Mid-Century Inspired Armchairs to Transform Your Home

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If the Mid-century frenzy has gotten a hold of you too, then you need to read this. Why? Because not everyone can afford buying iconic $7000,00 Mid-century chairs to generate that impression of “awesomeness.” And yes, armchairs have a lot to do with that impression. So today, I will delve into Mid-century inspired armchair designs that really work for less, in almost any home style.

A warm minimal setting by a large window featuring two Mid-Century inspired chairs. Via Chaplins.
Via Chaplins. The Sejour Lounge Chair by Gubi.

Mid-century furniture is a trend that is not about to lose its golden streak. On the contrary, all the more people turn to this style as a way to “dress” a space with less. (But sadly, not in a money-wise sense). A big chunk of the appeal lies in the fact that Mid-century furniture are characterized by their clean lines, organic forms, airy feel and quality materials. Hence, in many ways Mid-century pieces can make a space feel less cramped (especially small-sized apartments) and far more stylish as if decorated with intention.

The iconic House of Finn Juhl 48 chair. Via Nest.co.uk.
Via Nest.co.uk. The iconic House of Finn Juhl 48 chair First presented in 1948 at the Cabinet Makers’ Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen. It’s a stunning piece that comes with a price tag of GBP 4,787.
An eclectic living room featuring a purple velvet sofa and two Mid-Century inspired chairs. Via Sweetpea and Willow.
Via Sweetpea and Willow. The Jonathan Adler Beaumont lounge chair. Price: GBP 1950.

Obviously, the lack of ornamentation implies a lack of “traditional” craftsmanship. That’s an indisputable fact, as they are machine-made after all. But do keep in mind that this genre of furniture was initially designed for mass production. Yet, they were designed for comfort and longevity in mind, way before sustainability became mainstream. Consequently, they have a timeless charm about them, which in many ways justifies their steep price.

The Vitra LCW Eames Plywood chair - an iconic Mid-Century chair featured in a beautiful living space. Via Nest.co.uk.
Via Nest.co.uk. The Vitra LCW Eames Plywood chair. Another iconic Mid-century chair. Charles and Ray Eames managed to push plywood as far as it could go, creating the ‘Chair of the Century’ as named by Time Magazine. Price: GBP 1270.

Now from all the Mid-century furniture out there, a statement armchair sings best to a designer’s heart. It can transform any space from okay to WOW, even if your couch is as blunt as can be! The fact of the matter is that they are a key feature in almost every room. Unfortunately though, so many of these Mid-Century armchairs come with a hefty price tag. So wouldn’t it be nice to have an alternative? Of course it would. Thus, with that in mind, I have hand-picked a mix of alternative Mid-Century inspired armchairs.

A warm Nordic vignette by a large window door, featuring a Mid-Century armchair. Via Nest.co.uk.
Via Nest.co.uk. The warm Nordic Lean Back lounge chair, designed in the 1950s, by Arne Hovmand-Olsen. Price: GBP 2061.
A minimal living room featuring a grey sofa and the Fredericia Hunting Chairs. Via Nest.co.uk.
Via Nest.co.uk. The Fredericia Hunting Chair was designed by in 1950 by Børge Mogensen. Price: GBP 5,448.

9 Fabulous Mid-Century Inspired Armchairs Just For You

These Mid-Century inspired armchairs I’m sharing with you are perfect because of their versatility and cool aesthetic factor. Some are stand-alone pieces designed by contemporary designers. Others are actual Mid-century chairs, but far more affordable than the genre’s hero pieces. Hence, it’s possible that they may have gone undetected from your radars. In every case, they are elegant, versatile meant for cozy living rooms or dining in style. (Note that I list them according to their price).

Cutout image of a Mid Century inspired dining chair with an upholstered black synthetic leather seat - Archie. Via Cult Furniture.
Via Cult Furniture. The Archie wooden armchair, with natural wood finish and upholstered with black synthetic leather, is a vintage inspired, mid-century design dining chair from Cult Living. Price: GBP 119.

