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At last, my favorite color is on the spotlight thanks to Pantone who announced Classic Blue 19-4052 as the color of the year 2020… I’m in a state of bliss. Seriously! I’ve waiting for this day for some time now. Deep down I knew that it wouldn’t be much longer. I saw the signs and the timing is just right as 2020 marks a new decade. Therefore, it made sense for Pantone to turn to a classic blue hue – a color that evokes feelings of trust and faith.

A color blocked kitchen with a blue and white wall, a pattern tile flooring, an ombre effect blue vintage armoire next to a dining set with orange chairs and decor. Image via Annie Sloan.
Annie Sloan. An armoire with an ombre effect painted in chalk paint (Oxford Navy + Athenian Black).

“It is this kind of contancy and confidence that is expressed by Pantone 19-405 Classic Blue, a solid and dependable blue hue we can always rely one. Imbued with a deep resonance, Classic Blue provides an anchoring foundation’ said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

A living room vignette with a background Oxford Blue and Athenian Black chalk blue paints in the background and a striped white chaise long with rusty red decorative pillows in the foreground. Image via Annie Sloan.
Annie Sloan. Oxford Blue and Athenian Black chalk paint. Did you notice how well the stripes complement the moody blue wall color? Of course you did, just like those rusty reds that pop up just enough to give it an edge.

Truly, I can hardly contain my happiness. But why I am so excited about it?

A woman on board a sailing boat carrying a large classic blue tote bag sitting on the deck and gazing at the sea. Image via State of Escape.
State of Escape. A tote bag in classic blue.

Aside the fact that blue is my favorite color, it inspires me the most. It makes my mind travel far, far beyond the horizon. I always associate blue with the spirit of the seas. It makes me feel free and that anything is possible. And I think that’s a bit of the rationale behind Pantone’s color choice.

It is a color that appeals to my home decorating sensibility for it thrives in a rich and layered aesthetic. It is also one of the best go-to colors if you are into eclectic and worldly interiors. Sometimes it is subtle as any neutral i.e. grey. Other times though it shouts out (always in poised manner) with its unique stand alone quality and sophistication level that sets it apart from other colors.

Furthermore, on a more practical note, it will become so much easier for me to track down some blue inspired decor pieces that come in the widest spectrum of blue shades. Oh, and as a side note, it will be one of the colors to watch for in fashion for spring – summer 2020. But that’s another story…

Blue Inspiration

In order to show you what I mean in home decorating, I found these gorgeous pieces below. A couple of pieces have a coastal living vibe to them, for it happens to be one of my favorite home decor styles. However, going for a blue doesn’t imply necessarily following a nautical theme. Moreover, if you blend in rusty and blush pink tones or mustard hues, you will most certainly create a contemporary warm setting with a vintage vibe.

A blue velvet sofa. Image: Darlings of Chelsea.
Darlings of Chelsea. The Holland sofa.
A modern rug with various blue circles forming an abstract pattern, called Puto. Image by Covet House.
Covet House. The Pluto rug.
An art piece with blue in it called Luna by Jonathan Lawes. Image by Look Like Love.
Look Like Love. Luna by Jonathan Lawes.
A white bedroom with a bed covered in navy blue bedding and pops of mustard hue accents. Image via Adairs.
The blue velvet Nashville armchair by Cult Furniture.
Cult Furniture. The Nashville armchair.
The Mousso vintage indigo throw by Lola & Mawu.
Lola & Mawu. The Mousso vintage indigo throw.
A cone shape shade in blue with a patterned base table lamp by Mind the Gap.
Mind the Gap.
A decorative pillow with a pattern in various shades of blue and white. Image via H.O.C.K.
H.O.C.K. Kissen Blue Moon 50x50cm

So, what did I tell you? Isn’t blue the next best thing to neutrals?


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  • Love this colour but it’s not exactly ‘new’ is it? ?? It’s been around for ages, but I guess I like that darker shades are coming back (if they ever really left!) It’s a really elegant colour ??Pia X

    • It’s certainly not ‘new’ and definitely one of the most elegant colors, ever! However, it’s been a while since it was on a trending streak. That’s why I’m so thrilled about this announcement! xx

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