2017’s Trends

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2017.  The new year has come along with our high expectations for new beginnings. This is a great time to ponder with appreciation at the beauty that surrounds us. It is a great time to exploit our awareness and focus. It is a great time to redefine our perspectives. This is an exciting time for fascinating things to come! So let’s delve into the interior trends 2017 and what’s in store in the home decorating department.

View of a vignette with a leather sofa, a glass side table and the IC T1 high table lamp designed by Michael Anastassiades on a glass coffee table. Image via Nest.co.uk.
Nest.co.uk. The IC T1 High Table Lamp designed by Michael Anastassiades.

Let’s begin this journey with a glance at the new trends. In this fast moving and ever changing world, the attitude of less is more has risen and is more to date than ever before, but without being sterile or flat, bare or uncomfortable. It is about the ultimate mix and match philosophy of awesome details, color, patterns, materials and craftsmanship. So after watching all the talk about this year’s trends, I narrowed them down to this short, to the point list:

Interior Trends 2017: Texture

Feel free to experiment with familiar textures and finishes to create accents and let your sense of touch get engaged again. Mohair, wool, cotton, leather, and velvet are only a few textured materials to consider.

Interior Trends 2017: A vignette with a soft purple armchair and coordinating footstool that has a shuggy rug atop. Image via Snug Shack.
Snug Shack. Mix different textures together and create a more organic and eclectic vibe at the same time.

Think of silk and wool rugs for your floor. Velvet sofas or pillows with pleats and folds are more contemporary fashion statements than ever. Mix and match them all with huge stitches made of beautiful yarns. Similarly, mix and match materials such as marble, wood, tiles, steel, copper, brass, gold, faux leather, faux cement, and glass.

Interior Trends 2017: Color

We live in a colorful world. Colors have an amazing effect on us so this is a great time to consider alternative colors that bring out an eclectic sophistication. Navy blues and hazy greens are all about tradition meets mystical chic. Pick colors with an edge to them. I’m pretty sure that once you start experimenting with color – you’ll be hooked. Remember, color just like texture works best in layers. Having said all that, a color to consider that has a particular appeal to me, despite the trends, is a pinkish “blush”. It adds a sense of warmth, while it carries an aura of something precious and retro combined together. A feminine graciousness! It’s subtle yet, strong enough to “haunt” you.

Suggested read: How to Make Successful Color Combinations. By the way, did you know that you can turn your favorite image into a color palette with this free app: Colorsnap by Sherwin Williams?!

Interior Trends 2017: A dining room with a Ziegler area rug in soft blush pink hues and an accent pink wall. Image via Cuckooland.
Cuckooland. A dining room with a Ziegler area rug in soft blush pink hues.


I think that this a case of a trend reintroduced because of a major need to do away with the odd bareness. They tend to have a traditional feel to them that is quite comforting to most of us. A great deal of the most fashionable patterns are inspired by nature itself. Again, mix patterns for an awe result. Go for a pattern mismatch for a greater statement.

A bedroom with an gold leaf pattern wallpaper, a mustard hue bed and decorative pillows on top of the white bedding. Image via Audenza.
Audenza. Mustard hues and gold metallics won’t work on their own unless you add a red based accent like this Ostrich blush pink pillow.

Artisanal products

Details in items that manifest craftsmanship and therefore, personality input are pick winners. Glass blowing, porcelain making, rug weaving are just a few things that require great skill, knowledge of tradition, and a deep cultural appreciation.

Interior Trends 2017: Ceramic ware on a flatlay designed by Cecilie Manz: the Fritz Hansen Earthenware Jar Vase. Image via Nest.co.uk.
Nest.co.uk. Designed by Cecilie Manz, the Fritz Hansen Earthenware Jar Vase is a decorative, handmade accessory.

Takeaway thoughts

I believe there is something special about the interior trends 2017. Unlike trends that come and go, these are here to stay for some time. Why? Well basically, they are inspired by classic time enduring qualities (and values). When combined together, they result in infinite syntheses with astonishing results, mainly due to the fact that they reflect everyone’s unique persona and that is an exceptional. I only wish that more trends would be this artistic fabulous!


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