The first one is a wooden chair, Archie, ideal for a dining set. It also happens to be the most affordable one too. Therefore, if you’re starting your decorating journey just now, or you’re still on the hunt for your ‘forever home’ then, this is a great choice. The next in line is the Desert loungesessel for that casual aesthetic and organic vibe; the perfect chair for a Mediterranean or warm minimal setting.

A warm minimal entryway featuring the Desert chair Loungesessel from Ferm Living. Via einrichten-design.de.
Via einrichten-design.de. The Desert Chair Loungesessel Schwarz Ferm Living. Price: Euro 255.

Next, is a winged statement armchair by Cult Living. It is then followed by a teak wood frame armchair by Teak Flora.

A statement winged armchair in a dark grey fabric upholstery against a rack of shelves. Via Cult Furniture.
Via Cult Furniture. The Cult Studio Duchess Winged armchair. Price: GBP 349.
A Mid-Century inspired armchair upholstered in a brown fabric. Via Teak Flora.
Via Teak Flora. This mid-century inspired armchair with its relaxed design is crafted with a teak wood frame. Price: GBP 550.

The Nestor chair below is designed by Tom Stepp. It is made of beech or oak FSC and paper cord for the seat! Its design is based on producing the smallest possible carbon-print. A truly sustainable furniture piece.

The Nestor chair. Via Nest.lco.uk.
Via Nest.co.uk. Nestor. A Mid-Century inspired armchair with sustainability in mind. Price: from Euro 638.

The Eichholtz Clubhouse dining chair is surely like eye-candy. It’s hard not to stare at.

A stylish Mid-Century inspired dining chair in a white boucle fabric upholstery. Via Sweetpea and Willow.
Via Sweetpea and Willow. The Eichholtz Clubhouse dining chair. Price: GBP 670.

Next, is a chair that I’m quite familiar with its form – the 366 armchair. My mother owned two very similar ones. Anyway, the 366 Armchair from the Velvet collection is a Mid-Century chair made of solid ash. It comes in 6 stain colors and is coated with an ecological matt water-based varnish. The wood, from trusted, ecologically certified suppliers, is seasoned for at least seven years before use, guaranteeing a frame that will age well. The wood is hand-selected by a specialist to ensure that all the parts match the frame.

A Mid-Century inspired sitting lounge, featuring the 366 armchair. Via Lime Lace.
Via Lime Lace. The 366 armchair. An iconic Polish mid-century chair, designed by Józef Chierowski in 1962, and back in production since 2014 under exclusive license to 366 Concept. Price: GBP 735.

Of course, the deep burgundy chair further below has touched a soft spot in my heart. It’s the kind of chair you can easily use in a living room, bedroom or home office.

Alba by Domkapa. A Mid-Century inspired armchair in a deep burgundy fabric upholstery. Via Sweetpea and Willow.
Via Sweetpea and Willow. The Alba armchair by Domkapa. A Mid-Century inspired armchair that can fit just about anywhere. Price: GBP 800.

And last but not least, I have included this leather armchair that is very much like the iconic Butterfly chair. Its price is not cheap, but it’s certainly not as high as many other Mid-Century armchairs have.

The Abrazo leather armchair and its stool featured in a well lit interior. Via Nest.co.uk.
Via Nest.co.uk. The Abrazo Leather Armchair has evolved from the iconic Butterfly Chair design and for a limited time only you can get it for GBP 1000.

Takeaway Thoughts

My list of 9 Mid-Century inspired armchairs includes a chair for every budget. They’re not at the $$ mark. Because they’re not self-assembly pieces of a flat-package brand. As such, they boast about their quality and have an eye-catching aesthetic that will please most. More importantly though, they won’t break the bank, or worse discourage you from pursuing your decorating goal. Even the ones that are more expensive are still attainable if you can save up for. So that’s value for money in style! 😉

Happy decorating,

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