile from FAP an Italian company.
FAP (Italian company)
A cyan textured tile on an exhibit booth at Cersaie 2019 with a deep burgundy vanity stand and mirror in front of it. A brilliant setup.
MARCA CORONA (one of the oldest Italian stoneware making companies). A brilliant setup with a mesmerizing chromatic combination – cyan with a deep burgundy!

3D Effect

Tiles with a 3d effect are on the rise. Part of the reason is because they add texture and in some cases depth too. Hence, 3d effect tiles can make an incredible accent wall.

Several colored washbasins from Artceram at Cersaie 2019.
Artceram. Pick a colored washbasin! Seriously, if you do fancy one, then one not go for the pink one? That’s what I would go for! (Just saying).
View of an accent tile wall from the booth of Franscesco De Maio at Cersaie 2019.
Francesco De Maio
A bathroom installation at the fair of Cersaie 2019 of a beige toilet and a black vanity against a beige wall at the stand of Flaminia.
Flaminia. Beige and black sanitaryware. They were once commonly found in the 70’s. But I like this new interpretation a lot more.
An exhibition installation with tiles of different patterns as seen at Cersaie 2019 by Mutina.
A stack of red rectangular washbasins from Flaminia at the fair of Cersaie 2019.
Flaminia. Red washbasins – do you dare?


One thing that is of note in the design industry lately is color. Hence, tiles and stoneware have also turned more colorful. Along with that, black and white combinations continue to look glamorous and timeless.

A tile installation designed by Piero Lissoni for Atlas Concorde at Cersaie 2019.
Atlas Concorde. Designed by Piero Lissoni.
Detail view of tile installation at the booth of Atlas Concorde at Cersaie 2019.
Atlas Concorde
View of a tile exhibition booth at Cersaie 2019 from Santagostino with lots of patterned tiles.
A vignette with tiles from the booth of Santagostino at Cersaie 2019.
Microtiles and microrubbers from Progettomicro at Cersaie 2019.
Progettomicro. Microtiles (wall) and microrubbers (floor). Not everything has to have a large format. Sometimes a micro-element with a mosaic like effect is just as stunning.
Micropapers and microrubbers from Progettomicro at the fair of Cersaie 2019.
Progettomicro. Micropapers and microrubbers.
Terrazzo looking tiles extending from the floor up to half way up the wall to make an accent behind a neutral contemporary bed. All that as seen at Ragno's stand at Cersaie 2019.
Ragno. Terrazzo is an irregular pattern, but nonetheless a pattern.


Among the many colors to be found, patterns also made their own impact. They have a growing fan club, as more people feel comfortable mixing them together to create unique compositions.

A kitchen installation by Roca at Cersaie 2019 with green Zellige tiles.
Roca. Green Zellige tiles, bring this organic flair to this rustic looking kitchen installation.


I think Zellige tiles deserve to be mentioned on their own. The beauty of Zellige tiles lies in their imperfections. No two Zellige tiles are alike. Having said that, I believe that these types of tiles will see a big increase in demand. The reason is that they have an organic vibe to them which is very appealing nowadays.

A vignette setup as if outdoors with stone looking tiled walls at an installation at Cersaie 2019. Stand of Marca Corona.
Marca Corona

So there you have it. These are some of the most noteworthy tile trends from my Cersaie 2019 highlights. But, before you go, you could hop over to Italianbark for more trend forecasting from Cersaie and to Frame for more inspiration on this notable trade fair.

Have a lovely weekend, xo

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All images: courtesy of Elisabetta Rizzato, founder of Italianbark.

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