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You know a great photographer when you see one! Each great photograph has the power to communicate the photographer’s essence without words. It sparks up emotions, thoughts and even haunts you with its mesmerizing story. That’s how I feel when I look at the work of awarded photographer Marina Vernicos, that captivates so eloquently the bewitching charm of seascapes and in particular those of her native country Greece.

A portrait image of Marina Vernicos holding her camera while in a photo shoot.
Marina Vernicos in action.

The imagery of awarded photographer Marina Vernicos is simply fascinating, almost impossibly perfect as she frames carefully the ongoing interplay between the fluidity of light and water against the starkness of a stretch of land or a man-made structure. This is the story of an inspiring person we really should get to know better…

The Interview of awarded photographer Marina Vernicos

“I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else.” Pablo Picasso said once. How true/untrue is that in your creative process?

I come from that “school.” I let ideas take care of themselves and lead the way. Sometimes I don’t even have an idea. I go work and I find them on my way.

Image of Antarctica captured by Marina Vernicos.
Image from her trip to Antarctica.
A portrait image of Antarctica with penguins on an iceberg. Image by Marina Vernicos.

Awarder photographer Marina Vernicos is a world traveler with a trek record of 124 countries, therefore I had to ask her: What was your most memorable trip and why?

I have so many memorable trips, but for the shake of the conversation I will mention Antarctica which was really spectacular. I doubt I have ever been to a place where there has never been war, where environment is fully protected and where the birds and mammals are not afraid of humans. Antarctica is like nowhere else on Earth and offers endless fascinating images.

Did any photo-shoot ever go wrong?

Many times. I’ve had quite a few accidents with the drone plus I usually have problems with authorities as I fly where I shouldn’t.

In my line of work, I spend most of the time editing an idea. How do you go about photography…? Does it ever get any easier as the years go by?

It gets more difficult I would say. It’s easier in the sense that with experience you know how to shoot a good picture, but you constantly need to exceed yourself.

A bird's eye view image of a hotel swimming pool with its adjacent sun umbrellas at Sani Resort Greece. Image by Marina Vernicos.
Image from the photo album of SANI Hotel Resort in Halkidiki, Greece.

We are all bombarded with thousands of photographs each day and it’s very difficult to stand out.

I doubt I have ever been to a place where there has never been war, where environment is fully protected and where the birds and mammals are not afraid of humans.

And a cliché question: Where do you draw inspiration from? What draws you to landscape photography as opposed to portraits?

I find beauty mostly in nature. I also love traveling and exploring new places. I wouldn’t like to work in a studio. I’ve done portrait photography and I enjoy it as much. Last year I worked with Perrier for a project on portraits and it won the Ermis awards.

A bird's eye view of Mykonos Chora in Greece. A fascinating image by Marina Vernicos.
Image of Mykonos, from the photo album in collaboration with the Municipality of Mykonos.
A bird's eye view of a beach in Mykonos. Image by Marina Vernicos.
From the photo album of Mykonos.
Two images side by side of Mykonos as captured by Marina Vernicos. The left one is an alley with a sea view. The right one is a bird eye's view of docked yachts.
From the photo album of Mykonos.
A bird's eye view image of a Greek Chapel in Sifnos. Image by Marina Vernicos.
Image of the Monastery of Chrisopigi in Sifnos, Greece.
A black and white image of a Greek chapel on top of a rocky cliff on the island of Sifnos. Image by Marina Vernicos.
Image of the Seven Martyrs Chapel in Sifnos, Greece.

Who do you admire most?

My husband. He is a perfectionist and multi tasked.

Bird's eye view image captured by Marina Vernicos of the Taj Mahal in India.
Taj Mahal. The entry photograph that earned her a nomination by National Geographic for photographer of the year 2018.
Two images of Taj Mahal captured by Marina Vernicos - bird's eye view.

What has been your biggest challenge yet?

I have been selected as a nominee by National Geographic for photographer of the year 2018. I’m still waiting for the results.

Your most rewarding moment?

I hope that will be the one. Instagram has featured my videos twice on its home page. Once two years ago and once this month.

A portrait image of Marina Vernicos.

How would you describe yourself?


Have you ever faced any sexism?

No, never.

A private or a public figure? How does your family handle social media?

Both. Public when we find it necessary and vice versa.

Since she has also created her own line of accessories and clothes under the name of “Marina Vernicos” I asked next: photographer or entrepreneur?

Photographer turned to entrepreneur. I started as a photographer printing my photos in beach bags and pouches and today I have a full resort and jewelry collection.

Marina Vernicos. A lifestyle image of her wearing clothes from her collection line.
Marina Vernicos dressed in her creations.
Lifestyle image of Marina Vernicos dressed with clothes from her own collection line.

What are your future plans?

Keep getting better to what I’m already doing.

Tell us a word about CREAID.

CREAID is a non-profit organization I created four years ago with a targeted humanitarian mandate, served through creative and artistic initiatives. Its fundamental principle is “Create to Aid,” and it aims to combine creativity through works of art to aid those in need. It is an organization that uses the artistic inspiration and creations of its supporters in order to provide assistance to the local community and raise awareness through those creative and artistic initiatives.

Marina Vernicos standing in front of a wall sign that reads CREAID.



The fact of the matter is that Marina Vernicos is no ordinary person. Her images reflect a powerful, serene, passionate person where brightness reigns. Her words portray a woman of determination and strength, totally focused and truly content. Her aesthetic and vision are one of a kind. Her electrifying images attest to that. Her solo and group exhibitions in notable galleries and museums around the world, such as the museum of Cycladic Art in Greece, Museum of Louvre and Eiffel Tower in Paris, Hangaram Art Museum in Korea, London, Monaco and NYC confirm that.

I think I should note at this point that she has also been awarded the prizes “Sandro Botticelli” in Florence, Italy and “La Grand Exposition Universelle” at the Eiffel Tower in France. She also has an impressive list of collaborations with companies like Mercedes, Folli Follie and Perrier to name but a few.

Aside from all her credentials though, I wanted to get to know her because her imagery moves me, follow her on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean. It strikes a very personal chord inside me. As a designer by trade, I have found myself in the position to “tame” the “imperfect beauty” of nature with a man made structure. So seeing photographs of similar juxtapositions arouses questions inside me about the magnitude of our intervention.

To me that means that her work is telling me a story within a context in a moment’s frame! That is quite an accomplishment and defines the quality of any great photographer. I can’t help but feel admiration. Obviously, I also realized she is a multi-facet person with great entrepreneurship skills and deeper humanitarian concerns, but I would like to get to know more about these facets in another feature, don’t you?

Now, even if you can’t visit Greece and see these incredible places for yourself, then grab the opportunity to see more of Marina’s work or even own her stunning images or stylish accessories and clothing from her collection by visiting her site here.

Be true, be inspired, be happy

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P.S. All images are courtesy of ©Marina Vernicos


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