Tranquil Dawn Dulux Color Of the Year 2020

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Upon the closing of this September’s Maison et Objet international trade fair that is held in Paris, one thing is very clear. Pastel green (including Celedon and mint green) are on a high trending streak. As predicted, green is the new “it” color. The announcing of Tranquil Dawn, as the Dulux color the year for 2020 merely confirms that.

A contemporary and very bright living room with off white furniture and walls painted in DULUX Tranquil Dawn. Image by DULUX.
DULUX. Tranquil Dawn.

Tranquil Dawn is a cool toned green that is both calming and comforting. Its name keeps on reminding me that a new decade is about to dawn. And a dawn bears always a hope for a fresh, new, less disconnected start. Hence, I don’t think that that is a simple coincidence.

Detail of an arched window on a wall painted in DULUX Tranquil Dawn. The new color of the year for 2020. Image by DULUX.

Now this tranquil green can easily be paired with neutral pastels or deep rich warm tones for an empowering outcome. It’s soft, but not indifferent and a color that I would definitely consider using in a kitchen, a bedroom or a vanity room.

To be honest, it’s not the kind of color I would opt for the walls of my living room. But having said that though, adding on home decor in that hue would work nicely with just about any setting.

So what do you say if we dive in this color’s tranquility with this moodboard?

Tranquil dawn color of the year 2020: A stylish bedroom in a pastel green hue and an serene and tranquil vibe to it. Image by Furniture Choice Ltd.
Furniture Choice Ltd. Bergamo Bed.
A Scandi inspired highboard with a pastel green facade. Looks like Tranquil Dawn color of the Year 2020. Image by designbotschaft GmbH.
designbotschaft GmbH
A tall planter with high wooden legs and a pastel green basket. Image by
A Scandi sideboard in soft pastel green stands out in this dining space. Image by designbotschaft GmbH.
designbotschaft GmbH
TT- Lazy lounge armchair in a pastel green. Image by Tom Tailor.
Tom Tailor. TT- Lazy lounge armchair.
A pale green glass pendant light shaped like a palm leaf. Image by Cult Furniture.
Cult Furniture.
A soft greyish almost pale green velvet sofa to give that awe factor. Looks like Tranquil Dawn color of the year 2020. Image: Brabbu Design Forces.
Brabbu Design Forces.
Rug: Kubrick by Essential Home in a color that looks like Tranquil Dawn color of the year 2020.
Essential Home. Rug: Kubrick

Lastly, I think Tranquil Dawn would also make a fabulous color for the bedroom of a child of any age! Depending on the decor and accessories used, you could use this color without a second thought. It can look great in a nursery, but with some black decor it can look edgy and more punchy to suit a teenager’s room too.

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Till later, xo

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