Three Styles of Women’s Power Suits

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Women’s power suits make an awesome alternative for your uniform wardrobe, especially now during this transitional season which is so hard to dress for. Indeed, a midi-floral dress is one of the most sought after pieces come March. Yet, suits are equally versatile with a strong sophistication notch. That’s why they are the best go-to wardrobe essentials.

A sexy grey check power suit will not fail you. Image: SABA
SABA. A grey check power suit will never fail you.

Sure, a 9 to 5 blazer will do the job just as well, but these power suits make a statement even if you decide to wear them anywhere other than your workplace. Also, the best part about them is that you can opt for any of the three different styles which translates in more options than ever before. Note that some have straight legs, others are flare or wide leg. But, let’s delve in some of the options that high street brands have to offer.

First style: One color suits

Chances are that you may already own a black suit – perfect choice all year round. Although, a one color suit especially in a pastel hue, is the easiest styling option during spring. These type of women suits are fuss-free, elegant and suitable from dawn till dusk. Style them pretty with trainers for a casual vibe or dress them up with some heels for an easy going out outfit.

A woman sitting on a camel chair, wearing an all white power suit. Image: SABA.
A stylish all pastel green power suit paired with a similar color hat and strappy high heel sandals. Image: SABA.
Order of Style.
Women's power suits. A beige power suit paired with a green top with a blue flower print and an oversized black clutch. Image: Hobbs.
A Pantone's Classic Blue power suit styled with a white and blue handbag. Trendy and eye catching. Image: Debenhams.
A caramel hue power suit styled with trainers - casual but fashionable too. Image: Debenhams.
Women's power suits. A woman in a pastel pink power suit. Image: Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins.

Check suits

Checks and plaids are patterns that date way before suits came around. Yet, there is something irresistible about check suits. And it has to do with the color combination.

A couple. Woman in a check suit and man in light grey pants paired with a muted burgundy suit jacket. Image: SABA.
Women's power suits: A black check power suite paired with a camel top - Classy! Image: Dorothy Perkins.
Dorothy Perkins. This combo is great for both spring and fall season.

Flower print suits

Flower prints are the newest entry to women’s power suits, that will have your eyes rolling. In a good sense. These are best suited for the boldest of us. Opt for oversized flower prints for that modern edge look in a bold, bright saturated hue. Mandarin red (trending big nowadays) or Pantone’s classic blue are the perfect color candidates. Timeless but fresh!

A stylish woman dressed in a bold red suite with an oversized flower print. Image: Marimekko.
A woman dressed in a classic blue suit with a white flower print, standing next to a matching curtain. Image: Marimekko.
Marimekko. When your suit looks better than the matching curtain.

So which style suits you best: one color suit, with checks or the flower print? Whichever you go for just make sure it has that tailored fit that makes it look chic.


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