Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Color of the Year Caliente

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Hey there! Have you heard the news? Benjamin Moore has announced the color of the year 2018. The new Color of the year Caliente is hot, it’s bold, it’s radical and red smart! Caliente AF-290, the new “it” color. Now, if you’ve been following me for a while then you probably already know that we had predicted red is going to be huge in both the fashion and design industry. (Therefore, no big surprise there).

Detail of dark red rose
Image by Alex Blajan

Most definitely, we’ll be seeing and wearing it a lot this summer. I bet though some are probably saying now, red is a great fashion color, but as a paint color? I hear ya!! But as a primary, it is one of the most inspiring paint colors! And chances are that you already have some red splashes in your life that make all the difference in the world. I’m about to prove it to you with my moodboard. See for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Caliente, is a warm red hue with a real punch to it – a beautiful all rounded hue. However, my real intention is to raise our awareness of red (in general) around us because sadly, it’s one of those colors that’s taken for granted. But would the world be the same without red roses, orange and red autumn leaves, red children’s bikes or red paper hearts? Hell no! So let’s spike our grays with some life…

Images via unsplash by 1&2 Alisa Anton/3 Andrew Ly/ 4 Gemma Evans/ 5 Connor Carruthers/ 6 Jerome Prax/ 7 Daniel von Appen/ 8 Annie Spratt/ 9 Maya Karmon/ 10 Gemma Evans/ 11 Sergio Rola/ 12 13 Zed kolk/ 14 Ryan Franco/ 15 Ricardo Gomez Angel/ 16 Jessica Ruscello/ 17 Deniz Altindas/ 18 Matthew Hamilton/ 19 Luiz Felipe/ 20 Clem Onojeghuo

Can you think of a more passionate color? It livens everything. Therefore, it also makes an ideal exterior paint color. Imagine a red front door (I had one in London). Or better yet, if any of you are into industrial design decor, then red is your best ally. Exposed steel members don’t necessarily have to be black. Make a serious design statement and paint them red.

If however you’re more traditional then use Caliente as the perfect backdrop to your bookcase to add drama. The trick is to strike a balance by defining your “perfect” red dosage to insert in your life. Start conservatively and elaborate as you go along by making some paint color combinations with hues of blush pink, corals, teal, cyan and lots of greens and grays. Capture the essence of red and let everyone else get lost in it.


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  • Beautiful color, beautiful pictures. Love the color, inspires me to get some pillows in this color which will bring some life in my living room.

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