10 Designer Approved IKEA Products

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After 20+ years in this industry, there’s one thing I know with certainty. There’s only one real thing that separates good design from bad and that is editing. That’s right – the maximum potential of any design is a product of careful, meticulous editing. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that even interior designers will mix affordable pieces IKEA products with some high priced ones from time to time. I certainly have! Hence, I present you my list of the top 10 “designer approved” IKEA products that can fuse in any interior seamlessly and not break your style.

View of the chair and table showroom section of an IKEA store.

I kid you not. The products on this list have been selected so that even if you introduce any of them in your space, then with a bit of editing on your behalf, they will look great. You see I truly believe that if you take the time to examine your product(s) of choice a little more closely (remember I’m an advocate of slow design and mindfulness in home decor), then it is possible to buy pieces that you will end up holding on to for a long time even if some of them come an IKEA store! And needless to say that with a little hacking too, you will end up with a very unique outcome that will tell your story.

There are three qualities that I search for when trying to decide which IKEA product will make a good fit: design flow, versatility and hacking ability. Although IKEA is striving for a more personalized design, these three attributes continue to govern my criteria, starting with design flow which is the term I use to describe a form that appears seamless, with no distinctly visible connections (i.e. bolts and screws). Versatility is also very important because it must be adoptable to many styles, giving room for customization. This brings me to the third attribute: hacking ability. I use this term to refer to the ability to upgrade a product by adding or changing something that will result in a more personalized product.

So without further ado, here is my list that will help you make wiser selections… 😉

Best IKEA Designs

Ikea's Stockholm round mirror.
Stockholm mirror: it has a great seamless flow, curvy; it’s versatility and can be hacked by changing its color.
Ikea's Gjora Bed.
Gjora bed: it has a continuous flow with a clean aesthetic, leaving you room for customizing. It is versatile because it can be adopted with almost any style.
Ikea's Vittsjo coffee table.
Vittsjo coffee table: a super affordable curvy coffee table, with a good flow that can be upgraded with a touch of brassy paint.
Ikea's Odger chair.
Odger chair: probably the easiest to assemble chair, curvy, aesthetically pleasing with a seamless flow.
Ikea's Lovbacken side table.
Lovbacken side table: elegant, with brassy details that stand out, good design flow, sleek and versatile.
Ikea's Fado table lamp.
Fado table lamp: curvy with a good flow, great ambient light and very versatile.
Ikea's Stockholm sideboard
Stockholm sideboard: its versatility and good flow leave one with plenty of room for customizing i.e. add a marble top for an instant upgrade.
Ikea's Ranarp desk lamp.
Ranarp table lamp: it is a good looking lamp with a good flow and a retro vibe but versatile enough to make a good fit anywhere.
Ikea's Alex desk.
Alex desk: it has no visible connections, no hardware making it quite easy to adopt and hack if you should wish to.
Ikea's Knodd bin.
Knodd bin: this is one stylish bin with a retro vibe, but easy to adopt and adapt that will give you no worries.

I hope these insights and my list will help you further with your shopping decisions. Do let me know if you found this list helpful…

Love always,

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P.S. This is not a sponsored post and it does not contain any affiliate links. The product images come from IKEA’s website and are used for the purpose of fair use review and commentary.

Velvet looking through the basket section of an IKEA showroom.
Even interior designers will mix affordable IKEA pieces with high priced ones from time to time.
  • This was amazing! I always get confused when it comes to determining which ikea products to buy cause there are just too many! This video really helped me understand what is worth buying and why! Need more of these videos please!!!

    • Thank you Kelly! IKEA has SO many products, but surely some stand out more than others. A closer and more critical look at them (especially if you narrow down your choices from room to room) will be much more effective in the long run. Have a great day! xx

  • Very useful video! Next time i will buy a product from ikea or somewhere else i will check the flow!

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